Manchin Is ‘Incredibly Frustrated’ On Voting Rights Says Sen. Doug Jones 1

Manchin Is ‘Incredibly Frustrated’ On Voting Rights Says Sen. Doug Jones


Former Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) weighs in on Republicans pouring cold water on Senator Joe Manchin’s voting rights compromise and says Democrats will need to decide whether or not Congress will be the backstop to voting restrictions in states

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  1. The only reason McConnell is acting like that is because he knows Manchin will come crawling back for more.

    1. You’re wrong. McConnell is like that because he’s trying to maintain complete loyalty and control. It only takes a few to unravel the Cult following that has overtaken the GOP. It has nothing to do with Manchin.

    2. Mitch is acting like he always has been acting, racist, mean, self-righteous, privileged,
      doesn’t even care about the poor and middle class in his State.

      Yet, they keep electing him against their best interest.

      Now, he won’t support the Infrastructure Agenda which help his constituents with jobs and build and repair our Cities and States

      Mitch doesn’t want bipartisan
      compromise. Mitch wants ABSOLUTE POWER to move along his racist agenda of racist judges in the courts and for the Senators to rule with power.

    3. sad and pathetic but true.
      and Manchin will drag the Dems back to the right and the Dems will go along with it and let the Repugnant Party, THAT LOST THE ELECTIONS, dictate everything

    1. @#j G ok where’s the evidence. Because if I had evidence if someone was guilty and screwed me over let alone a country I’d make sure everyone knew about it so where is it????? Lmfao. You’re so pathetic I can’t stand it


    3. @Laurie Walsh Over 10000 afidavits witnesses if know fraud you better believe it will be shown after these 18 states do the forensic audits. All your mothers come from the same toilet

    1. Democrats ensured vites dont matter in 2020. So ultimately this is a moot bill no one cares and no ones gullible enough to find it legit

  2. well Joe, you know what the solution to this frustration you’re feeling is, don’t you?
    de-fang and de-claw mitch mcmoscow by getting rid of the filibuster,
    and pass the voting rights act, and all the other legislation that is going to be held up by that
    agent of Tsar Vlad the Intiguer…you might even get a few more votes in your bid for re-election

  3. It is likely that Joe Manchin won’t continue to be a US Senator after 2022. He will not have the support of Democrats or Republicans. I really don’t understand what he’s trying to do.

    1. He doesn’t have to run again until 2026, as Senators have 6 year terms and he was re-elected in the 2020 election

    2. @Maura Taylor Yep… He’s just showing his @ss right now bc he knows nothin can happen to him. His position is solidified

    1. @Connor Thompson You suspect there is another Mitch inside Mitch, and another Mitch inside that one..?

  4. Gerrymandering is not a Constitutional right. Redistricting should be done on a population basis by an independent commission that eliminates politically based redistricting. I know you think your wishes supersede the mandates of the Constitution since you violated the Constitution by not giving Obama a Supreme Court nomination and have announced you plan to do it again if you regain your power. What makes you think you alone, and your Republican colleagues, think you have the right to obstruct justice. You do not. If we are unfortunate enough to have a return of Republican rule, if you try that trick again, l hope the AG arrestsbyou, throws you in jail, and holds you there without bail. You have proven yourself to be a domestic terrorist and a threat to our Constitutional law, and prison is where we hold traitors.

    1. “Redistricting should be done on a population basis by an independent commission that eliminates politically based redistricting.”

      That is basically how Australia works on that front. We also have mandatory voting, which I think both protects voting rights and means the results are effectively the will of the people (you can turn up and not actually cast a vote if you choose, so it is not compulsory voting, but I suspect too many Americans would still consider it an infringement of their rights).

    2. Here in the UK we also have an independent boundary commission which draws constituency boundaries. All constituencies have more or less the same number of voters and the boundaries usually follow natural ones on the map like major roads .railway lines or rivers. No politician ever challenges the Boundary Commission’s decisions because it operates in an open and fair manner

  5. McConnel said “ALL Republicans” …Those who run as Republican and those who are Republican but run as a Democrat.

    1. trueeee, which would be the neoliberal establishment dems. Which would be the old moderate/centrist Republicans of the 60/70’s or maybe early 1980’s.
      That’s why it’s funny when reactionary people call the dems liberals. I would just answer to that. We haven’t been since the 60’s and before. Which was the 5th party system. Well on certain issue’s.

    2. @Nicholas A. The Republican party has changed over the years. It is no longer the party it once was. Trump DEFINITELY highlighted that.

  6. It’s a long time we’ve been saddled with the political descendants of the Confederate States of America. The Federal Government needs to step up their game against these obstructionists. Appomattox was a long time ago. Let’s finalize what began there.

  7. Gerrymandering and redistricting is how the GQP gets in office and stays in office, if they change that, they will become a tiny little sideshow.

    1. @Veganpotter Thevegan Right, I understand that. It’s only in state legislatures and the House of Congress where one person +~- one vote that politicians get to pick their voters instead of the other way around. I also know that they draw district lines to sequester opposition votes in ‘dead spaces’ that won’t effect the outcome – loading up districts that will already go for dems then create lots of little twisted districts to get as many GOP seats as possible – not the other way around.

      My point agreed with yours and expanded on the ridiculousness of individuals in small states having inordinate power in the senate and electoral college – the Framers were opposed to that sort of thing but had to compromise to get the most important parts ratified (Connecticut Compromise or Great Compromise).

      As far as Senate rules they were vehemently opposed to any sort of super majority rules but acquiesced to allow 3/5 only for things like Constitutional Amendments and Treaties – they would have defecated the bed to think anything like the filibuster would give the minority the right to veto the majority.

      Yes, Gerrymander bad, yes GQP stole too much candy and got busted, yes both sides do it, YES the way districts are reapportioned needs to go

    2. @Yo Mom California gerrymander to make sure there is equal ethnic representation(NY does this too). They’re going to be almost exclusively democratic anyway. So why would they have to gerrymander to get more democrats?

    3. @Jeremy Backup Pretty clear to me. They cheated in 2020 and realize they still lost by a large margin. Their conservative values/ policies no longer work for the majority… it’s a dying party. This is a panic move to maintain power. They don’t see a way to victory without cheating and they don’t care who they upset or how obvious it looks.

  8. Moscow Mitch wontonly displays his lack of qualification to hold public office. He cannot discern racist voting practices when he himself has encouraged them. He lies every bit as much as Trump and Kayleigh McEnany do, which is constantly and shamelessly.

  9. If all of the Republicans are sticking together to get their way. U should do the same with ur party. Stand up for ur party

  10. “None of those state voting laws are designed to restrict voting access… white affluent voters”. He is beyond pure evil. I don’t know how he can live with himself. He has singlehandedly destroyed any semblance of bipartisanship. Tell the truth Mitch you will filibuster any piece of legislation that increases taxes, restores minority rights of any kind.

  11. McConnell thinks he’s the only one who is smart so he can “pull the wool over everyone’s eyes” and we’d be stupid enough to not know the truth and be sheepeople. Just look at his wife’s behavior at the Dept of Transportation, under the Trumpo administration, to shovel $$$ to McConnell and her family and you know what kind of people you’re dealing with.

  12. The most reliable thing McConnell said was he was 100% against the Democratic agenda in any forum – somebody wake up

    1. McConnell keeps telling them NO but they keep saying we can work with Moscow Mitch! can you say denial! NO MEANS NO!

    2. just like how all Democrats were onboard blocking everything Trump’s Congress wanted. Gridlock is good.

    1. I fully agree Sahara. This was all about his donors for him. How can he get mad about people not being reasonable? He currently isn’t being reasonable. You have to be stupid or bought to not see that the republicans have their agenda and it’s not about benefiting the people.

  13. Why is this toad actions such a surprise, in the 80’s Paul Weyrich told the rethuglicans just exactly what the blueprint was to restrict voting.

    1. @Eric Klaus Im pretty sure there was a message in his posts I’m assuming you use name calling as a excuse to be defensive. Usually a sign you can’t refute what the poster said… Your turn

    2. @Lp K and there you go do you get it!! Pretty sure, I’m assuming , I’m not when you have nothing of substance name calling is first defence when you have nothing, pretty sure, and assuming is 2th and 3rd. Please say something constructive.

    3. @Eric Klaus more like your feelings but you keep on being defensive… Btw how do you feel about January 6th

  14. Joe manchin is just another Mitch McConnell. He’s holding up everybody and everything for no tangible reason.

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