Major Drug Bust in Portland Jamaica | Jamaican Hospital in RED Zone | TVJ Midday News - Oct 8 2021 1

Major Drug Bust in Portland Jamaica | Jamaican Hospital in RED Zone | TVJ Midday News – Oct 8 2021


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    1. Please my fellow jamaicans take your vacc take care of your selves and your family think about the nurses it is not easy for them stop living as if u dont care until u get it and cant breath

  1. Why don’t you give the vaccine to those who are willing to take it and,leave those who don’t want to.

    1. They are prepared to take your jobs from you and cause you to live in distress, because you will not take a ‘vaccine’ to ‘save’ your life. People sleeping

  2. I am hearing two different things in this hospital in red zone…then covis cases on the decline and no need for the field hospital…or mi mi hear wrong

    1. Thought it was me alone thinking they are not making no sence a tall , all lies . Even the vaccine they say dont worry if they dont get the second one because the first one is 85% effective because they know they messed up big time.

    1. @Charles Saddler I took the flu shot and I experienced the worst case of influenza ever !!! To be honest, you can still take the vaccine and get covid and die !!! *****************INSTEAD OF RELYING ON VACCINES PEOPLE SHOULD FOCUS ON BUILDING THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS, last winter I did not get the flu shot and for me I just drank green juices made with spinach and Kale, it strengthened my immune system !!!

    2. @Charles Saddler There are many people in their 60S,70s,8Os WITH ALOT OF STRENGTH AND VIGOUR !!! I am advising my mother to stay away from processed food and to eat primarily organic, fresh fruits,vegetables and ground provisions !!! My mother has not taken the vaccine, she exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet, she has no health issues and her weight is a healthy weight

    3. @john brown You’d be surprised how many people have immune deficiencies, known and unknown. Unfortunately, not every immune system can be built, and sometimes the strength of the immune system isn’t measurable. I didn’t mean to be controversial, just factual. I was a medical doctor for 40-odd years before retiring and with my underlying chronic diseases, Covid would kill me in a flash, so I vaxxed up, like I had to do when working for hepatitis B. Guess we are all different.

    4. @Mitz S Vaccinated people have lower viral doses when infected, and lower transmissibility. The infection is different in vaxxed and unvaxxed. Anyway, I’m not seeking to be difficult or to dictate to anyone. Just speak the truth as I know it. It’s been a very traumatic period for me, not just as a doctor but as a human being losing so many friends and colleagues to this disease. I think that if more people saw it kill those that they love, then it would become more real to them, and not just a matter of statistics.

    5. @Charles Saddler I agree with you totally !! All said was factual.However, I have to agree with the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) in England having reviewed all the evidence on vaccinating children 12-15 years old, who do not have underlying health conditions that put them at increased risk from severe covid. The advise was that these children should not be vaccinated but the major problem with the pandemic for me is how these politicians often times refuse to follow the science.It’s almost as though they have a sinister agenda, and in this particular case the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had Chris Witty overrule the JCVI in order for all children to be administered the vaccine irrespective of the advisory from the JCVI.*** I have no issues with those who take the vaccine but just like the eminent law professor, in the United States of America, his argument put to the court was that he had already contracted the coronavirus, and given that his doctors established a natural immunity he should not be told by Joe Biden to have the vaccine. The court rightly agreed in my opinion that the Professor should be exempted from taking the covid vaccine with no sanctions given that the medical evidence proves he has a natural immunity.

    1. That’s the news league they always and are a part of spreading misinformation and propaganda. That is why we all have to critically think for ourselves and don’t listen to the nonsense they publish.

  3. So what about the other issues where she sold property of a deceased client without the knowledge and consent of the family members?

  4. So basically this case is being used to give their Attorney friends a SALARY…. When you think you have seen it all.

  5. If weed is legal why are u still labelling it as drug dealer weed is a plant is a natural thing if we talking coke no that’s different

    1. It’s not legal Rushane. It’s decriminalized, meaning you can have a certain amount for personal or religious use, have a stipulated number of plants at home, and engage in some business with approval from the licencing authority. Anything outside of that is still criminal. Our approach to ganja makes no sense to me. At the rate that we are going, we will be the last country on earth to legalize it. Don’t be surprised if like sugar and bananas we might have to start import it in the end. LOL.

  6. The vaccination program is in a state of great confusion across JA. Wished they stop using the word “persons” and use citizens as this is the correct word usage for a country.

    1. Hi Dy, I asked about this when when the reporting started in earnest, and I was told that this is the international norm. I confess that I didn’t like it at first, but have learnt to ignore it. LOL. Also, not everyone is a citizen…some might be legal residents, visitors, etc.

  7. These so called bad man committing crimes and don’t have any money to pay for lawyers fee!!!

  8. From August until now 16 deaths, yet yesterday they reported 24 died between September 2 until now. Everyday, they indirectly call Jamaicans fools. Check the data they r3port each day.

  9. It’s been asked repeatedly why the local health authority are blatantly refusing to promote immune system efficiency.Them must have some sinister motive to nationalize the VAC+SIN

  10. Would be so nice to hear the news with out having to under go covid small talks..if hospital getting low just make New hospital cement and block is available in Jamaica the lost time I check..

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