Man Reunited With Cop Who Saved His Life

This man was was reunited with the police officer who saved his life after almost 20 years

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  1. That’s absolutely amazing, there are good cops out there in the USA, they
    just need to be exposed more on the media.

    1. If blacks would stop resisting arrest, openly engaging in illegal activity,
      and being hostile with the police, less would be shot. Last year about 240
      were killed by police out of 6,095 and the rest were killed by other
      blacks. The problem isn’t the police.

    1. Last year about 6,095 blacks were killed in the US. About 240 were the
      result of police. That’s 4%. The problem is blacks killing blacks. The left
      loves dividing people by race.

    2. People are afraid to say the facts that black on black deaths are 96% of
      the killings in the USA within black communities, afraid to be called a
      Racist for pointing out facts and assuming one is a racist for pointing out
      said facts…. If I was a racist I’d say nothing and let it continue but I
      want it to stop…. Leftists will still call me a racist tho…..

  2. I wonder how many police get to see the results of their actions… It
    would probably help them do their job with even more conviction and might
    even reduce the number of those who go bad. The bad look only for immediate
    effect, the good trust that they helped someone even if it’s just a little

  3. I always hope that cops like this one will influence others to value lives
    of everyone. I think cops worldwide should learn to shoot to injure and
    avoid killing as much as possible. In my country they just know how to hit
    vital parts of the body and kill only. Soldiers always injure but cops
    kill. I don’t know why they just don’t do the reverse and make soldiers to
    kill and cops to injure only since cops interact with communities more
    often than soldiers.

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