Majority Approves Of Biden's Coronavirus Vaccine Response | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Majority Approves Of Biden’s Coronavirus Vaccine Response | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Biden gets high marks for his handling of coronavirus vaccine response, according to new numbers from ABC News/Ipsos. The president has less approval for his handling of the border crisis and gun violence. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Majority Approves Of Biden's Coronavirus Vaccine Response | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. MSNBC folks are slipping. They said border ‘crisis’ (in the video description).
      The approved terminology is border ‘challenge’.
      How are they going to keep people brainwashed, if they can’t stick to the plan?

    2. @Solstice of Snow Well technically speaking, some of Trumpy the traitor’s supporters want more of a monarchy with the royal family being Trumpy’s brood of grifters. But dictatorship or monarchy or theocracy (you know, the ‘chosen one’ and his golden statue worshippers), they’re all the same in their stance against American democracy.

    3. @Maharajji NKB Is that really how you occupy your days now that trump is facing possible prison time! I’d be more worried about Dem’s coming after your money and guns and moving next door to you! It might happen a lot quicker than you think!

    1. “Majority approves of Bidens response”… Aka “We only polled these numbers in California and New York”

  1. They can’t wait to get to the negative news
    Typical fear mongering
    Truth is Israel are pretty much covid free
    Uk and USA are one month behind them

    1. @Shiro Ishii
      So China released it on their own populations,
      Used a virus with a low mortality rate.
      Maybe you should go into politics or media.

    2. @Uncomfortable Truth tiananmen square dude. The ccp doesn’t care about their people only need them for votes and military.

  2. I’m praying for our leaders, this is the time for Unity to fight a common enemy which is the Pandemic. May God protect us all and God bless USA !

  3. What polls are you using? I’ve never even HEARD of anyone actually participating in one. It’s a narrative.

    1. @Robert Edgemon I clearly said “I have participated in polls”. Does that require an explanation? It’s becoming obvious why you haven’t.

    2. @Lilly Anderson polls are a narrative. If they don’t ask everyone, it’s just an uneducated guess. I don’t believe polls they release the results for, if they never said they were doing one. Kinda like mail in voting.

    3. @Robert Edgemon If who never said they were doing one? Look up the Gallup pole..any poll. We’ve had mail in voting since the Civil War. It’s more secure now than in any time in history. You’re upset tRump lost. tRump had the lowest overall approval rating of any sitting president and historically presidents with such low approval ratings have never been reelected. tRump lost the popular vote twice, the house, the senate and the executive branch all in one term because he was a lying corrupt con man..

    4. @Robert Edgemon Ah yes, ask everyone. Are you a moron? Asking for a poll I’m conducting. Now you can say you’ve participated in one.

    1. @Reid Earl lol, thank you i needed that, Trump should be the Emperor of the whole solar system, he’ll get my humble obedience, hail Trump, lmao

    2. Democrats Supporting someone actually more Racist than Trump, Weird. But I guess if you have ‘Democrat’ infront of their name, It’s “different”.

  4. Biden the best thing to happen to our country! We really needed a real leader to get us out of this nightmare!

    1. Ha Ha Ha , half the country agrees we you , the other half sees and old decrepit inept senile Man ! a difference of opinion ! LOL

    2. @Rod Ortiz how unbelievably delusional does one have to be to not see that biden is not all there? This isnt a partisan issue. He needs to removed from office via the 25th amendment asap.

  5. Got my first shot today. Nurse told me to massage the area of the injection. I asked her if that activated the microchips. We had a good laugh about it.

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