MAGA Crime Spree: See 12 Indictments Caught On Tape 1

MAGA Crime Spree: See 12 Indictments Caught On Tape


The chair of Donald Trump’s inaugural committee was recently arrested, but he’s just one of many Trump associates charged with crimes. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by The Nation’s Elie Mystal to discuss the barrage of indictments and convictions surrounding citizen Trump. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Muddy Water Come on,,really? Did you not have any idea, that the moment the country opened up a bit, the companies would jack prices to make back what they lost during the shutdown times? That prediction was made like half way through the bad times. Use the noodle.
      And as far as violence. It was way up during almost the whole trumps 1,,,,term. Same with prices. Because of his tariff games , prices were up too. The only thing that was ballenced out was gas prices. And that was because travel was cut in half during the shutdown. So supply was up.

    2. @reality Hey Willliam! How’s it going for you today? Making those big bucks, I see. You are a busy little troll, every day, cross posting all over the place. I bet you’re also on Twitter and FB earning those coins! Wasn’t it nice of those people to offer you a means to make a “living” when you have no other skills! How lucky for you! Carry on.

    3. Please see my rap Regutraitors on YouTube and my books The Art of BETRAYAL by GOD and The Book of Judas

    1. The majority of ordinary republicans just look the other way. That doesn’t exonerate them from blame.

    2. @diann h right… 
      because not going back on their word and delivering a 1.9 trillion Covid relief bill with ZERO Republican support is a bad thing
      Let me guess – you are also against vaccination right?!
      If you were a Flat earther too (just to complete the trifecta ) it would be great

    1. @Deb And how do you feel about the record black on black gun genocide going on in our Blue Socialist run cities? How do you feel about the insane lawlessness and crime in our Blue Socialist Cities? How do you feel about the people of Cuba begging for freedom? How do you feel about spoiled rotten athletes taking knees and disgracing hundreds of thousands of men and women who gave their last breath freeing oppressed people from tyranny? Just curious here!

    2. @Diana Prince You should really consider psychiatric therapy. How much them Communists paying you to troll for MSNBC?

    3. Can we do something about his bootlicking gop minions. They will not stop until/unless they destroy the country.

  1. The guy said he can get away with murder. You should not be surprised with all the stunts he pulled.

    1. Well whats in the dark will come to light turmp black hole is being look at as it should turmp is the devil and a Criminal

  2. The number of folks willing to throw away their professional and personal creditability for dt is simply mind-boggling.

    1. Rich people will do anything when Trump waves money and power under their noses! Even if it was bs.

    2. Yes that’s how I feel too. I would not throw away my life for anyone, especially someone like tRump

    3. @Melanie Marceaux drumfff. Was his family name and he should be proud. Sounds like when a fat pigeon tries to fly and falls, and it matches.

    4. I believe there is more to all of this, many of those folks are smarter than he is and they knew it and they were able to manipulate him to a point. That always kept me up at night. This guy Barrack is a perfect example, he is supposed to be a better liar than Donald.

    1. What happened to the 3500 lawsuits he was involved in 5 years ago, I often wonder if these people he screwed over the years are still voting for him.

  3. It wasn’t a “fissure in American society”, it was the endless supply of stupid, gullible people.

    1. @Basil Marasco Yes, presently it is circular, but it can be broken by focusing all our efforts on a better Public School System. Better schools, less idiots and bad politicians. This will effective immunize the people from future Malignant Narcissist.

    2. @Scott Weaver please name the last thing you cross referenced, the last time you did your own research into anything… I’ll wait

  4. That doesn’t include the 5 cabinet members referred for indictment after IG investigations, all of which the DOJ squashed.

  5. One mouldy strawberry makes the whole punnet mouldy. There’s no avoiding it once you’re corrupt.

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