Malcolm Nance: We Are In A Neo-Fascist Era In American Politics 1

Malcolm Nance: We Are In A Neo-Fascist Era In American Politics

QAnon conspiracies and the reported links between Trump supporters, White nationalism, and neo-fascism in American politics particularly on the right and in the GOP are analyzed by experts in conversation with Joy Reid. 
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    1. @Titanium is Magical Im not sure the US military is on the side men exposing themselves to children in spas, but you are.

    2. @studyhistory2ctruth I don’t support Donald “the woman’s locker room intruder” Trump…. You’re not reality Q-tip. Don’t feel bad though, I have a friend who suffers from the same thing as you. If you were to say anything like that to my face, you would meet your maker Q-tip.

    3. @Phillip Sims because rallies don’t matter. Votes matter, and Biden wasn’t going to hold super spreaders during a pandemic…LOL

      Oh, and he’s not my wonderful Biden, he just wasn’t the worst president in US history…Trump.

  1. Tyt has been talking about this for years. Along with Tom Hartman, Beau the fifth etc. the Centrists need to wake up in congress and take down the fascist GOP

    1. @Phillip Sims Moderates who represent the “New Democrat” caucus dominated in 2018 leading to taking back the House.

      Dems lost seats in 2020 (minus the Senate), but those who won where moderates.

      Progressives are not popular.

    2. TYT? The show named after the Young Turks who committed the Arminian Genocide that the founder of TYT denied ever happen?

    3. I’m buying a bulletproof dent proof 0-60 in 2 secs Cybertruck now that I can legally run over Nazis and other Trump protesters

  2. I am a student of history and what I am seeing in America today is sadly a redux of late 1920/30s Italy and Germany. There was a strong movement in America at the time to follow suit. It was very narrowly avoided then. I’m not so sure it will be now. Why? Because most Americans are ignorant of history outside of jingoistic ideology.

    1. I was an American history major and I am in complete agreement.
      Too many people support nationalism the same way they support their home town baseball or football team. All “rah rah rah” with never the need to engage the thought process.
      It’s the simplest form of tribalism.

    2. @James Ricker …and unvaxed and they don’t wear masks. That said, I doubt enough of them will simply die out without first attempting another coup or three.

    3. They’re taking over one state at a time. The new voting system instituted in Georgia effectively ended democracy there. The ruling party (GQP) can now overturn the votes cast by the people and now hold the same power that the Grand Council of Fascism held in Italy c. the 1920s. They’re trying the same thing in Texas, Arizona, and other states.
      American fascism IMO more closely resembles the Italian version which was an offshoot of Feudalism than the German version that believed in “Socialism” (at least for those of Aryan stock at the expense of all others). While German fascism came up from the working classes, American fascism is being inflicted by the wealthy as a means of controlling and exploiting the working classes. (Probably because they’re following the examples laid out by modern day Russia and China–a “communist” state in name only). Many of the people who participated in the failed Jan 6 Putsch were in fact wealthy business owners (even though they dress like dirty stinking thugs). The modern GOP doesn’t want to see a single tax dollar in the hands of any actual tax payer. It all must be filtered up to the ruling class.
      This is the major flaw in their plan and belies their attempt to appeal to “populist” views. Unfortunately, though, most of the rank and file Trumpos are far too ignorant and unread to see any of this for what it is.

    4. @James Ricker are you sure? I’m 70, and Antifa. I don’t know any trump followers in my age group.

    1. @Mike Dias We’re close to a theocratic state already. God is mentioned in just about every facet of government, except in the constitution. Prayers are almost mandatory. Churches don’t pay taxes. God seems to be the driving force to many archaic laws. God is on our currency.

    2. End Times = READ THE BIBLE = The Great Apostasy or Falling Away yes it’s happening right now “they want to believe the lies because it’s in their hearts ” and “they wander off into myths (conspiracies)” and “They never knew the truth” = Prophet Daniel called him the “Little Horn” aka Trump short for trumpet and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior called him the “Father of Lies” = Repent and May God have mercy on our souls and bless you and your family I love you because God is love so Love God and love everyone just like Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior said “Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you”= HEAVEN THAT IS MY ONLY GOAL TRULY AND HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE LOVE

    3. @espy please read my comments as I truly believe Trump is the Anti Christ “The Father of Lies” yes the prophet Daniel called him the “Little Horn” aka Trump short for trumpet and there are so many many signs pointing to him like holding the Holy Bible upside down and the Great Apostasy or Falling Away yes it is happening right now remember love God and love everyone just like Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior said “Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you” = Heaven that is my only goal truly and hope to see you there

  3. Whenever a public display of your beliefs requires you to hide your identity something may be wrong.

    1. @Kathryn Krieger So all you people out there, Kathryn Krieger thinks if you’re not a fascist then you should be, otherwise you’re being brainwashed. I know a German family by the name of Krieger but thank goodness they’re anti-fascists, and they understand better than any one why.

  4. These AR15 wielding weekend warrior militia groups at core are spoiled Americans and would likely never stand up against (a well regulated militia) the Military. Dying for their hate is a poor return. As they have, they will continue to be used by Rep. politicians.

    1. @Larry Garland Explain how the Swedes are suffering under socialism. Go ahead, explain it. I’m waiting!

    2. They have for a long long time. Trump has just made it so they don’t need to hide it any more.

    3. @Grand Wonder
      Yet it’s the Democrats that want one party rule, kinda like 1930s Germany

    4. @Ronald Stanley Really, which Democrat said that? As far as I know, nobody is arguing for a one party system. What most people seem to want back is a sensible Republican party that hasn’t been taken over by crackpot conspiracy theorists and overt racists.

    1. To paraphrase an UK sourced statement; “not all Trump supporters are racists, but all racists are Trump supporters”

    2. @Mugdorna not all racists accuse everyone else of being racist, but all who accuse others of being racist are racist.

    3. @Tony Cook That’s Trumpos for you. The less sense it makes to anyone with even marginal intelligence, the more sense it makes to them. Circular logic, non sequiturs, and simple abject logical fails are their bread and butter.

  5. Excellent…this should be echoed through every media so simple people can understand


    2. @Pam Cheslock you need help. You preach the Bible while judging others? Trump was going by the scientists. Go back and watch ALL the Fauci interviews. O and NOW HYDROXYCHLRIQUINE ALONG WITH OTHER STUFF WILL KEEP YOU FROM BAD DISEASE. How many people died because Trump said it?? How can you call him racist when he has a foreign wife? Had a black girlfriend? Did more for poc than Obama?

    1. @James Irwin Trump stood on stage in Helsinki, and told the world to put their trust in Putin and Russian, and not to trust the USA.

    2. It has been going on in the shadows of this country LONG BEFORE Trump came along. 🙁

    1. @kevin mcconnell Honestly, most of the people who don’t know what it is are on the right and get triggered by being called a “Nazi” even though they hold fascist beliefs. Most of them have never heard of a political compass or read any books. Most of them are fully convinced that Joe Biden (a center right politician by any intelligent measure) is somehow a “Communist”. Some of the truly “gifted” think he’s instead a “fascist”… or maybe a “communist” but they’re not sure because they don’t know that these polar opposites aren’t the same thing.

    2. Don’t blame you given where Chump stole all his most famous slogans and policies from. Throughout the world we can see it. In fact that’s why we (the Canadian government) declared the Proud Boys an international terrorist group soon after Jan. 6th and kicked them out of the country.

    3. @kevin mcconnell Fascism or more correctly Fascist Corporatism has been on the rise since Reagan. The Democrats are flaunting a Liberal Corporatism called a pseudo-Democracy or ” Bipartisanship ” but the outcome will be dictatorship.

    4. @Jarry Sciligo its ignrance to the highest level ….people think a nazi is a guy with a uniform and suastika on arm….but they forget that fascims got updates so they cant see it!!then take a crisis and they are organised to take down democracies on the entire world !!! you see it in europe but thestates is the epicenter ….they are everywhere and you have a real problem there …they tried to take down democracy i dont get how can people forget this!!!

    5. All while supporting the nightly violence from the left, the property destruction and now the expansion of federal surveillance to monitor people. Starting in Florida and California.

  6. Religion has died, the theology and philosophy are ignored by the clergy there is nothing that they want more than the tax freedom and political power of the herd. Religions in America are now just hate focus groups. They haven’t changed much to arrive at this new place. Oligarchic tax freedom got us here.

  7. Stand against those fascists, everybody, with all you’ve got!! I never thought we’d see this in America.

  8. Merrick Garland and the DOJ need to wake T.F. up and realize that inaction is complicity

    1. When he was first appointed I hoped he was Churchill. Instead we got Neville Chamberlin. Everyone who took that stage on 1/6 should be in prison awaiting trial for sedition against the United States. Instead, they’re all free to plot and plan a second (or even third) attempt.

    2. @Jarry Sciligo I feel the same. I’m very Disappointed with Garland. He needs to get rid of all hold overs from dtrumpster.

    3. They are opening Capitol Police offices in California and Florida. They’ll surveil you and make sure you are safe. How did you get so stupid, so fast?

    4. @Mimzy Jinx Investigating threats against elected officials is now a reason to ignore an attempted insurrection? Yeah, you’re a real genius.

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