Man Found Dead in Cell | Another Dog Attack | New Curfew Hours | Vaccination Chaos in Jamaica 1

Man Found Dead in Cell | Another Dog Attack | New Curfew Hours | Vaccination Chaos in Jamaica


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  1. Andrew Holness you’re making a big mistake, you will see! Cause people don’t have no control. SMH!!

    1. He only a do that true local election a come up, that’s their stragetic plan .

  2. Did anyone see the Video the guys sister put up? defending him, it is also said she beat the girl too. He has previously beaten the victim, apparently her family were aware of it..but she kept going back to him. There’s a video showing the victims eyes an mouth swollen, all blooded up from a previous beating. How did the community not see how he was treating her, and no one never heard her scream? God Bless the child 🙏🙏
    Hope the young child recovers quickly, either have these dogs behind gates or muzzled, not roaming free.
    So what are the Guidelines for Tourists entering Jamaica, if party goers dont need to of had both vaccines?

  3. it should be illegal for owners to have their mad dogs roaming up and down the streets running after people frightening and sniffing them and trying to use their nose and mouth to pull at their clothes. This is a very serious concern and should be tackled as such. Dogs can become extremely agitated, aggressive and dangerous to the point of life threatening g in high atmospheric heat. Serious attention needs to be given to this phenomenon.

  4. me nuh like wa happen up a clarendon. that boy was curse with evil spirit. but him still affi answer to God on judgement day.😔😔😔

  5. when u have kids u have to always have an eye on them as adults cause they are always all about.😔😔😔

  6. Y would you guys show this back again y don’t you guys find out what really happened the media job is to do investigation and provide the right news

  7. those dog should be distroyed imediatly no coment and the owner should be charge for cruuelty

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