Man Shot During Protest Over Conquistador Statue In New Mexico | MSNBC


  1. Now it’s starting to get fun…… About time Americans start getting sick of their childish BS

    1. Freedom & Liberty Bot yeah I’m surprised it took this long for the brown shirts to start shooting people over objects.

    2. these liberals actually think they can just walk up to any statue or building or whatever and just go ahead and tear it down or set it on fire.
      liberals are a dangerous violent menace to society

  2. First off, if they were protesting they would not be defacing property. Second, they attacked a man that disagreed with them who has equal right be there and has the right to speak his mind. Third, you cannot defend yourself against a mob who is wielding weapons and already in the act of a felony. Liberal leaders siding with liberal criminals, 100% biased bs. The south has certainly rose again in the most ironic way. Democrats read up on your anti federalist heritage.

    1. They got every thing they wanted by using force and violence, the statues have been removed and not a single one of them will be charged. Perhaps we should do something about this, the executive may be in the surrendering phase already.

  3. When you pursue someone after attacking them, and you continue to attack them, don’t be surprised when you catch some lead

  4. Looks like the comment section has committed rebellion against the fake news legacy media.
    This is insane that the guy who was defending himself was charged with a crime.

    1. celticman sorry soi boi, I’m not a gen z pussie. I have no idea what your glyphs mean. On your way to chaz now, if mommy will lend you some dish.

  5. I’m willing to donate large sums to that mans legal fees. Leave a link if anything has been set up

    1. This is all governor Grisham’s fault. She should be the one going to jail for allowing her little pet Antifa thugs to run amok.

  6. Fake news. Watch the other footage. They chased the guy down beating him with a skateboard, kicking him and about 10 people assaulting him before he open fires. It is clearly self defense and he was in fear of his life.

  7. He absolutely earned those bullets. And MSNBC uses edited footage to hide the fault of protestors.

    1. Id donate money to his legal defense. He shot in self defense and was even kind hearted enough to not shoot him in the head.

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