Main Suspect Involved in Woman's Death Found Dead in Cell | TVJ News - June 21 2021 1

Main Suspect Involved in Woman’s Death Found Dead in Cell | TVJ News – June 21 2021


A major development in the homicide case rocking a rural Clarendon community in Jamaica. Now this after the main suspect in Sunday's murder of a pregnant woman died while in police custody.

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  1. If you in a toxic relationship leave or this will happen to you things can get pretty ugly in a second before you know it someone’s hurt or dead easier to just walk away.

    1. And that’s the thing every walking away may still be risky for u honestly . It it’s really sad thou smh smh

  2. May the peace of God rest over this family, Community, and our land of Jamaica . Heavenly Father only you can help us in these perilous times, help us to turn from our wicked ways. Jesus oh Lord have mercy upon us all

    1. That’s exactly why uno continue to have problems in Jamaica cause uno a pray to the devil himself. Calling him everyday and him nuh stop show him face fi uno. Your jesus is satan! aka Serapis. Your jesus was created at the Council of Nicea in 325ad.
      Do uno research and stop call the devil inna uno life. Dam fools

  3. It is written “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER”. For in the day you do, you will become a fugitive. If you lose your life as a result of what you did your blood will be upon your own head in otherwords you are the caused of your own death. For all the days you live amongst your people and surrounding communities you will be remembered as a MURDERER Neither will your mind be at peace for you have shed innocent blood upon the land.

    There is no need to investigate his death.

  4. I’m so tired all hidden anger n people heart ..Its senseless act..But it’s breaks my heart see how people making their judgement theses days ..No one have the power take anyone life ..only The God have that power 2 do that….lord help us all ..we are so wicked adultress generation…

  5. He do his crime he shook face it like a man he wouldn’t see God’s face because he take his own life

    1. @Melody Harris Exactly! Bout rip to both kmt I have no sympathy for a murder, I just wish he was alive so he could pay the price of his wrong doing. My heart burn for dat girl and her family.

  6. Ladies please for heaven sake right now stop get involve with these young men that don’t developmentally. Them no mature to handle any problem. That why them them slaughter people daughters left right and centre.howand his a woman bring them yet you murder a young woman merciless. Condolences to the family my tears just keep flowing.

  7. What is sad is that a lot of young people are now normalizing toxic relationships with stupid jokes on social media but they are not showing what the possible end result can be. This is a triple killing and it’s the worst possible way to end the weekend.

    1. @Novaj_ Dunn7 that’s why it’s imperative to take time to date and red flags are not to be ignored…u see a red flag don’t start no relationship then when u walk away u weren’t together to begin with.

    2. @Novaj_ Dunn7 You know the reason why that happen ever so often? Because we all feel the need to share every single detail of our lives with the abuser, every little rescue heaven to them, we open ourselves with nothing to ourselves and that’s the reason we are traceable or easily tracked down by these monsters whether man or woman.

      People must learn to have somewhere safe to run to without the demon they with know about it.

      Stop tell man or woman you no longer want to be in the relationship when you’re not married. You owe no one that obligation to be saying you want out. JUST GET UP AND WALK OUT. PERIODTTT.

  8. That’s it’s very hard to celebrate fathers day it’s hard wicked act on father’s day

  9. My God these man are brutal in Jamaica. Jamaica is so curse with all the obeah. Jamaican prayer warriors needs to raise up and pray or else the country is going get worse. Too much demons let loose there.

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