Manchin Is ‘Not Going To Abandon His State For Sake Of Bipartisanship’

Jonathan Kott, former communications director for Sen. Joe Manchin, and Hoppy Kercheval, host of West Virginia’s MetroNews TalkLine, join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Sen. Manchin’s view on the filibuster and if Manchin can be moved on the “For the People Act.”
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  1. Manchin’s state is a poor coal mining state. Trump lied to the state when he said coal mining is gonna come back. It hasn’t.

    1. The sad thing is, most of us knew he was lying as the words came out of his mouth. Its like saying you’ll bring back the horse and buggy.

    2. There are no jobs in mining, it’s getting more and more automated, so even doubling the production will at best create jobs at the companies making the machines. And that is not a sustainable process, meaning it does not create long term jobs, just keep them going for another year or two.

      Anybody with half a brain would have fought for renewable energy to go to West Virginia and give them lots of long term active high tech, well paid jobs. “We have always preferred dirty, dangerous, life shortening jobs as that is what we are” is not a valid argument, FFS.

    3. It never left most electric plants use coal lmao… Coal isn’t going anywhere you guys live in la la land

    4. Coal mining is responsible for black lung that costs lives and is a huge burden on the healthcare system. Coal mining is a slow form of suicide.

  2. Replace “his state” with “his big donors”… He received a big money just before he flipped.

    1. Yep, he OWES OWES OWES the extraction industry. That look of feigned innocence and earnestness is a practiced tactic of his. Much like McConnell’s deadpan folksy manner while he’s saying words that amount to sedition.

    2. Improper use of indefinite article with a non-count noun identifies you are a foreigner. Or, at least, somebody whose native language is not English.

  3. The only thing that matters is the good of the country and fulfilling your oath as US Senator. Manchin will pay the butcher’s bill if he fails in fulfilling his duty to the country. He is currently failing in that duty.

    1. Manchin has been bought off! He’s a traitor to his people , party and America.

    2. @Gregory Williams nothing, Democrats and Republicans are going to do nothing for the poor or working class, one day there won’t be any working class…its going to be poor or rich ,no more in between ,which one are you going to be ?the poor guaranteed

  4. So a small population in a backwoods state feels they’re OK with THEIR voting system, so the rest of us have to go along? That doesn’t sound like Democracy to me.

    1. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the way it works. Humans aren’t generally selfless, and it’s showing, quite vividly in the US.

    2. What exactly do you think a democracy is?
      People vote and the majority rules. Because this is a republic, we elect people to represent us. The people of the states only elected half of the Senate as Democrats, so you get what you vote for. If they want to get things done, they need to convince people to do so, if they don’t, than the majority rules.
      Whether or not you like it, this is the government the people chose

  5. I don’t know why he’s called a bipartisan for siding with traitors against his own state, party, and country. That’s just another traitor.

    1. @Debra Johnson because 70% are Republicans doesn’t mean they are idiots. Well, not all of them anyway. Actually I’m beginning to wonder about all Republicans mental state.

    2. @Jojo Diver Right because agreeing with you equals thinking for yourself. Ponder that paradox for a moment.

  6. People of West Virginia need to let Joe Manchin know American needs him now, for.them and us. With Voting rights taken away an dark money controlling Joe Manchin our democracy is being killed by Republicans. It could get real ugly in the future.

    1. If u look at the polls, West Virginia overwhelming supports $15 minimum wage, the for the people act, AND every other thing on Bidens agenda HE IS LYING WHEN HE SAYS THATS NOT WHAT HIS STATE WANTS!

    2. @DreToo Dope That is great but they need to get on Joe Manchin like a bad headache because that dark money has him now. But, he needs the people to correct him now.

  7. He’s in a state w over 93% white…….homie ain’t voting for this bill but “using bipartisan” as his out!! Besides that he’s an honorary member of the GOP!!

    1. Not true anymore. The coal mine owners have been asking for the green deal so ppl can get back to work and save the mountain environment that has destroyed clean water and land. They have polled the WV ppl and 70-80% are for HR! and they want. most of all the full infrastructure bill. They have been protesting his home. This of course not shown on normal media news. He has been called out on HR! bc was his bill until Chamber of Commerce..koch bros..made their donations. Now he is beholden to dark money not his ppl.

    2. @T Lee They voted 70% for Trump… He isn’t passing a thing. Covid money was already there and if you notice he agreed with Trump spending the 2k checks in the end. He knows Trunp can end him. Keep it up and you will lose a senator seat for at least five generations

  8. If they wanted to know what Joe Manchin was going to do why did they have on a former advisor as a guest? Just call his corporate donors and ask them what they told him to do.

  9. He’s already voted AGAINST the will of the Majority of America’s best interest. He may as well be an obstructionist like his pals across the aisle. W.Virginia needs to can him.

  10. This guy is a complete rebel without a cause !…he speaks as if he has a legitimate position. Hes a charlatan he stands for nothing. As Republicans and McConnell are already in full partisan mode professing to block anything Biden does .Manchin assists ,votes,suports,and facilitates Republicans partisanship therein handicapping Democrats ability to defend constitutional rights and institutions. His words are vapor in the breeze.

  11. Manchin is still trying to play the old game, the GOP isn’t. He’s out of touch with how warped they’ve become and it’s costing the country.

    1. @Ex democrat. not a dem personally but i see you criticizing dems and giving repubs a free pass.
      i voted dem because the alternative was both horrifying and disgusting.
      here’s a thought: fence sitters make easy targets.

      you have nothing to offer anyone.
      pick a side or shut up.

    2. @Jesse Bianchi Nothing about me is an easy target trust me lol. I never gave anyone a free pass. The Democrats are the ones getting a free pass. Anything other than that is fake news. Change my mind or shut up lol 🤣

    3. @Ex democrat. i can’t change what isn’t there. your language betrays you. you’re just another reich winger troll.
      sucks, huh?

    4. @Ex democrat. i’d have to imagine it, since i don’t do that. projection? jealousy?
      i think so.

  12. Like I said. Their rent is paid, their paychecks are still on time (our tax dollars) and they have the best health care in the world. We mean nothing to them. The country means nothing to them.

    1. I would like to know sources. Dark money seems to only pay for corporate demands. It is killing poor who have no voice while dying.

  13. No, but he’s just going to abandon his country, for the sake of a fat pay cheque from his lobbyists; the people who really run America.

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