Manchin Again In The Way Of Broadly Popular Gun Reforms After Another Deadly Mass Shooting 1

Manchin Again In The Way Of Broadly Popular Gun Reforms After Another Deadly Mass Shooting


Rachel Maddow reports on how Joe Manchin's lack of support for the gun background check bill that passed the House sets up the broken Senate to once again take no action at all in the wake of a tragic gun massacre. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Manchin Again In The Way Of Broadly Popular Gun Reforms After Another Deadly Mass Shooting


    1. I totally agree… those fools in W Virginia need to step up and get rid of him…a democrat?? LMAO…

    2. @I.M. Greg You guys keep talking about filibuster like its a one-way stream… the next time republicans take over the senate what do you think they will do with all that power…? or you think they can never win again? Be careful what you wish for.

  1. Joe ” Sore DINO” Manchin is a lumbering relic of a bygone era, way past due for political extinction.

    1. @D11Dozer Well he did accomplish dragging US into the sewer so there’s that. I mean, give the man some credit!

    2. @Nomen ClatureSarcasm.
      Duh. Wouldn’t expect a Trump.supporter to.get it but then Trump supporters literally never disappoint.

    3. @Nomen Clature
      donald dump is so stupid and delusional and deranged.
      He has everyone doing his work for him.
      And then he throws them under the bus.
      And then he goes out and cheats his own self at playing golf.
      We know of donald dump being Agolf Twittler.

    1. @madhabitz Plus guam plus puerto rico, don’t think there would be a lot of republican senators coming out of those states either.

    2. Manchin may soon be very relevant, as the Dems may call upon him to run in 2024 opposite Trump or Trump Jr.
      My early 2024 Presidential poll between Manchin and Trump:
      Trump 40%
      Manchin 56%

    1. Nicely put, and only a couple of thumb-ups (or thumbs-up? Sorry, not my native tongue), and clicked by me. Stay safe.

    2. Yea the truth is in plain sight yet you still fail to accept it. To be indoctrintated by a political religion

    3. I gave him a bit of leeway in the beginning – to have a Dem bum on a Senate seat representing a red state is a bonus. I mean, the Senate would currently be worse off numbers-wise if he was a Repub in name. However, he’s acting like a total prat and is obviously a Repub in his heart. Some senators should take him round the back of the cycle shed.

  2. Around the world people does not understand why such dangerous guns are everywhere. I am sorry for the families suffering from the loss of loved ones. Be well and safe all of you

    1. @Nolan Meyer I still don’t understand it. To fight comunism and fascism you have your head and books to read and learn. Not guns. That is my opinion. Yours is different which we are allowed to. To have free opinions. Be well

    2. @Candida prout yes, knowledge is part of the fight, and a big part but the underlying issues is that if you give full control to the government they tend to go crazy. Look at Germany in the 1930’s. They made it illegal to own firearms initiated a buyback program and then committed genocide on a massive scale after people could no longer defend themselves. Same thing happened in the soviet union. Millions of people died because they gave full controll to the government. Here in the U.S we believe that the moment you take the power from the people and give it to the government is the moment you lose democracy, the republic, and the rights of the people to govern themselves.

    3. @Nolan Meyer thank you for your answer. Yes what happened in nazi Germany years 1930 was also the result of a lie. A narcissistic man Adolphe Hitler living in a dream of violence with a propaganda minister who used to say :you lie and lie and in the end people will believe what you say. And they finish with elections. The comunist countries started existing with the idea that they were fighting for the people and in the end was a lie. So I believe that I don’t have to live with guns but with the books that help me to see the wrongs and the rights and make my voice and vote heard. But I never lived in a country with guns everywhere. And I am happy with it. One does not have to go to the extremes, or this or that. I enjoy to be in the middle. But as I told you, we are free to have different opinions. Be well and safe

    4. @Nolan Meyer So all the governments of democratic countries that make owning firearms illegal are controlling their people? Well, most of the people are very happy that we don’t have to worry about being shot at the supermarket. USA gun homicide rate is 500% higher than in my country, as well as having thousands of additional deaths due to firearm ‘accidents’. Sorry, I think USA needs to stop living in the Wild West.

    5. @Sheila Boston better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them. If you don’t think a crazy individual can tale control of a country and run it into the ground then you haven’t been attending your history courses. Look what happened to Venezuela not to loong ago. One of the richest countries in South America became one of the poorest with hight homicide rates in a matter of years because on one individual.

  3. Does Manchin even vaguely remember being a democrat? If he has these Priorities then he should switch over to the Republicans instead of damaging the democrat party from within. Or maybe, that is the idea..

    1. You are so right. He sounds just like a redumblican & I think he is trying to destroy he own party. Evil,corrupt man !

    2. Yes, but why? Like Rachael said, the NRA isn’t viable so it must be the gun lobby itself. Where was a “Manchin” when the Republican’s were abusing their power. This guy thinks he’s Mitch.

    3. @Debra Cottrill good for him then that he thinks he’s Mitch, because now we will treat him like Mitch. To quote Bob Dylan, “You’re invisible now, you’ve got no secrets to conceal.. how does it feel?”

  4. Manchin has turned out, long ago, to be a cancer within the party. He might as well be a republican spy giving away democratic insides to the opposite party. I am sure the russians like him too ….

    1. @Nomen Clature The valuation of violent men and their choices over the rest of society, at the expense of thousands of completely avoidable and unnecessary deaths should be non-negotiably wrong. The expectation that everyone else should not only accept and normalize male violence in all it’s forms, especially by gun, but adapt to the degree that the majority of Americans, especially it’s children, live with intrusions to their own personal liberties and safety is both barbaric and asinine. It’s ok that you’re too stupid to see that. The majority recognizes that rule by a straight male minority is wrong, stale, and senseless. We will all diligently work to reverse that in your lifetime.

    2. @Nomen Clature he’s a traitor to the democratic party! And you’re a moron if you think he’s got a brain! Karma’s a b

    1. Totally agree with you, but could a regular Democrat win in WV? At the moment it’s all a numbers game.

    2. Has anyone really even tried to find a viable alternative to Manchin in WV? It’s either that or give statehood and senators with voting rights to DC, Puerto Rico and Guam becausr that would likely give the dems 6 more senators and they could bury Manchin. (which is also why I find it hard to believe he would truly support statehood for them. Unless he is really, really dumb. )

    3. He is a senator for West Virginia for crying out loud. The only thing that will be replacing him is a more conservative republican. You arnt getting a progressive out of that state no matter what the delusional leftists online tell you.

    1. Then his folks in his state need to get rid of him and vote him out. They keep sending him back.

    2. I’m tired of this insane idea that people have a right to own as many murder weapons as they care to have. Only a paranoid lunatic would believe anything like that.

    1. @Neal Harris my comment was accurate. Same day gun purchases, but not same day voting registration in Georgia. Illegal voting registration isn’t a thing. Kick rocks magat.

  5. brilliantly said, ty dr maddow. manchin is on a power trip. he and the gqp have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.

  6. Midterm Elections in 2022: 34 Senate seats and All House seats up for grabs. This is the only thing you need to think about. We can end it right there. Plain and simple. Make them accountable.

    1. Because he’s the 50th vote and nothing can get past the obstructionist Republicans in the Senate if he also stands in the way.

    2. @John Nemesh yes…the elite are watching the same match but from the box seats.
      The entire system is a fraud….except the part where the rich bought your government…that’s real.

  7. Manchin is a Democrat in name only, he holds much more power being a “swing” voter than if he were a loyal republican or Democrat.

  8. He needs a background check himself because clearly those elected officials don’t care about the people but solely their pockets.

  9. Manchin is holding up the whole country on everything ,we have to find a way to get rid of him.

    1. He is a senator for West Virginia for crying out loud. The only thing that will be replacing him is a more conservative republican. You arnt getting a progressive out of that state no matter what the delusional leftists online tell you.

    2. Manchin has a better chance of being our next President.
      The Democrats won’t hesitate to nominate Manchin in 2024 if doctors feel Biden is done.
      Manchin may be the Dems best chance at preventing a Trump second term in office.

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