1. “When all the truth comes out, we the people swear to never stop seeking out all those guilty parties involved. We will not stop until justice has been served on every last one.”

    1. @Pat Higgins You mean Trump the one term, twice impeached, unindicted co conspirator individual 1, liar on chief

  2. The doctor’s note policy is not full-proof, and determined parents will still accomplish their goal.

  3. Glad I live in BFE and enjoy living a simple hermit lifestyle away from people who carelessly endanger one another.

    1. @toronto daddy I’m a Floridian. Stop spreading crap. FL is not doing fine. Go check a few ICU’s. I’m in Central FL. Sorry to burst your bubble, buddy. You heard it straight from a Floridian’s mouth.

    2. @toronto daddy so I have heard, used to go there, loved Canada ,from Detroit which is a 5 hr drive from Toronto but here it is like CA now–a PC penetentiary so to speak

    3. @trainwreck told ya The sheep in modern times are in the cities like NY LA etc etc –paradoxically and somewhat of an inversion form what was formerly the case

  4. It does my good to see that there are sane people in FL. It’s good to see them put the children, teachers and other school workers before stupidity and politics.

    1. @Michael the only cowards are the weak, the one responsible for this situation… like 11%of the population

    2. @DannyBone00 masks are for you, same as vaccines. For these 11%of the population who got affected. Cases mean gaining immunity. Stay home, Wear 3 masks and wait for the booster.

    3. @Don Johnson it doesn’t stop the spread of the virus d bag. A child has a 1 in a million chance of dying from covid. Should be mandate helmets at all times too?

  5. DeSantis is just some fool trying to look like another fool that we got rid of. The schools are concerned for the wellbeing of the children, DeSantis could care less about their wellbeing.

    1. @Paul Wilson Why would any parent want their kid to go to a school where masks are NOT required, in a state with the highest rate of new COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths?

    2. @Jay Hawk well i just saw a few hundred kids heading to school ,walking in groups of 5 or 6 with no masks on (not required obviously) -a-ll in each others faces. Then when they go home ,they are exposed to their family who in turn sees exposure at work, socially etc.

      But yet we are being told that the hours a kid spends in school with desks 6 to 10 ft apart in a controlled setting is the lynchpin of the exposure question? It seems a minor risk compared to all of the above. On top of that ,the scientifc peer reviewed studies not including anecdotes from doctors shows a smal risk to kids. We were told just a month ago that they were not at risk ,but we were and THAT was the reason we needed them to wear masks. Now that We are vaccinated, we are told the reverse :that it is NOT us who we need to worry about,it is the kids!

      So to answer ur question, 3 reasons:
      –lack of logic that school is that critical in theexposure equation
      –insulting logic that changes daily but each time we are told it is ‘science” (science that defies logic)

      –lastly/thirdly, that kids have so far ,anecdotes aside of dead babies, a VERY small subset of those who see severe effects.

    3. @Alpha Dude School is critical, because the kids come into contact with teachers and cook staff and custodial staff and bus drivers, etc, not just other kids.

      The science evolves as the data evolves, otherwise it’s not science. The fact is that the Delta variant is much more transmissible than the original and it effects kids in much more significant numbers and they are much sicker. In the original, kids were largely asymptomatic, with Delta they are being hospitalized in much greater numbers and ending up on ventilators much more often, dying more often as well. I have family in KC and they sent me an article that contained comments from the doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital last week….Last Thursday, 12 children there were hospitalized with COVID-19. The next day it rose to 19 children. Now, there are 22. Seven are in the intensive care unit, ranging in age from infants to teens.

      You’re flat wrong about kids not being severely effected, even those who recover, suffer long term consequences, just like adults who “got over it”.

  6. I will be voting against desantis this election from right here in gaetz’s district in NW Florida. I will also continue to give rides to the polls to fellow democrats that want to vote against him too, and he can’t do a damn thing about that either.

    1. I don’t think he was counting on your vote. You wouldn’t vote for him unless he had a D by his name. He could rape and sexually assault many and get your vote if he was a dem.

    2. @Love JuanAnother That’s what happened with with the allegations against Biden concerning Tara Reid. Various politicians all said that they still would vote for Biden, though they believed her.

  7. It’s nice to see that some people care about keeping kids healthy instead of betting on them to stay healthy in order to score political points.

  8. Way to go, Broward county. De Santis hasn’t got a leg to stand on with his empty threats, and he knows it. No salaries will be withheld, ILLEGALLY.

  9. Desantis needs to put his own kids in open class with others without mask, we need to see how his going to react on it.

  10. Jeremiah 17:5- Thus says the Lord, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the Lord.

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