Majority Says Senate Should Vote To Convict, Remove President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Majority Says Senate Should Vote To Convict, Remove President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Revel Heir People have no power, except the power to fire those in office, with there votes. The Democrats do get fire on occasion. I am firing this one and any others who associates or feast on the young ladies and boys.

  1. Just read a politician’s comment in German news after DT’s speech in Davos where he spoke only utter nonsense!

    1. @TrumpTrain2020 Trump is a Russian Asset. YOU support nuking hurricanes, the corruption, the emoluments violations, the sniveling submission to Putin, the mass 70,000++ abduction and terrorizing of children and babies, teargassing of unarmed families with children across an International border, STEALING from his Charity for Kids & Vets, destroying environmental protection laws which mitigate climate change just to make rich corporations richer, calls the top US generals “dopes and babies”, allowing Russia, North Korea & China to gain tremendous strength, allowing China to money launder money to No. Korea thru 4 Chinese banks in New York, pathological lying, stealing of the 2016 Election, the attempted stealing of the 2020 Election, Helsinki, the Russian Foreign Minister standing over the president behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office as Donnie sat like a schoolboy in front of him, Russian money laundering, stock market manipulation & grotesque Corporate Tax Cuts, Removal from the Paris Climate agreement, trying to destroy NATO and all Alliances, sucking up to Autocrats, many secret & 100% private Putin meetings, Brett “I like Beer” Kavanaugh, disrespected the disabled & gold star families, deporting families of soldiers, deported soldiers that were deployed and fought, given away code word level Intel, the gross immaturity, the hate, racism & white supremacy mongering, swamp culture of corrupt Cabinet, Ryan Zinke’s neighbor (a Two-person energy firm with no office) given $300 MILLION contract to fix Puerto Rico’s Power Grid, he does ‘not’ pay the cities services for stroking rallies, 5 time Draft Dodger, 6 time Bankruptcy king who spends other peoples money and does not pay back his debt, windmills cause cancer, tells the world he flushes his toilet 10-15 times each, bc you know, hamberders! and a long list more!

    2. @TrumpTrain2020 Yes, criticizing your cult leader is treason. You people act like children. Ill-mannered, petulant, children.

    3. rrmndtqrg8 q – Your attitude is EXACTLY why the entire rest of the world loathes the U.S. Ask somebody smart what the word loathe means.

  2. *This* is the true will of America, people!
    By majority rule, remove the worthless slug 45th from office at once!

    1. By majority rule, remove the worthless slug 45th from office at once! unfortunately its the rule of the electoral college not the american people.

    1. That right made up bipartisan what Catholic Nancy Pelosi was preaching but she is a confused failure for lessening to the marxist dictator moron AOC partisan

    2. The nationalist minority and ANTIFA are conjoined twins, conjoined by their shared stupidity, ignorance, fanaticism, foul language and cowardly acts of terrorism.
      A freshly collected specimen:
      >>That right made up bipartisan what Catholic Nancy Pelosi was preaching but she is a confused failure for lessening to the marxist dictator moron AOC partisan<< In the rudimentary world of extremists, you are either a fascist/nationalist or a socialist/communist.

    3. @MR IT409 Fact he did not cough up the money to the Ukraine, and still has not given them all of it! FACT!

    1. Nah he should be nailed to a board and all of is get to throw knives at him see if we can cut off his tiny mushroom

    2. Yesterday I said they should tie piano wire around Trump’s neck, and then hang him from the top of Trump Tower. It would be glorious.

    1. @MR IT409 over 50% of Americans are for Trump approval ratings and only went up since impeachment and under 35% for Catholic Nancy Pelosi since impeachment and her approval ratings are going down as Catholic Nancy Pelosi was right that it had to be bipartisan and she wishing now she didn’t lesson to the marxist dictator moron AOC partisan as the Senate checkmated the moron AOC trying to play checkers and that moron AOC should just stick to pimping 12 year old children for her propaganda and her agenda and now Catholic Nancy Pelosi is confused and she is going down history as the biggest failure

    2. @Gina R we need to save our Republic democracy and constitution so vote Conservativism and let’s end Marxism in 2020 and Trump will be acquitted and reelected but we need the gavel to continue to win and keep America great

  3. We are under attack by Russia and China , our Democracy overwhelmed and sold by “Individual One”
    And the lazy GOP is to blame
    Run into ground by ‘arrogant backward morons”

    1. Unbelievable they have got away with this for so long. Many people knew this was corrupt way back probably before 2016 and didn’t believe he would win-enter-the devil

  4. If you had a son and all his friends were going to jail, you would send him to his meanest male relative or lock him in his room until he’s out of college.

    1. @KZ Not with a gun to my head would I vote for this lying, cheating draft dodging, war monger, sexual offender of a fake president.

    2. @voodooblue61 blue That’s good it’s your right not to vote for Trump as you believe what you want but all the things Trump gets accused of try and get congress to change as Trump gets accused of so far is lies and collusion from hear say assumptions presumptions opinions and what someone thinks

  5. Let’s take it a step further. He should be impeached, removed from office, and sentenced to life in prison ASAP

  6. We the people should be able to vote this impeachment trial, afterall, we are a Democracy. Not fair to have a corrupt Republican congress representing the people.

    1. Too bad the majority of people aren’t intelligent enough to make a wise decision yet. Last election’s popular vote proved that.

  7. Trump Removed 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪🏼💪🏼🕊🕊👩🏻‍⚖️👩🏻‍⚖️

    1. @Just Honest stop wishing in one hand and the reality is in the other hand dierrhea out of Catholic Nancy Pelosi democratic sanctuary district

    2. @Just Honest watch the Senate and Republicans destory the short lived removal of impeachment and you can thank Catholic Nancy Pelosi for lessening to the marxist dictator moron AOC partisan playing checkers with the Senate when the Senate checkmated the moron AOC partisan long ago and Catholic Nancy Pelosi is only confused and a failure for lessening to AOC thsts stupid and there’s no fix for stupid

    3. KZ What does AOC has anything to do with it? You have AOC Deranged Syndrome Lol You’re obsessed over her because she’s stronger and more successful than you and you are inferior to her lol What a loser you are.

    4. @Just Honest lmfao she’s the dumbest person in Congress well,next to Adam schittforbrains, nacy Pelosi, Omar, and Jerry no nad Nadler

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