Man on the Run after Setting House Ablaze | Jamaican Nurses Want to Write Prescriptions 1

Man on the Run after Setting House Ablaze | Jamaican Nurses Want to Write Prescriptions


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  1. Jesus Christ mn a way happen wid e man Dem nowadays kmt look like sum wrong wid them brain

  2. foreign nurses can write prescriptions now,hope police catch buddy who set the fire to his girlfriend house and give him life sentence.

  3. Nurses been at it from before MS Edith.. And so they lackadaisical in the hospitals.. They hardly saves lives, all we hear is he or she was pronounced dead.. They have no passion for their Jobs.. So. Many complaint from patients across the diaspora.. CCTV needed in these hospitals and even in the police stations..

    1. Please listen carefully Nurse practitioners nut a regular RN those person are trained to write RX

    2. @Johnathon Wesley those Nurses are Nurse practitioners just like the CCRN in America they are capable of doing so most a the Nurse’s are the one who teach SR when they in the hospital practicing I can attest to that you think a little patient me save from DR

  4. I always hit the nail on the head this lady make it seems like she’s working when at the same time she sit down pressing the chair mom you need to get up you need to go out there I think that’s why you get a salary not to sit around and keep talking after the horse gone through the gate did you fly from Egypt to Jamaica

  5. Mom I don’t think you guys should get the green light to do that there is a fear out there and therefore the green light should still go and red sorry to say

  6. Nurse Practitioners are not regular nurses though. They have more training and education. In America NPs can prescribe medication because they are trained for it.

    1. @Maureen Mcfarlane If they can diagnose, treat, and create a care plan for a patient then they should be able to prescribe medications. Why should they have to wait for a doctor to come prescribe something when they are already trained for it. That’s all them give them some of the money they are paying the doctors 🤷🏿‍♀️.

  7. What a wicked man i thank God the mother and children are safe lord of mercy what heart him off

  8. The men them drinking too much rum and boom to mash up them brain. Funny thing is they don’t even know it is happening.

  9. Look how politicians money nuff and them not doing anything and those that working so hard can’t get anything

  10. Again….Andrew score zero…. it’s all about his shoes 😱! My God… smh…self….self…self!

  11. What ever happened to BettyAnn Blaine ? I remember how she helped lead the Ananda Dean thing.

  12. No to nurses writing prescriptions, i have experience where registered nurses passing out dispense medication gave the wrong meds to patients and the ameswas right there
    Nurse under to much pressure to write prescriptions.
    Leave it to the doctors.

  13. God help us is not all nurses love there jobs sometimes you call on a nurse for assistance an they jyst turn an look at you then leave sometimes they don’t even acknowledge you so writing prescription I don’t think so unless they are going to train them more

  14. Sometimes patients who can’t move call on nurse for help and all they do is gather in groups and chat there own business we have few nurses that love there jobs

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