1. @D. S. M
      Say that to Putin…he shares a big responsibility for this war. And yes I want peace, but not as long as Russia/Putin decided to invaded Nation there no longer belongs to them.
      Got to go: Goodnight, sir.

  1. Shame on Russia!. I would love to know if Russian mothers are proud of their sons for commiting war crimes. Are they ashamed? Do they care?. Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦💪💙💛🙏

    1. @D. S. M Saint ignorance, you are claiming to know history while spreading misinformation and falsehood.
      The fact is Ukraine is sovereign Country that wished to become a member of the E.U. and of NATO, Russia being the bullies that they are couldn’t tolerate Ukraine becoming a thriving democracy on it’s doors steps giving a good sight for Russian people to dream about instead of their new Tsar.

  2. Ukrainian bravery and tenacity is truly inspiring. Anyone who values peace and democracy, please stand with them. 🇺🇦

  3. It is heartbreaking… but was that poor man offered some food? You translated that he was hungry and asked you if you had some groceries but I would have liked to have heard that you would have at least in front of the camera, gave him an answer to his question not ignore him. Or was this news report all about you?

    1. I am sure they gave what they had. Real reporters and good human beings don’t have to hold a camera into peoples face while helping .

  4. The difference in coverage from middle east war and this one is astounding. However, so are the cultural differences.
    Ukraine is a very peaceful place.

    1. @NeEd InPuT Iron Cross was also used by nazzies, doesn’t mean it’s a nazzi symbol. seriously look up totenkopf, you would find out that it’s not a nazzi symbol and the meaning itself has nothing to do with nazzies.
      Also you jump quickly to conclusions to accuse a whole country of nazzies when you just found a footage of one guy supposedly wearing a nazzi symbol. I would also like to ask you where do you get the idea of the nazzi youth camps in Ukraine?
      Also answer me this: are you aware that the president of Ukraine is jewish?
      Stop listening to russian propaganda.

  5. The only possible way that Ukraine could be paid back for all of this total senselessness is if the Capital of Russia was moved to Kyiv until Ukraine was completely rebuilt, which will no doubt take decades!

  6. 1:27
    Please give him food.
    Please help him.

    The oldest elderly man is hungry.
    He asks humbly for food.

    1. People with souls don’t glorify in filming themselves doing what is decent. All there, survivors, are working together, my understanding. If they cannot help, they can let others know who can.

  7. Chernihiv was a beautiful city with a rich history and good people. What the Russians have done is incomparable. They did things that even the Nazis refused to do. The atrocities in Ukraine can not go unpunished. May those who perished Rest In Peace. СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ!!

    1. Would the Red Square be enlargened to cover the whole Moscow area? What a perfect place for the victory parade that was.

    2. ‘A Polish report on the popular mood in Volhynia recorded a comment of a young Ukrainian from October 1938: “we will decorate our pillars with you and our trees with your wives”‘
      Anything the Nazis refused to do the OUN-B and UPA did for them…

  8. “Z” is the symbol of Russia, Russia is not trying to get rid of “Nazi’s”, the goal of Russia is to get rid of “Not Z’s”. Nuff sed.

  9. *I LIVE 280 MILES SOUTH* of Ukraine – every morning our cars are covered in brick dust – brick dust that used to be people’s houses…

  10. Wars should be avoided at all cost. Those who push for war never actually participate in the fighting. They stay in the comfort of their homes fuelling it. Shameful to see the destruction of lives and properties.
    God Almighty we surely judge all those responsible for the evil happenings in Ukraine.

    1. I am shocked at the passivity of the Russian people who are complicit in this horror. They are tragically misled🇬🇧

  11. I burst into tears for this gentleman asking for food. I’m so incredibly heartbroken for both countries and our world.

  12. And in those especially hard hit areas, the Russians are actually cremating remains so no evidence, and no one to mourn, adding further pain and grief among the survivors.

  13. i’ve said it many times on different posts, ukraine needs to dig in like the north vietnamese did in that war. tunnels for safe transportation of supplies food water and wounded, shallow ones can be made rather easily with pipe trench diggers, but those would be surface to immediately subsurface if covered… idk how long it will take but if the estimates are right and this war is going to be a year or two long…. dig in, dig deep and make underground stations/camps as needed… the surface isn’t going to be safe… landmines, artillery tanks and drones. watch a documentary on the vietnam war… i think it will be an eye opener for the tunnels and such… you don’t have a tropical rain forest to hide in but tunnels don’t need them.. digging also has hazards but i’m not a tunnel excavator so i don’t know them… engineers will be needed and lots and lots of manpower or equipment…. the soil removed could be used for sandbag encampments/firebases.

  14. My condolences to all Ukrainians and people who has suffered from russian terrorism. And thank you who helps Ukraine in any ways! Hope russia realizes soon enough that they cannot win. It’s impossible, period.


    Greetings from Finland and Switzerland!

  15. I really admire CNN’s Clarissa Ward for the reporting she do and where she especially stand out from her international colleagues is the way she conducts interview with people eg. she speak to them in (russian – I think) and then translate on the fly into english so the rest of us is able to understand too.

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