Major Increase of Covid-19 Cases in Jamaica - February 5 2021 1

Major Increase of Covid-19 Cases in Jamaica – February 5 2021


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    1. Every single medication and vaccine we take have POSSIBLE side effects…they’re speaking about possible effects here. They’re saying there is a minute chance one gets sick upon taking it like with other meds and vaccine. If they didn’t say it then persons would claim they’re hiding stuff

  1. This man don’t easy you alone take it people don’t fool anymore everything Jamaicans take up on themselves Jamaicans believe in God

    1. You’re just looking for attention. Keep on being in denial, I guess it’s the same “gunmen” that has been killing the thousands overseas as well.

    2. @Dawn Palmer you don’t realize what’s really happening by now? You can definitely know all the people who are spirituality DEAD”! It’s a spiritual warfare’ taking place right now between good and EVIL ’ And EVIL is leading. when you take this vax’ you will never make conscious decisions, WE BLACK PEOPLE ALWAYS WANT TO TRUST THESE DEVILS’ AND THEY ALWAYS SEE AND USE US, AS EXPERIMENTS!! Our vax is going to be different from every other race!! The knee in FLOYD’S neck and many more’ tells you how much they HATE us as Black’s. Wise up’ REVELATION tells us about these time’s you CAN’T BUY OR SELL WITHOUT THE MARK!! Even a blind man can see this coming!!

  2. They are not fixing those roads because no tourist is travelling on them, waste Government dont like to take care of their citizen first

  3. How is the vaccine is safe and trials usually take years….. So because of the emergency approval we must trust it…. What if its 5 years down the road the symptoms show it self…… MI WUSS NAH TEK NUH VACCINE IF MI CAAN SUE FI GET USD

  4. Government must provide bright red overall or big stripes black and white for prisoners in Jamaica and not taking clothing from families outside the institution they must feel like prisoners not a boarding school they at.

  5. If the Vaccines Companies will not accept responsibility in case of death or serious illness cause by their so call (safe) Vaccines what is that telling us? How is so much people missing such a huge red flag?

  6. If the vaccine is so safe why are they saying that they won’t be held responsible for any adverse effects?

  7. You see what I can’t understand these fools keep talking about vaccines is okay how the hell does these people come up with this vaccine so fast nine months omg

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