2. @Chris Gabbert “I’m praying” is just a way for people to say, “I’m against the cowardly murders by putin and his army of killers, but I don’t really care enough about the people that are being attacked to risk my life for them, because I’m just as cowardly as putin is, and I don’t want to admit this to myself, and I prefer to just keep my fingers crossed and be complacent that I won’t be next!!! “

    3. @Chris Gabbert what’s the point in taking away what little hope some people have? Honestly I don’t get it. A lot of Ukrainians believe in God and an after life. Are you going to tell them that’s not gonna happen or what?

    4. @Chase Shumway right? I’m not a believer but I don’t think prayer is cowardly. Ppl can be so insensitive.

  1. I can’t imagine his shock and trauma, having actually seen his children dead on the ground, now infamous on the internet. My heart hurts for him and all who have lost their loved ones to this senseless war. Slava Ukraini!

    1. You are heartless to say he is exploiting his grief. I thought Russian trolls were unable to post comments? Who is the bizarre one? I’m not replying directly to you because I don’t want you to earn any money from my comment. I stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

    2. @XavierDarkhand Reported for misinformation. He’s a troll. To say that man is a paid actor is a lie.

    3. @smkxodnwbwkdns …It’s all over the internet because he wants the world to see what is happening. Even if it has to do with using his family’s tragedy. He wants this to be public. Can’t be mad at him for that. I hope this helps!

    4. NO. Slava the innocents, not the people who are prolonging this war, be they Ukrainian ultranationalists or otherwise.

  2. There are no words that describe how very sad this story makes me. What a devastating loss. Such a beautiful and vibrant Family and I am deeply sorry for your loss.

    1. That’s wrong but that doesn’t look as miserable as the Germans and Americans did.
      Like the Germans with their racial war and like the Americans with their bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed 110,000 people in a couple of hours without having anything to do with the war, including women and children.

    2. @XavierDarkhand So under a lunatic president, the world had 4 YEARS of peace; under “S.o.B. he fired the Ukrainian prosecutor as I illegally threaten to withhold aid” Biden, we have had mayhem and REAL threats of nuclear war. Are you kidding? The world is holding its breath now! Germany increased it’s NATO defense spending for the first time in decades. You’re not really arguing we have a more stable world now than under Trump are you????

    3. @Paul Stedmond So you’d prefer US be the one with the trigger finger? Putin was already gearing up to do this for years; having published his motives and intent for Ukraine actually belonging to Russia. This was going to happen, it was just a matter of when.

      Only reason I really responded was to clarify Trevor Noah’s response. Not to say which was better; just an explanation that was left out. My opinion doesn’t matter.

    4. @Paul Stedmond No 45 would already given Russia our country and I thank everyday he isnt in office. He never was an never will be President of MY Country. Are you using the clorox he told you to? Why cant you ppl go get an isle away from my country and take your King with you but you give up your freedoms and citizenship so we never have to go thru this again in OUR Country. We dont want your kind here and having our democracy or even the air we breath anymore. Your bunch are nothing more then fake Americans who cant even think for yourselves, Shame on all of you.

  3. Completely awful,not only to have your family be killed but to find out in that way. It’s disgusting. I’m so sorry for this man. This has to stop.

    1. @Киса 🌹 stop lying..and those from Donbass were the STUPID puppets of Putin ..corrupted and greedy , they allowed themselves to be manipulated , fed with autonomy ideas and weapons trying to claim FOREIGN TERRITORY.. those shot the commercial flight MI17. Netherlands and Australia SUED RUSSIA for the crimes over INNOCENT..hundreds died including children .
      HOW you liberate FREE people? How come are nazis there , when the president IS JEW and Israel SENT HELP to Ukrainians..weapons and humanitarian assistance. Show us your fascists, dear.. because except Putler..we do not see ANY ..because is none..just same lies of fascist Putler who bombarded Babi Yar, among others. Do not tell ..were fascists in the matternity? Or in the hospitals? Or in the fields, houses, theatres???? Just tell , TO THE WORLD , where are the fascist ..in era of technology and information, with a lot of international media coverage in Ukraine, with satelites.. show us the fascists..
      Because we can point you the dictator..the one who deprives his people of freedoms and rights, who feed them propaganda, who kills or jails all.. against him…

    2. @Armando Castellanos 
      Your comment has nothing to do with the subject.
      WWII was started by Germany not as a religious war although antisemitism played a big role in Nazism it was not limited to just Jewish people but all the people that could not contribute or would not contribute to the Nazi Party Regime and the Fatherland it was populism taken to the extreme. Everyone had to become German and what the German standards were for their ideal physique. Blond hair blue eyes and tall.
      People with a physical or mental illness were killed.
      Homosexuals, Gypsies, and Slavic people were killed in death camps. They don’t even know the total amount that the Nazi’s killed during the war because they started killing in Germany long before they invaded Poland.
      Japan invaded China in 1931 and Korea the Philippines Vietnam and India And Indonesia.
      Over the the amount of time till the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      They had killed over 20 million people and they would not stop.
      That’s why the Americans dropped those bombs.
      Before you make a comment at least do some research on it.

    3. @Киса 🌹 👋 Hey….THIS American knows that your’e telling the truth!! The REALLY sad part is that he should be angry at the elite globalist, Joe Biden, Obama, Hunter Zalinsky and the rest of the nazis Putin is driving out. But instead, they continue to fuel the very machine truly killing them. Please know that MANY Americans know the truth!! I sincerely hope for your safety! Its awful that Zalinsky is letting Ukranian citizens die to cover the scandals that are going to come to the surface regardless. I feel horrible for this man. He is blaming the wrong ones!!

  4. From the interpreter, the CNN news interviewer and, of course, the devastated father/husband – the pain, agony and sorrow being felt by all is real 😢

    These are gentle, normal families. They just wanted to live in peace and harmony. The world cries with this man 😭😭😭😭

    I despise Putin, I despise his evilness and I despise all those who are allowing him to get away with it.

  5. If all war coverage was this interpersonal all the time, we would be a very different country/world. My heart goes out to this man and every one else affected by such horror… and Erin, thank you for not hiding your emotion.

    1. Hi beautiful 👋 Yes you’re right 😽 It’s my pleasure ☺️ to meet you, How are you doing? I hope I meet you in a pleasant mood?

  6. I cannot imagine the brokenness inside that man…..having to wake up everyday to the nightmare he’s now living. I couldn’t go on. Prayers for him & all families affected 🙏

    1. Hi beautiful 👋 Thanks for your prayers, God has a reason for what happened.. It’s my pleasure ☺️ to meet you, How are you doing? I hope I meet you in a pleasant mood?

  7. This is really horrible. It is difficult to even imagine myself in his shoes and to be able to handle this interview. 😫 . The way of life can be difficult.

    1. I’m confused why he was away from his family during a huge crisis. Can someone please explain?

    2. @Michele Maliano : Yes, I understand your intended meaning. But harsh facts and truth telling is what is being shared here which is different to manufactured propaganda.

  8. What a terrible way to learn about their deaths. Goodness. I feel bad for everyone involved in this conflict, and all conflicts around the world.

    1. You allways felt sooo bad for Taliban and all Afghani brothers…Palestinians…Iraqis….Yemenis…Bosnians…Kosovars…Uighurs ? awww I believe you especially if your a Christian I believe your Crap….Christians need to be u derground growing g su flower seeds lile Ukranian Neo Nazi Fascists and Zionists .

  9. Much love to the CNN news anchor during this interview. You can tell she truly cares and held back those tears like a champ. <3 Its nice to see an empathetic news anchor. <3 I truly hope the Ukraine overcomes this disgusting barbaric treatment.

    1. @Dreamer She’s human. Even first responders, who see death and horrors every day, break down – especially when talking about dead children. I hope you learn to have more compassion in the future.

    2. @therebinthe I am full of compassion, but not hypocrisy or racism, what about the Iraqi civilians who were killed by American bombs or the Palestinians who were bombed by Israel with American weapons, I have never seen her with such emotions, this is full hypocrisy on display mixed with racism

  10. Much prayers for him and all who are suffering through this tragic time. Such a horrible way to find out about your loved ones.

  11. They both are struggling to hold back tears, I’m bawling 😭. I cannot imagine finding out that way that your whole family was taken away.

  12. I have a 2 year old son and a 2 month old daughter. Can’t even start to imagine the pain this father and now widower is feeling! 😢😢

  13. Watching Erin’s genuine reaction to the story of this man’s family and the lives they lived and seeing the pain in his face as the interpreter herself, trying to not to break down, it just really puts that loss he is feeling in all of our hearts. I will be honest, I am crying for this man, and everyone in his shoes right now, for the disgusting way these families are being destroyed by one man’s desire for power. Putin needs to be stopped, if not by the bravery of the people of Ukraine, but by any means necessary.

  14. I can’t even imagine going through what this man, and many others are going through. And to see the interviewer unable to hold back emotions and the interpreters voice cracking…. I lost it. This war is senseless and needs to end.

    1. Idk he doesn’t seem to care much. One of first things he said is well I managed to get my dogs n pets out. Why is he _free_ himself but he didnt’ get his wife & kids out of there? Take the mother-in-law with them. His sadness level is like he lost his job or something… he seems cold inside like most Ukrainians

    2. I seen the video of this when it happened. You could hear the pup that lived yelping in it’s carrier as it was dropped.. A camera man was filming across the street as ppl were fleeing.. The Reporter took off running to try & help them yelling to get a medic.. it was too late. The whole video was heartbreaking. I’m thinking this is what the husband seen 1st💔

    3. @Shaheed Harun You’re not very good at reading people, are you?

      He is presently in Kyiv – most likely posted there for the war effort. I guess he could have forced his wife somehow to leave her mother?

      But, notice he is speaking Russian. His home was in the eastern part of Ukraine where many Russian-speaking Ukranians live.

      Perhaps they took Putin at his word that he is invading a sovereign nation to save the Russian-speaking people who live in the eastern part of Ukraine?

      They may have thought originally that of course Putin wouldn’t kill the people he is ostensibly there to save!

      Then, by the time they realized that saving people is the furthest thing from Putin’s mind and ambitions, it was too late.

      Try to think before you post, please!

    4. @velvet magnetta Leave the mom? All the civilians are skipping town. Mom has to go too [somehow you missed that in my short comment]… you so d umb u need basic sht explained to you

  15. Until the day I die, this will shatter my heart and spirit. The fact that this man didn’t take his own life after finding out is amazing and I cannot fathom the strength he has. I just don’t have words.

    1. He is numb with shock….The reality of what has taken place will eventually sink in…My heart goes out to him.

    2. @Shaheed Harun Eastern Europeans are much tougher , it’s not easy for them to show emotions . Around my area there are many the same like him . True strength from within .

    3. @Shaheed Harun as someone who has lost a buddy of mine in the afghan war , we both served , I acted the same way . It took me a king time to even open up . It’s not the fact that he’s Cold , it takes awhile to process such things .

  16. I’m looking at my husband and I just cannot imagine losing him.. He’s everything to me.. My kids are grown and not being able to ever talk to them again, I don’t want to think of it.. Putin needs to be tried for War Crimes!! This is so heartbreaking..

  17. What a difficult interview to do. I can’t even imagine learning in that manner that your family has just been murdered and how a person carries on, having so much grief to bare and your whole would destroyed. My heart goes out to this man and all the families dealing with this atrocity. Bless the reporter for doing an amazing job too.

  18. My heart is broken into a million pieces for this man and his loss of his wife and two children. I just can’t imagine this. I have everyone in my prayers.

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