Man Beheaded in Gregory Park | TVJ News - Dec 19 2021 1

Man Beheaded in Gregory Park | TVJ News – Dec 19 2021


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  1. Everyday is Halloween in Jamaica. What a mess🙁. Any thoughts I had about living again in Jamaica have long dissipated.

    1. It’s hurting the economy. Jamaicans overseas see more risks than benefits, and volatility is where the Chinese thrive most. Neocolonialism and debt bondage

    2. Ther fools dont realize that they have become third class citizen, the powers that be have already bought out Jamaica, just waiting for us to complete killing off each other.

  2. The Jamaican government needs to clamp down on people naming/renaming communities with these terrible names. People don’t understand how powerful names are. Why gulf, why Mexico? Why? It won’t change the problem overnight but it’s a step in the right direction.

    1. @Ehkaya 2019 As long as these politicians, and their masters are in charge, and the Jamaican people are still blind to what’s going on, then there will be no hope left. Think about that.

  3. I’m scared to vacation in beautiful Jamaica. It breaks my ❤️ I’ve visited Jamaica 12 times between 1985 & 2015. Murder rate per capita Jamaica is ranked #2 in the 🌎

    1. @Meisha Meisha sadly I have to agree with you. The government has turned things around there. Clean cities, people in order. I hear the guy is a dictator but possibly that’s what Jamaica needs at this time. Too many unruly people.

  4. These culprits don’t respect no one. They don’t respect who set over them. They don’t fear the ALMIGHTY GOD JESUS CHRIST. THE GOVERNMENT must grab them with strong hold. When I was a young girl when night came boy have to fi d them yard. Police not taking any talk from no those insignificant NINCOMPOOP. Too much wickedness going on in this little country. Lord Jesus let their nights be sleepless. Let them have to be crying out. LORD JESUS.

  5. You hear the ages…. My gosh we’re breeding some heartless criminals. Jamaica is undergoing some sort of trauma, we have to ask ourselves why! What’s behind this extreme violence afflicting some parts of my beautiful island😩😢

    1. @Anje Sir p once said: “Is either they don’t want to do it or they can’t do it.” And I think they don’t want to do it. Think about it: we all know why the guns are coming into the island, so that means the government knows also. But why haven’t they done anything about it? I know why. Because they don’t want to stop the crime, and the masters that they serve don’t want it to end either.

      Now you know the answer.

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