Manchin Calls For 'Strategic Pause' On $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill 1

Manchin Calls For ‘Strategic Pause’ On $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill

NBC News' Sahil Kapur reports on the reasons behind Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., saying he'll oppose the $3.5 trillion budget bill.
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  1. More like Manchin’s donors call for a strategic pause in doing anything to improve this country for the majority of us

    1. @Deborah Freedman You are waaaaay off base. The majority of the country supports this bill. You could check the polling for yourself instead of making baseless claims.

    2. The point, is to drive the debt as high as possible & collapse the system. Every other democrat in the entire house & senate understands but Manchin is the only dummy who doesn’t get it.

    3. @BlueSky Why do you speak on subjects you don’t understand? I highly doubt you are educated about national debt. Are you familiar with modern monetary theory?

    4. @Mario C Please. You know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you don’t you’re as naive as the Republicans. They don’t even understand the goal, so there’s no way they can fight it.

  2. Funny that this doesn’t raise taxes on Manchin or his super-rich Corporate Republican donors… But he’s against it because HE IS REPUBLICAN.

    1. @Deborah Freedman all the $300M per day that the war in Afghanistan cost… that money’s all freed up now! And it won’t even cost that!

    2. @Deborah Freedman Funny how all of the people complaining about investing in America and Americans didn’t bat one eyelash about burning up 8 trillion dollars on useless Republican wars in the Middle East.

    1. @RA JO he ran as a moderate/conservative so he’s not a Trojan Horse, you just weren’t paying attention.

    2. @Lefty Loser absolutely! that’s why Trump was able to put 3 on SCOTUS. and why Dems now control House and Senate.

    1. @Joy Hopkins Nah, that’s the trillion plus tax cuts and now the corporations and billionaires paying no taxes while getting government subsidies. The bill includes money for climate change, much needed, and other measures to help get people back to work, like childcare. You got me to write that much now I’m done with you.

    2. @Heather C you’re wrong! in the end this will be paid for by the middle class. it always is. even if you raise tax on only those who make $400k/year it won’t be nearly enough. How many people do you think make that much. I can tell you that what they want to spend is $3,500,000,000,000. and if it were to pass, this would be once in a generation type of bill. look at the things that are on the list. a once in a lifetime safety net/freebies giveaway from the government and that’s where you want to put the money? next time Dems win majority they’ll want medicare-for-all or something bigger and the bank of the US will already be tapped out with nothing to take from the Musks and Bezos of the world. that’s why Dems are so short sighted.

    1. @TOS100 Returns … The fact that you all disagree with him means he’s a moderate. He’s not a democrat from New York. He’s a democrat from WEST VIRGINIA.

    2. @Billyboy … a lot has been done already with Joe Manchin. He’s just not a puppet that will approve anything socialist want.

    3. Democrats have to find a better candidate. Republicans are winning because they have realized there is more power in the local government. specially if they destroy the federal government.

    4. @Billyboy The less the government does the less they screw up. 28 trillion plus in debt, yet they take in more revenue than the entire GDP of Germany. Government is not the answer it is the problem.

  3. The idea of purposely pausing congress,that is rarely doing anything in a timely fashion besides planning insurrections is mind blowing.

  4. What is going on in Manchin’s mind is how he can make the most bank out of his power. How can he leverage his vote in order to get the highest dollar in his own personal piggy bank. Manchin just needs to reveal his Republican status.

  5. His entire agenda seems to be obstructing Biden’s agenda. Manchin is traitor. Period. Democrats need to get rid of him. He’s not worth it.

    1. @neil A Why did Manchin just meet with Republican GOP corporate donors in Texas? His argument for supporting the Jim Crow filibuster is a joke because Republicans will get rid of it when they retake control of Congress(Moscow Mitch can’t wait). Manchin stands against Democratic majority policies, knowing that blocking Biden will ensure the Republican strategy while conservative corporate dark money just makes him richer and richer. By checking our Democratic president’s political goals now, Manchin is ensuring his political future in the heavily red state of West Virginia. He is rotten to the core (how do you say that in Chinese or Russian?).

    1. Those GQP Republican stand against everything the bill is FOR they are not for the ppl they are for their own pockets they don’t care if we are driving down cracked up roads and bridges tearing up our cars we can’t afford to fix ….climate change most of them don’t have children or grandchildren and if they do don’t care a flying pig about them

    2. @Mary Jones i think everyone in Washington wants to spend money on infrastructure….its just the huge price bill with all the unnecessary fluff that people are having issue with….especially when its not all paid for.

    3. @Daniel Dos Santos Will not pay for itself. That’s rich! Well how about that huge tax cut to the top 5% in 2017? Now your worried about something not being paid for? Hahahaha

  6. Manchin is paid by dark money. A crooked man who puts on a innocent face while lying through his teeth uhhhhhhh!

    1. Do you realize how much 3.5 trillion really is? Take the hugest corporation Walmart’s yearly revenue of 559 billion in its entirety, and it would take a little over 6 years to pay off.
      Or if you want to divide the infrastructure bill cost, into Elon Musk’s net worth of 188.6 in its entirety, you would get 18 Elon Musks.
      Or here’s an even more relatable illustration.
      3.5 trillion, or 3,500 billion, or 3,500,000 million — is over two times the collective debt of 44.2 million students in college, which is 1.5 trillion in 2018. Do you see how unsustainable this bill can be, since you know very well how mismanagement the funds will be and how little infrastructure will come about. It’s a pork barrel bill.

    2. @LegoGuy87 it most definitely isn’t a “pork barrel” bill. We’d haven’t invested in infrastructure for decades, and now the bill has come due for replacing crumbling bridges, an inadequate electrical grid, replacing lead pipes, and ensuring safe drinking water. We also need to invest in broadband access for all Americans, and a network of electrical charging stations. If we don’t take dramatic action in addressing climate change, we will be too late, and we’ll end up with flooded coastal cities, continued worsening wildfires, flooding, droughts, and hurricanes, We’re going to end up with an inhabitable country.

  7. There’s nothing “strategic” about delaying what’s best for the Democratic Party and the people of America

  8. Don’t forget. His daughter is a lobbyist for a big corporation. Can’t remember the name but he looks out for her. Hope he is not reelected.

  9. “Strategic pause” is code for running interference for his wealthy donors. The politicians who pull this crap are always the most corrupt.

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