Mainstream Anti-Vaccine Movement ‘Gamechanger’ In Vaccine Hesitancy Fight 1

Mainstream Anti-Vaccine Movement ‘Gamechanger’ In Vaccine Hesitancy Fight


Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, joins Ali Velshi to discuss why the anti-Covid vaccine “medical freedom” push that is so prevalent among Republicans actually denies freedom to people, especially parents who are afraid to send their kids to school.

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  1. It’s not just Republicans look at all the European countries who are protesting they’re not showing you that on the news but there’s hundreds of thousands of people in the streets protesting

    1. @Michigan Made its scary, like people are completely brainwashed or in denial. Now their going after kids, that needs to be shut down before they create new troops for the cult.

    2. @Andy Perez I went to college in 2001 for teaching after I graduated I flipped a switch somehow and started seeing truth in reality and immediately changed occupations because I refused to sell out and purposely indoctrinate these children to believe a false agenda

    3. In both Spain and France more than 70% of the entire population has recieved their first shot and more than 60% are fully vaccinated. The protestors are just a very loud and sometimes violent minority.

    4. @LV31 in the Netherlands 71 % is fully vaccinated and that number is still going up. Yesterday 6 Covid deaths on a population of 17 million. So we are on the right track. Let us share with the world that vaccines are safe and effective. Take care!

    1. @Bradley Henderson as a native English speaker, epicaricacy is much easier to pronounce for me. My husband is a native German speaker and puts my pronunciation of schadenfreude to shame.

    2. @Me Me Always nice to learn the English word. When I learned German there wasn’t an English word for schadenfreude. Compersion is much better.

    1. Bravo. Most people don’t know the difference and most only know germ THEORY. Terrain seems so much more credible

    1. The Moderna-NIH COVID vaccine partnership was signed in—check the fine print—November 2015.

      Thanks, Obama

    2. @Hermann Goring if “you” don’t care then why the media frenzy? Why the harassment and insults? Why the hypocrisy and lies?

    3. @Tammy Crisel this world, and almost everything about it, has been turned almost completely upside down.

  2. No ones banning masks, they’re just banning mask mandates. Not the same thing. Everyone in Texas or Florida could still wear a mask everywhere tomorrow if they wanted to. It’s just that they’re not being forced to now.

    1. @failed that’s their choice. Their deaths could’ve been avoided, but if they’d rather risk getting covid than risk getting the vaccine and having side effects, why should they be forced to? Just about everyone at this point who wants to get vaccinated has been. If they don’t want to be, then let them deal with that choice. And before you say kids, kids were never in any large danger from covid to begin with.

    2. @John Cloois so is driving. So is going outside for that matter. Yet we make the cost benefit analysis ourselves and make those choices ourselves. Mandates rob us of choice. If you’re in fear of danger, get vaccinated or wear an N95. You don’t get to tell others what to do though.

    3. @L Rom N95 masks work inbound. The media doesn’t tell you that though because they want you afraid and watching them for updates constantly so they get their ratings and money

    4. @Great Theme Edits No, of course we know an n95 works inbound too. The 95 is talking about 95% of particles filtered. That’s common knowledge. The media doesn’t have to say it because everyone knows this already. That’s why we try to outfit front line workers with them.
      Most people are talking about cloth masks though, and saying they are ineffective. Hence the discussion of them working better outbound.

    5. @Great Theme Edits i’m glad people are stupid enough to select themselves for a control study of how deadly they can mutate the virus between them. hopefully it is by large enough margins that there is an easy blue sweep. more people in florida have died then Ron Desantis won the election by so in another 3 years we might be able to put in a trans gun stealing commie and force whats left of the idiots into reeducation camps where we make them learn about solar energy and vegan food.

    1. @JDT35 The data is there. What more do you want? If you’re not convinced by now, I’m pretty sure it’s a lost cause.

    2. @boocheus The 355M doses have been administered in the US alone. I personally waited until after the first 1M to get mine.

    1. Yes. They still haven’t shown us the science proving the efficacy of masks… Because they can’t.

  3. There are Republican anti-vax governors? Who? All I see is videos of the Republican governors begging their residents to take the vaccine.

    1. Are you on a morphine drip? WTF? Gov Noem of South Dakota, Gov Abbott of Texas, and Gov DeSantis of Florida. Hopefully each one has ruined their political career. Unhopefully, on the dead backs some dead school kids who die because their state leaders are a bunch of dimwits.

    2. Liberals have created their own reality. They don’t see the same things we see. There’s a movie playing in their heads.

    3. @Lars Not at all. they will most likely all get re-elected. Why? Because they represent the will of the majority of their constituents. The kids will be fine because science is greater than fear mongering.

  4. Can we all together vote to separate the States that are Republican and want freedom from the government? I mean is a win win for everyone

    1. I have been so hoping that we’d be able to break a few states off and give them to the liberals. Then the rest of us sane people could live in peace.

    2. I live in Illinois. My mother lives in Texas where the hospital system, including pediatric hospitals, is on the verge of collapse. We already know that the GOP is willing to sacrifice the elderly for what… I’m still not sure. Political gain? Now that we know children are vulnerable to this surge, are they also unworthy of protecting?

    3. @Ben Farmer *Cuomo. Oh, you mean the governor who was asked to resign by his own party and did? The guy who became a pariah for acting irresponsibly? Is that who you’re referring to?

    1. @Ben Farmer her body her choice just like vaccines. Termination of a fetus that cannot survive outside the womb is not murder. Separation of Church and State applies both directions.

  5. Where’s the number of children and adults who had a negative reaction to the vaccine and are hospitalized or comatose?
    Their body has shut down same or worse as having the virus.

    1. It’s just like the flu. They never tell you about the people who died that were vaccinated. Oh and where was that flu this year? Hmmmm

    2. Side effects confirmed in USA and Europe

      Blood clotting, including deaths.
      Heart inflammation, including deaths.
      Neurological problems.

    3. @s g Tell us something we don’t know. How about so called “transparency ” and show us the number of people with side effects as well as the number of deaths. The media and the government won’t report that. Look up SARs 1 vaccine and what happen with that. This is SARs 2 but hey to each their own. Your body, your choice.

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