Making Juneteenth A Federal Holiday Is Long Overdue Says Beschloss 1

Making Juneteenth A Federal Holiday Is Long Overdue Says Beschloss


NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss explains why it took so long for Juneteenth to be recognized as a U.S. federal holiday and reflects on the good that can come from this long overdue distinction.
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    1. @Victoria Henry please, post the clip of him saying “there are good nazis.” And make sure you post his complete statement, not the cherry picked singular line. You disingenuous leftist have to take everything he says out of context in order for it to fit your narrative, meanwhile people are giving you full quotes from Biden.

    1. @bomb Diggidy I love this country it’s the best country on earth. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect! I hear a lot of idiots on your side complaining like flakes since November.

    2. @Scott Davis first amendment rights, just leave em be.
      Let em exercise that right.
      Our soldiers and true patriots fought for those rights.

    3. @Javier Drake no, it think what M O was referring to the deep partisan divide, the lack of reforming stuff when people are literally dying in the streets to change it, and incompetent corrupt politicians taking money and doing nothing but going against progress. All of this may make me look like a radical Marxist, but sadly that the reality our country is in.

      To fix it, stop the partisanship, vote, and demand change. Those are our only tools.

    4. @VietNam Vet the Democrats left that phase since the 60s and the Democrats splinted from that and the Dixiecrats which actually ran a three party race at some point. I don’t remember much of the information, so let me know if the information is false or I missed something

  1. Bet 90% of people probably didn’t even know what this was till last year when the dems used it to call Trump racist.

    1. @MK Self thats fine but black people again are tired of symbolic acknowledgments. Who does not know slavery was wrong? What is being done as COMPENSATORY JUSTICE? Not only for slavery but stuff like the tulsa massacre, jim crow, being discriminated against owning a house through fha loans, red lining etc etc. America has really done ALOT to keep black people down and poor. Tired of just ” i recognize the ills done bs.” COMPENSATORY JUSTICE.

    2. @john mbwa you were never a slave, if my great great grandfather murdered someone should I have to go to jail ?

    3. @john mbwa Seriously? Racists and White supremacist don’t believe that slavery was wrong. Please don’t be naive. Nothing is being done as compensatory justice. I’m just saying that this is at least a step in the right direction. Of course, It doesn’t solve anything. But hopefully it will lead to some sort of justice, by acknowledgment. Or we can continue to ignore any injustice, because black people again are tired of symbolic acknowledgement.

    4. @SEAN Because he doesn’t make the bills Congress does. He just signs them. He was busy pushing Obamacare through so ppl could have healthcare. The Supreme Court agreed with that too.

    5. @Steve Gaines Lol that was funny…What does Independence Day (4th) have to do with today and we still celebrate that. And why should any black person celebrate that anyway because we didn’t have independence in 1776 by a long shot. But nobody’s over here crying about that. I know you hate that to see your power slipping away little by little. If I were you I would be scared too.

    1. @Make gulags Great again so tell
      Me again about hate speech? So your hate speech and genocide is somehow ok since it’s against conservatives?
      You are literally the hate you claim to hate.
      You are literally as bad as the Nazi’s.
      Anti fascist yet you ARE the actual fascist.
      Does any of that make sense or ring a bell? Think for a bit.
      The irony of the left that “fight Nazi’s” are actually more like them.
      The brainwashing is clearly obvious. Little by little the Nazi’s came to power with this very same mindset.
      Call it Stalinist or whatever you want, it’s the same result.
      They were the bad guys.

    2. @Yuri Bezmenov was right You Russians like to be brainwashed by the corrupt autocratic regime of Vladimir Putin. I am just an American who believes that Russia is the evil empire then and is the evil empire now.

  2. “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” – Joe Biden
    Also him : Makes Juneteenth a holiday…

    1. @Mike Jones me neither bruh i forgot to mail my ballot on nov 23rd woke up the next day and my melanin ran out the door and jumped in a taxi

    1. I remember a lot of those ‘historic’ words coming from the GOP while trying to defend racist flags and statues. One party is on the right side of history, however. Now that’s historic!

    1. @Fake President make sure your working on the 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc LMFAO

    2. @Larry Williams
      Many people continue to work on these days. They are on the Internet buying and selling commodities —moving billions of dollars. You freeloaders just want to get paid not to work

    3. Hey gregory, I’ll be celebrating 4th of July on June 19th from now until eternity!!!!! Get it??????

    4. @Mark D No worries Mark …I still on colobus day have some good Spanish food …and of course get drunk…..yum yum ..!!

    1. @A M a lot of people do not care for federal workers getting another day off after having experienced the DMV and the Post office experience. It could not have anything at all to do with racism that you project onto others.

    2. ​@Elijah Dumphy Ok, let’s leave at that. You obviously think the average viewer sat down and thought about federal holidays and their Post Office and DMV experiences before hitting the dislike button. And I think they simply saw “Juneteenth” being a federal holiday and hit the dislike button. Fair enough, we can argue forever about this and not get anywhere. Have a great day. Here’s hoping for less racism in this world.

    3. @A M yep I did thought just another holiday for corrupt federal workers and banksters. Most retail, warehouse, and service workers will be at the job. Most people don’t know what the holiday is for i and all the guys I work with had to look it up. Sorry a lot of people dislike big government it doesn’t make them racist.

    4. ​@Elijah Dumphy Good to hear that’s how you feel. But you can’t speak for everyone else. Btw, not everyone who gets to enjoy this day off is corrupt, lol. I do IT for the US Navy and I by extension get the day off and so will my entire department and anyone who works with the troops. Politicians make up a very small percentage of people that will be off on this day. It’s not like politicians even really work on work days so an extra day off for them isn’t a showstopper for America or Americans.

  3. Hunter uses the “N” word all the time. I’m sure he learned it from The Big Guy. The Big Guy palled around with the Grand Wizard Senator from WVa for years.

    1. @Johnathan Reyes Yeah, we did great in the Market with the Trump Bump. You missed that. Bad for you. And minority unemployment, the Wall. You seem lost. Good luck. Hey, how’s Uncle Alzheimer’s and HeelsUp doing for jobs and the border, Einstein? Yeah, that bad.

  4. daily reminder: brian williams admitted to lying about being shot at in a helicopter to sound cool

    1. Also dont forget if trump said half the things biden has then the Democrats would be right for once

    2. @El Chucho
      He got that story from an unban legend about flooding in New Orleans and why their graveyards are above ground. Someone fed him that tale and they should be exposed just like he was.

    3. and he never served in the Arms Forces. This are the kind of individuals always watching war movies and make thing s up

  5. Not verbatim but basically “black people don’t know how to access the internet for their covid shots”

    1. @omik redarhcs
      Why? Any such list would be nothing more than propaganda. If the left wrote it they would claim it’s the right. If the right wrote it they would claim it’s the left.

    2. I own a marketing company and if the GOVT has a holiday employees have a holiday ..haha

    1. @DavidVision DV Story wasn’t about Trump, Comment wasn’t about Trump. But it’s nice to know he’s still ALWAYS ON YOUR MIND!

    1. @Big Tom’s Fan I think you’ll find that both Dems and GOP (including Trump) are often wrong

    2. @Eli Gerhard
      Oh I’m sorry Eli…thought you were AMERICAN ..was talking about US History ..we have to study it all in the Elementary even through High School…snd well I was very good in History to be honest…..found out it was the DEMS that were for slavery …it was the NORTH that was not for it …I believe you might know him even though your not AMERICAN his name was President Abraham Lincoln ….He put together an UNION army ….went down to the SOUTH and defeated Southern Democratic Generals……thus ending the Slavery or better known as CIVIL WAR….. hope that is helpful to you ..!!!

    3. @Eli Gerhard I can agree to that …but lately here …WOW we’re finding out that TRUMP was RIGHT in a lot of things….has the DEMS been right on anything …?? Haven’t heard yet…!!!

    4. @Big Tom’s Fan Well there is a lot of history. I was asking which event were you referring to. As far as Democrats being right: you have climate change and LGBT rights which they advocated for long before Republicans caught on. For COVID specifically, you also had Trump saying it was just a flu, which is completely wrong.

    1. Hey I plan to enjoy it …..Gett’in some watermellon…..and some fried chicken ….with chitlins…..and big glas of leomaid…….can’t wait ….always look for another reason to get drunk ….and holidays allow me to do it ..hahahaha

    1. @A M As we celebrate America’s emancipation from slavery, let us reflect on the FACT that America IS one of the LEAST RACIST countries in the world. Contrary to what most liberals and media tell us, ‘Juneteenth’ marks the day that the REPUBLICANS & Abraham Lincoln fought so hard for against the Democrats and their KKK ‘racism enforcement arm’, to bring about the end of this scourge. Hundreds of thousands of Republicans gave up their lives so blacks could be free and hundred of thousands of Democrats gave their lives to PREVENT blacks from gaining this freedom.

      Unlike MANY other countries that continue this practice, not only is slavery a distant past, we have thousands of wealthy blacks, thousands of black leaders of companies, holders of political & government positions and have had a black President. In FACT, our society has gone so far as to allow new racist acts to ‘make up’ for those old racist acts that ‘Juneteenth’ celebrates the elimination of. Offering scholarships based on one’s race IS racist. Offering certain government assistance for the poor which excludes others solely because on their race IS also racist and the list goes on.

      Although liberals and blacks have worked so hard in recent years to change this past and to eliminate any reminders of anything that existed during these dark days in American history such as certain flags, songs, words, statues and customs, ‘Juneteenth’ will now work as our reminder. Sadly, we still have to concern ourselves with people who perpetuate racism for their own political, media viewership and/or financial gain. Also, those who now decide to redirect attention to ‘inherent’ or ‘subversive’ or ‘subconscious’ racism are the ones guilty of perpetuating the very racism they claim to be fighting against. Aside from these people and some vestiges of idiots who still cling to this racist past, few in this country today can be considered racist, NOT everyone who votes Republican as you are being told.

      So, as we rightfully celebrate, let us also remember, it is those “evil””racist””enemy” Republicans you have been taught to hate who are the very party that made a ‘Juneteenth’ possible today!!!

    2. @S Jeffries Nice history lesson but you went off on a tangent here based on an assumption you made about me. I never care what the media says or about Republicans vs Democrats. And everyone knows we’ve come a long way since slavery. That, however, doesn’t mean racism is dead. Plenty of racists in America still. I didn’t say racism is at an all time high. I just said racism is very much alive and that’s a fact. And yes there is still racism in other parts of the world. I didn’t say there wasn’t. I just made an observation based on how many racists are frothing at the mouth on social media about Juneteenth being a federal holiday. How is that worth getting so mad about?

    3. @Green Man Lol..0 nuance in your thinking. What does people fleeing drug infested countries and political turmoil have to do with the amount of racism in the country they’re fleeing to? Lol…people’s number one objective is safety and security for themselves and their family. They will put up with any amount of racism if they have to, just for the sake of their family and a better life.

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