1. Don lemon -“riots are a mechanism for restructuring this country”
      Chris Cuomo – “protesters don’t have to be peaceful”
      Fucking media…

    2. I’m blown away at how divided America is, I’ve never seen so much fighting against each other in a country until the past few years (Trump era). And I’m old enough to remember Newt Gingrich in the late 70’s-early 80’s.

      I wish I can laugh at this, but it seems to be out of control.

    3. @Pedro The Mexican If you think CNN is bad (they’re not really), you should watch some of the Sinclair owned local news around the country. Some of them are almost Newsmaxx level crazy.

  1. “We never get to tell our story”

    “Okay then tell your story now”

    “No because you’ll just edit it out”

    “We’re live right now ”

    “I don’t care ”

    Well that was productive

    1. @charlie pastrami That’s good. No president was or is perfect. Some are just notably worse than the rest like Trump.

  2. She gave him an excellent platform, and he wasted his opportunity to discuss the community’s perspective. He was yelling, cursing, and rambling on and on.

    1. @boonexy first of all… what? Second of all, I am as outraged as he is about the needless murder of unarmed black men, as a black woman with a black family. I am saying he didn’t need to attack a reporter who very clearly was not against him or his interests, and because he chose to do so, he trashed what could otherwise be an excellent opportunity to be heard about why he has these emotions.

    1. @Reid Elson I agree with you. Newsmax, OAN, and Fox manipulate too. Not many objective news platforms left in America. Sad times.

  3. She seems like the sort of reporter that is actually genuine and does her job. A lot of others would have shut that down due to the language or took offence when he said they twist the story. Good on her!

    1. @Luke Rabin watch project veritas . Bet you won’t. You don’t want the truth. Global warming is the next thing for cnn

  4. She owned him …. he wasn’t expecting someone to put him in his place. LOL. He’s a thug and she just put him in his place which he was NOT EXPECTING. Give this woman a raise!

  5. The way she was able to descalate the situation ( hand on shoulder, making eye contact, showing you’re listening) while still reporting was amazing. The police should be taking notes.

    1. @Nick Dionne they can have it on video, they can prove in court, the guy could confess to everything in front of the entire nation, and the liberals still won’t believe it’s true

  6. Anger destroys blessings,
    like fire destroys wood,
    and having the opportunity
    to enlighten others, with such
    a huge platform was definitely
    a blessing! #notimetowaste!

  7. For anyone out there who is watching this, what Miss Sara Sidner did is textbook “De-escalation,” and it worked flawlessly! Great job, Miss Sidner; we appreciate you. Please stay safe!

    1. @Doyle Hargraves 2007 she might be brave, but she is working for a propaganda company that is inciting violence and hatred.

  8. Props to you mam. U held your composure like a true professional. Gave that man nothing but respect when he showed the opposite. Can we get a round of applause for this woman.

    1. Lol she did nothing nothing is professional in CNN it’s all just a bunch of goons making up stuff like the guy said he deserves the round of applause cause taking that crap to the court house is the correct answer she shouldn’t be out there if she’s complaining about dumb gas tell the rioters to take it to the courthouse instead of being dumb

  9. That guy had a chance to really put it on the table and he blew it. GOOD JOB DUDE. REALLY HELPED US OUT

    1. Right? Like come on maaan. Done did all that jaw jackin abs still left with what he came with… nothing.

    2. @joe clark 95% of mn black pop lives in Minneapolis…they pay the Somalis to go there….i didnt see a black in person till i was in my late teens….we really live in a bubble

    3. @Janette B he said what he said, and it is, what it it’s! I don’t think one black guy making a statement was trying to represent the whole BLK race!

    4. @isabel lind lol that’s funny but in all seriousness true. One of the biggest misconception now a day’s is black folks thinking every Karen/white woman who call the cops on them is a Republican. And that’s not always the case democratic white women call the cops on black people a lot. But no one pay’s attention so…

  10. Sara Sidner just gained mad respect from me! she handled that in such a firm but understanding stance! never before seen such passion in the job!

  11. Perfect de-escalation! 👏👏 1. She was talking clear and calm 2. Aknowledge what the guy was telling 3. Expressing concern for his safety… This was text book!! 👏👏👏

  12. Sara sidner is a soldier, I remembered she was covering the Ferguson Missouri riots and they hit her with a brick. They was telling her to get out of there and she said she was cool. Salute Sarah Sidner!!!

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