Major Gun Bust at Wharf in St. James | TVJ News – Feb 28 2022

Major Gun Bust at Wharf in St. James | TVJ News - Feb 28 2022 1


  1. Why didn’t they wait and see who is picking up the barrels, lol πŸ˜† Jamaican police are very intelligent 🀦🏽

    1. You r not thinking. Both the sender and the receiver have links in the wharf and will notify the reciever not to come to claim the barrel.

  2. When they actually catch the person’s responsible I think that’s the time to publicise the find.. SMH.. there must be a sender and receiver…pls.. Very perilous times

  3. If they caught the people responsible send them to prison for life. Scumbags making money out of murder.

  4. so wait deh!!! nuh body name nuh write pan e manifest or pan e barrel dem? what about the sender and receiver? last time mi send barrell i had to write those stuff along with contact number etc. why dont they just play it out and see who comes to collect and intercept them deh so?

  5. First of all someone shipped the barrels point in and point two someone is receiving it so don’t screw this up police in foreign lots of cameras in the warehouses and customs too so not hard to find out who’s involved πŸ€”.

  6. All of a sudden PM a cry wa day ya now a pure gun a find this government is a lier cant trick me

  7. I do hope the authorities wait for the TV πŸ“Ί to be cleared before making an alarm so that the culprits can be accountable for theirs & their counterparts actions.

  8. Trail the damn cargo fools, watch and see who comes to pick up the cargo. Any fool would know that that’s the smart route to take to get a better and more profitable result.

  9. The Drug mule Policewoman went thru security check at MBJ airport, no alarm???.These guns coming into Ja via barrels, no alarm. Only a miniscule amount is publicized but never an arrest made that I know of. These corrupt staff needs to be transferred & investigated thoroughly.

    1. Need to be terminated you mean. You tranfer them they will take it to another parish. That’s all

  10. What about the people that ship these guns an the person clear them they should lock them up

  11. Why is nobody arrested receiving the television with the guns in it ….. And who is the person send it somebody should get arrested this is a joke

  12. Always finding the guns and never the person who is receiving it are sending it…..this nuh add up at all…..

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