Man with Confederate flag in Capitol identified and arrested 1

Man with Confederate flag in Capitol identified and arrested


The FBI has arrested Kevin Seefried, seen carrying a Confederate flag inside Capitol Hill, according to a federal criminal complaint.

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  1. I don’t get why people still carry that flag, they lost. Get over it. This is my only flag. This guy is a traitor to REAL patriots.

    1. If you don’t understand why the south fought you’ll never understand why people still wave the flag

    2. The guy with the confederate flag is from Delaware. Interesting. Lifelong Southerner, here. The only people I knew who used that flag were uneducated. When I was younger, 1970s-1980s, it was used as a symbol of pride of place, again only by the uneducated. Later, it took on a more divisive meaning associated with racism. Anyone who has that flag must know by now what its true meaning is, uneducated or not. It symbolizes racism and sedition.

    3. @PaperCup Based on Trump’s definition of “GREAT”, he may actually be the “Greatest” president in American history.

    4. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

      -Matthew 24:36

    1. @Tessmage Tessera they burned their businesses to the ground…on tv…do I need to go on,or did looters steal your tv too?

    1. this is exactly who we are and have always been. thank you for the portable video recorders everyone now has. that little machine has helped to level the playing field.

    1. @beobe99 black people aren’t a problem , however there is so much opportunity for the black community to become equally successful just like other minority groups such as Indians, Hispanics Asians etc however , too many in the black community hold onto the victim status of slavery and racism instead of just putting their heads down and achieving their full potential

    2. @Good Looking man The Civil War ended but the battles never stopped. That’s the whole point. racial battles are being fought to this day.

      As a side conservatives “fight for freedom of expression and free speech” but are against LGBTQ rights, and the speech of marginalized groups…okay. The war is history but the flag is used as an anti free expression from one side

    3. @W what LGBTQ rights are conservatives against ? Similarly what marginal groups are conservatives trying to suppress? As far as I can see it is only the left and big tech who have suppressed Donald Trump as well as many other conservatives ability to use their platforms to express themselves. Conservatives are more than happy to debate their position against that of the left whereas the left have always been about shutting people down rather than debating their ideas.

    1. @Patrick Lange yes actually there is proof— it was planned ahead of time- and it’s all on camera. They were in the building prior and let in by dc police working for mayor. It will all come out as soon as msm is dismantled for treason.

  2. “America first! Now excuse me while I carry this flag of a government that hasn’t existed since 1865”.

    1. @Michael Rains And gen Custer was there with his monks just to establish christian mission. Bad people must have come up with the name Indian Wars. Killing huge herds of buffalo was for Indians own sake, we all know that beef is not healthy meat. Frankly, they should thank US for taking a good care of them.

    2. @Good Looking man You sir are an Imbacile. Pls go sit down son. You don’t know what you’re talking about at all, just stop it. Next you’ll be selling your BS about how Jewish ppl made up the Holocaust. GTFOH!!

    3. @Robert Cudny Gereral Custer was an idot , that’s how he managed to get himself and his entire outfit killed. Ever been to the battle sight where this happened? Its extremely fascinating on many levels one is interested in the history of this period.

  3. _”Bought his Confederate flag from his Delaware home?”_ Umm……….obviously someone needs to brush up on their civil war geography

    1. Racist are everywhere. I see that flag in Vermont. They don’t know their history. They didn’t think about how many Vermonters died fighting against that flag.

    2. @john brown I also thought it was just a southern symbol, but I’ve since learned you can find the confederate flag among racists all over the country. This clearly shows it’s not a symbol of “heritage.” It’s basically a swastika.

    1. @Nicholas Mullen typical to put a color on it. Dixie isn’t a white thing…it’s a southern thing.
      Southern folks come in ALL colors.
      We’ve had it for generations fool. How old are you? Lmao

    2. @Gray Ghost Outdoors lmao. When you dont read the articles of secession that explicitly say that they created the confederacy of the fact that they believed the white race is superior to blacks. Read the vp of confederacy cornerstone speech.

  4. I wonder if he knows the Confederates were formed when they left the United States because of their support for Human trafficking ?

    1. Of course they know. But they don’t consider me and my people human, so its not a moral conflict for these idiots.

    2. Kingdom Quest did you know it’s not actually the confederate’s flag, it’s really the rebel flag. The confederate just used it as their battle flag.

    1. @Sarah SolarPanel 63 failed court cases. FAILED and rejected by a diverse group of judges all over the country. Why do you think that is?

  5. “It’s doesn’t feel like something we’d see in this country”
    “This does not look like the United States, this does not look like Washington D.C. It really looks like they’re almost protecting an embassy in a foreign country”
    Put this right up there with “This isn’t us” and comparisons to a banana republic.
    This IS you, America.

    1. @The Truth Is Out Now 777 Antifa? You mean the US Army, US Navy, Marines, Air Force? Those folks sent to crush fascists in WWII? Ive known lots of antifa and proud of it.

  6. It boggles the imagination how these crazies can put their freedom & lives on the line for someone who really only cares about himself in the end!

    1. It’s always been difficult to understand the mind of a cult member. What scary is that anyone can become one if they’re not very grounded.

    2. @Kanye East not over half. Only 75 million voted for him. Not all of those people believe the election was stolen. Say even 50 million do, that’s only 1/7 of all Americans.

    1. And a frozen hitler will be woke by Walt Disney. We are at a crux, they could take power. Over millions of bodies.

    1. Well said. Punish Pelosi and her fellow criminals, for election FRAUD, and for instigating the sham “raid” on the Capitol. THAT is the justice we seek.

    2. @keith morrison I’d suggest shaking your head to “snap out of it”, but there’s nothing in that noggin of yours to snap.

  7. I love how these people refuse to wear a mask to the point of not even covering theirs faces whilst committing a federal crime.

    1. @shadow williams Go back to fakebook and spread your conspiracy theories. Maybe Jeebus will give you a like.

  8. The Confederates lose again, Somethings never change and shouldn’t! This is definitely one! Thanks to all the Brave Soldiers,And those standing for honesty, decency, Justice

    1. @David Lipke they should fly their real flag, the white flag of surrender and it’s in their favorite “color”.

  9. Lawyer: “Your Honor, he was throwing the fire extinguisher to help bring down the temperature of the rioters.”

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