Man-made famine set to overrun Yemen, United Nations warns 1

Man-made famine set to overrun Yemen, United Nations warns


The United Nations is warning that the situation in Yemen is so bad that it is on the verge of sliding into a famine not see anywhere in the world in decades.

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  1. God what those people of Yemen have gone through, and what they’re going through I feel so bad for them, I really hope the US can help in some way

    1. Only Racists Support Biden – Absolutely not true. Do you really think anyone thinks you’re objective with that screen name? Your name screams, “Biased and immature,” and your post reveals your ignorance.

    2. All because of the serpents that make up the democratic deep state corporate beast system antichrist network serpent legion of death.
      Do u watch reruns of ET tonight and inside edition in your brainwashed haze?

    3. they already did the Obama administration bombed a wedding party in yemen 6 years ago killing 70 people

  2. It’s nice to see the U.N. doesn’t just exist to watch crises happen together, and not do a damn thing about it.

    1. @Gus 1901 Im just sad that Biden is locking up more kids in cages than ever before. You apparently think Biden’s child concentration camps cool. That’s sick

  3. There is no mercy in this world. What happened in Yemen is a crime for which everyone who participated in the Yemen war is responsible

    1. @Only Racists Support Biden my god we are talking about the middle east not politics leave politics out of this

    2. @Jaheim Beale Its just messed up how Biden is locking more kids than ever in cages at his concentration camps

    3. @Only Racists Support Biden I’m not gonna say anything about politics or whatever because it’s just gonna start a online war but in certain situations u don’t won’t to bring politics into everything (especially world events like war)

    4. @Jaheim Beale Im just sad that Biden is locking up more kids in cages than ever before and starting wars

    1. Particularly America which was profiting off the sale of weapons to the terrorists who did this to the people and children of Yemen.

    2. @J Groovy Bullshit, Biden is still selling them weapons they’ve just stop assisting them on missions in Yemen.

  4. Nada, very urgent. Please do not send international aid except for those responsible for the legitimacy or the Houthi militia. All of them are thieves, and the aid did not reach the people who deserve it. There must be a way to ensure that the aid reaches all those who need it in safety and transparency. Please accept my warm greetings.

  5. I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you want financial freedom

    1. @Tonia Greg i don’t have her email but you can reach out to her on Whats-app with + 1. ( 7.1 3 ) 5.8.1 ‑

    2. @Ava Stuart the SEC eh, I’m sure they’ll be interested in Ms. Plotkins’ services being solicited in a misleading manner by automated scripts. They enjoy hearing those kinds of stories over there.

  6. And Americans want to fight each other we will be in the same hell if we continue to fight against each other…

  7. Not ” man made famine “, it is a famine made by the Saudi/USA Sponsored war on Yemen

    1. You named man made issues. It’s a man made famine. Like…. to the definition. The Saudi and US spons3red war is sponsored by, run by, and literally carried out by human.

  8. Imagine that has the world gone mad seems like everybody has a crooked agenda so sad though that this life came out to be this way

  9. We need jeff bezos to donate a causal 2 billion for them. Wouldn’t even make a dent into his bank account.

    1. @Delling Conley those of us who have more which is just about everybody. I certainly hope that wasn’t a serious question on your part

    2. @Delling Conley people like me, still looking at my dinner plate but I couldn’t finish cuz I got full and there is food on that plate that two Yemen children would cry to have and be able to eat

    3. good luck bezos and the rest of the billionairs dont care , theyre to greedy !which is why we’re discusing this topic today.

    4. @nick diaz you do realize that Jeff benzos selling ANY of his stocks would decrease the price of the Amazon stock and therefor taking money out of the hands of people who own shares of that stock? Him selling ANY amount of his stock could be interpreted as a sign of potential bankruptcy and would be a disaster. Hypothetically, if he lost his IQ points and sold even 1 billion dollars worth of his stock, the Amazon stock would CRASH. There is so “strategic” way of selling. If you do not know anything about stocks I suggest you don’t comment on it.

  10. One hand they bombing over Yemen and other hand they are showing , that we are helping ..
    It’s like , Sorry I killed you !!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks to America, Saudi Arabia and their allies, sufferings and famine are all over the world. Yemen is just a tip of the iceberg.

  12. If all the money in the world was put into helping the starving, the money would fall into the hands of the mega rich and powerful and the starving will continue going hungry

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