'Major Problems' With Senate GOP $928 Billion Infrastructure Plan 1

‘Major Problems’ With Senate GOP $928 Billion Infrastructure Plan


Bharat Ramamurti, deputy director of the White House National Economic Council, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the “major problems” with the Senate Republicans’ $928 billion infrastructure counterproposal and the proposed $257 billion in new spending, a fraction of what the president has proposed. Ramamurti says, “if we want to maintain our standing in the world…we have to make these investments.”  
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  1. This is the choice: America for the people or America for the wealthy.
    Donnie, Mitch and Kevin have shown who they stand with in this and the Jan 6th investigation.
    Others stand for a vision of a broader future.

    1. it’s not only donnie, mitch and kevin choosing America for the wealthy. there are hundreds more in congress

    1. It’s literally common sense . But the gQp have none of it ,which is a huge problem cause it’s Americans that get the short end of the stick.

  2. Gold Medal Families should gather at Capitol to ask why this is a problem. These Officers are front line they were guppies being fed to a shark who lost

  3. Republicans claiming credit for the relief they voted against? they must really think we stupid or don’t pay attention, only thing they can claim credit for is America slipping into a recession & allowing the pandemic to get as bad as it has & worse even not contributing anything of value.

    1. their voters are sheep. its their main reason they keep telling them not to watch any other news media except their own propaganda.

    1. That’s how the system is designed to work. It keeps numbskulls from ramming their agenda down the rest of the countries throats. Checks and balances.

  4. Yes our economic recovery is great but the fact that these 2 faced GOPs say look at what “WE” did but no real votes no real courage NO HONOR.

  5. They will pretend to be negotiating in good faith but will stall and stall then not even vote for their own proposal while weakening Biden’s proposal. They did this for the ACA so go big let them explain to their base why the refuse to help 99%. All they want is to see Biden fail.

    1. And Democtrats still have to play this pathetic game to please Virginia (Joe Manchin’s) voters, who will elect a trumpster if they don’t get what they want.

  6. You are taking money from the left pocket exchanging hand and putting money on your left pocket
    Doing something progressively
    The republican way

  7. When you thumbnail a picture of Biden speaking, then don’t show him speaking for 5 minutes, I trust you less.

    And I’m on your side. Stop doing that.

  8. The left and the right are dueling it out while Iran, Russia, China, and the rest of the world are laughing their heart out watching the implosion.

  9. This is pretty clear cut. DEMOCRATS: “We want to give the American people what they need.” REPUBLICANS: “We want to give the American people _half_ of what they need — and give the rest to our rich donors.” Anyone who still votes for the Republicans is someone cutting their own throat.

  10. Cant we just arrest every single member of the GOP at this point??
    They’ve been solely responsible for every obstructive act conceived.
    We need to be a single party system for a while, until we can have a Republican party that EVERYBODY can trust; Im willing to wait a couple decades.

  11. What did Biden do to create jobs? Nothing, it’s in response to Covid and a year of isolation. People have to return to work now. Biden needs to pass UBI raise minimum wage, end cannabis laws and free our vegetables. That would help the economy greatly!

  12. Ugh I’m not a fan of Trump but those “500,000” new jobs are mostly because of COVID and those people being laid off now just going back to work.

  13. Something to think about. Portugal has fiber internet. There are places in America that don’t have high speed broadband.

  14. Let’s see, you lock down everything and run everybody out of work. And then when they go back to work you credit a President with creating a job? Hahaha. Do you think we’re that stupid?

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