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  1. “When you see something that is not right, you must say something. You must do something. Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part to help build what we called the Beloved Community, a nation and world society at peace with itself.” — John Lewis, posthumous op-ed in NYT

    Cause that good trouble all real Americans, or watch your democracy die due to your inaction.

    1. Kevin K. You left out ”My first day in office all eighty thousand coal miners will be back to work ”. He said that thousands of times during his campaign in 2015,2016. Just one greavious lie after another. Oh, I forgot to mention another 6000 coal miners have lost their jobs.

  2. It has become increasingly clear, at least to me, that the majority of Republicans in Congress and in the White House are an existential threat to this Republic.

    1. @Lucius Kiirus really? Last i check Obama pulled us out of a recession that Bush put us in and under Trump the economy is doing bad uneployment is high people are not able to pay bills

  3. I don’t think Trump understands how elections or democracy works. They will do anything to disenfranchise voters. No taxation without representation

    1. The guy is so lazy ! He came in with no expérience and haven’t learn anything during his presidency. He says this election will be the most corrupt that we have never seen…. For the first time, he’s not lying. He’s already working to rig it. We all know CORRUPTION is in his genes.

    2. @errgsd “Tuh – may – toe” vs “Tuh – mah – toe.” You’re arguing semantics and using bogus info to bolster your argument. According to the CDC, 25,000 to 60,000 people die from the flu worldwide. How is it that you estimate that the average number of US deaths is 50,000? Bottom line is I DON’T CARE about the “approach.” I care about the number of people that have died and that are in danger of dying. If Covid 19 was as widespread as the flu then anywhere from 1.5 million to 2.1 million people could die. *This ain’t the flu.*

  4. Sooooo… everyone going to vote 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. SEND/GO To get. THAT REQUEST FOR ABSENTEE BALLOT. !!!!!! Times a waistin’ !!!!!

    1. I actually filled out and printed the online requests for absentee ballots for my wife and I just today. We will sign them and send them in on Monday.

    2. @Kennedy Suggs with t.rump’s insatiable ego, if every eligible voter doesn’t vote for him, he’ll claim the election was rigged.

      And he’s already throwing a temper tantrum because he knows that paper has replaced computers in many places. He knows Putin can’t hack paper. He knows he will most likely lose.

      That said, I won’t be surprised if he has to be removed from the White House by force.

      He’s a baby in a 70+ year old body.

  5. Donald Trump is already interfering with mail in ballots by appointing his own personal stooge to be Postmaster General. He has already slowed the USPS down dramatically. I ordered an item off ebay from New Jersey and it took seven days to reach Atlanta where I live – and, it was scanned 14 times over three days from the time it reached Atlanta till the time it showed up at my house. So, return your mail in ballots as soon as you possibly can to avoid the delays costing you your vote!

    1. I ordered a pricey kitchen knife…A MONTH AGO ! Its still in process. My stepdads (trump supporter) financial forms are 5 weeks late in arriving by mail ! Trump manipulated post office

    1. Oregon has had a mail in only for ages with no problems. You can mail them back or if you want to save a stamp there are lots of drop off points. Love this system.!

    2. mark kimbrell ….That’s the problem we have now. A desperate Trump. What is he going to do next?!

    3. The Republicans want to take your right to vote away from you. VOTE BY MAIL!! Fraud? There are 3141 counties in America each having a separate voter ballot which makes the logistic of fraud dam bear impossible.

  6. Trump is right in a sense; the election will be rigged, to the favor of Republicans. The voter suppression operations across this country will be epic. Don’t delude yourself thinking it can’t happen here; it happens here all the time.

    1. @joy Their is a good reason for re evaluating each years voter rolls. It has nothing to do with restricting voter participation what so ever. It is about vote accuracy in rolls & registered voters in each district! When dead people are still on that roll an alternate person could vote in their place! When the California DMV is where Mexican Illegal Aliens get their CA. Drivers license’s they also get registered to VOTE.
      Do the websearch and just PROVE ME WRONG if you can. Now tell me how 1 illegal vote does not DISENFRANCHISE my 1 legal cast vote in an election. Give it your best shot. Democrats use the Dead peoples vote, The Illegal Alien vote, The Double vote any thing to make sure they can win. The republican just want registered voters. Period.

    2. The company that owns and designed the electronic ballot box’s is on George Soros books. He has always been an outspoken Democrat funder with limitless cash at disposal. Wonder why people were saying they didn’t cast that vote – what happened.

  7. Mail in voting is safe and accurate. I’ve done it every election and if I dont mail it in on time, I vote on election day. But your vote is only counted once because whether you vote through mail or in person, you give your address information which is connected to a voting number to track your vote. Just because people are stupid and dont know how it works doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

    1. 7 31 20 Hey@eugeniayau, Call your local election office, they’ll answer your questions. Hope that may help. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

    2. The Republicans want to take your right to vote away from you. VOTE BY MAIL!! Fraud? There are 3141 counties in America each having a separate voter ballot which makes the logistic of fraud dam bear impossible.

    3. 8 1 20 Hey@joy, A social security number (the last 4 digits) would be used & checked if you don’t have a drivers license on file with the DMV (Department of Motor Vechicles). &, the DMV verifies that the person is alive. Hope that’s clear. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

    4. 8 1 20 Hey @Captain Clone, Disagree, it seems as though drump is the driver of the LIES/misinformation. I saw an interview with the a Republican offical say mail in voting has been doing fine in Oregon since 1998! Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

    1. @Dianne Fulton
      You sound like a Russian and you probably are.
      According to British Intelligence that’s what you Russians do, draw false equivalence between parties so the Traitors you control, (The Republicans) are an actual choice.

      When we get through with Russia you’ll be gnawing on the bones of your children.

    2. Dianne Fulton if everyone is art fault, we are all equally to blame and then “are there good people on both sides”?

    3. Dianne Fulton I agree solutions need to be the focus not the problems, but in identifying problems, you need to honestly and realistically identify the causes, which lead to blame and culpability. Like a court of law. There is a wrong and a right side.
      You need to make it more desirable for a majority of Americans to transcend
      Party and Rhein of nation, or on these days humanity and our world (as in our ecosystem and our species’ living within it)….

    4. @Ralph Boyd I am not Russian. Funny how you mention the British, I am a daughter of a US military man. He died from agent orange in 1984 at the age of 53.
      I am however a born American citizen, on a US military base in England. So if I am Russian that is funny! I keep saying it’s not what you are but who you are. I may be a lot of things but russian is not one. I look at things from all sides, and realize that both parties do not have all the blame or all the answers to our whoas. It is all our fault and you point fingers at me now. Grow up and be an adult an take some responsibility for the problems. I already have, I do not blame others for my faults. You can do that to me. All I can say to you is that is fine, you do that. I know what I have done and you do not. You do not know anything about me.

    5. @Ralph Boyd BTW the Republican party believes in forcing their ideas on all, so do the communists! God gave me free agency to make my own decisions. I do not need a govenment or man to control me, I do fine without that kind of help. I am not telling you how to live or what to do. I follow God’s rules not because I fear him, but because I love him and the gifts he has given me. God respects no one. Not even me, I am good with that. If I do not ever see him again I will take my punishment like a big girl. I am willing to accept my faults. Can you accept yours, or are you in denial?
      I am not like Trump and the Republican party that believes they do no wrong, and cast stones at the rest of the world.

  8. The only way you can doubt the GOP voter suppression efforts is if you support voter suppression.

    1. @David Eby wasn’t it the Republicans in North Carolina that got charged with voter fraud and election interference?

    1. @John Zaccardi sure, you’re lookin’ good. #TRUMPUTINinc 2016, rah rah, again russia! again! fuc# you


    3. @Pat Moore where you have failed leadership, yep vote them out. But lets not give a pass to our local mayors, Gov, and Reps who allow us to rot in crime invested cities with failing biz, failing schools, and no hope. Many of these leaders in these large cities are Democrats.

  9. Vote him out! Do early voting if you can to flatten the “ballot-curve” and not overwhelming the election system!

  10. Request your mail-in ballots early, do not wait until closer to election day. If you wait, you might not get it in time.

    1. Archer_3 already done, still haven’t received anything. I’ve had trouble with Indiana in the past when I was living abroad.

    2. I applied for a mail-in ballot on May 6. My ma lives in the same county, requested hers two days later. Hers arrived too late to be mailed back, mine never arrived. She dropped off her mail-in a her polling place. 

      She took me to my polling place (too far away to walk, and I have low vision, can’t drive), she helped me vote by provisional ballot. It took about three weeks, but with a friend’s help, saw on-line that my ballot was counted.

      I plan to go to the polling place on nov. 3.

  11. Well, he was right last time!! The 2016 Election WAS rigged, just in HIS favor! Thanks Russia.

    1. Because of that, paper has replaced computers in many places, and paper/computers in others (a friend of mine used a computer to make choices, a piece of paper with those choices printed, that paper was fed into another computer to record choices, the paper was put in a secure container.

      T.rump is panicking, he knows Putin can’t hack paper, and he’ll throw the mother of all temper tantrums if every eligible voter doesn’t vote for him.

  12. Please. Republicans said “of course we won’t,” many times, and then they did. Don’t rely on the republicans for nothing.

  13. “Let’s face it….The President is basically a moron.” Susan Del Percio you are my new Shero and that quote needs to become a meme!

    1. You are wrong… He is not a moron, he is a willing clown diverting attention to his manoeuvres behind the scenes, from putting hundreds of federal judges on the bench and constantly lying to almost half of the American People that blindly follow him and would blindly follow him to a precipice if he asked them to… The truth is that we know his Post-Master General will drag his feet to MAKE SURE mail-in voting DOES NOT HAPPEN…

    2. @loja babel
      He can be both.
      It’s not a mutually exclusive, either/or -type scenario.
      He is a Moron AND a clown.

    3. @Cbricklyne Keep underestimating his act and before you know it, you are in a dictatorship… Hitler’s detractors thought the same and then they died in political concentration camps… Open your eyes, America… Know your History and more importantly, WWII genesis…

  14. He’s already sabotaging the election by undermining the US Postal service, and ensuring they cannot handle the load caused by mail-in ballots. Heck, the Postal Service can hardly handle its current load thanks to this administration. Trump is going to create as much doubt into the credibility of this election as he can; in the event of a loss, he’ll call it rigid and refuse to leave office, and he’ll ultimately win by cheating!  This ladies and gentlemen are how democracies die, and dictators are born!

  15. And ultymately…he and his republican Gouvernors sabotages the vote-by-mail:
    In many republican states the Post-Service is already being reduced…and more and more………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In combination with closed polling-stations, partially reduced by 90%, million of people CAN NOT CHOOSE


    Greetings from Germany and good luck to america on its way

  16. Joe Republicans know they would lose votes if their voters had to stand in line like Dems do, particularly in areas with low income and people of color.

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