Manchin Opens Door On Voting Rights Compromise 1

Manchin Opens Door On Voting Rights Compromise


Contributor to The Grio Jason Johnson, former Senator Claire McCaskill, Washington Post senior Washington correspondent Philip Rucker, and former U.S. attorney Harry Litman on Sen. Joe Manchin opening the door to a compromise on voting rights legislation.

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  1. Manchin, the little child, just wanted attention.
    His agenda does not seem include his constituents who voted for him.
    Manchin is a republican disguised as a democrat.

  2. So, Manchin is going from Democrat back to Republican back to politician by saying exactly what he thinks people want to hear. Fine upstanding person (sarcasm).

  3. But the anti-corruption parts of the bill would show Manchin is corrupt and takes corporate bribes which undermines democracy. Manchin is not helping the public with his compromise, he is helping himself keeping his corporate bribes flowing.

  4. He just got caught, of course he’s posturing to be interested in supporting something partisan

    1. @The True Wisehole I don’t want to require ID to vote. To me sounds like, “I want no accountability in voting because I believe the fraud will benefit me.”

    2. I don’t think dems should be this happy about this
      remember the last time he said he would “work together with us”
      then didn’t yea
      i do

    3. @Q L do you know how to register to vote?
      cause you need your id to do that.
      when have you EVER
      be required to show a license.

    4. @ZaneofAustin I’ve never once shown my ID to register to vote. In fact, All I had to do when I was 18 was give some info and sign up for it from someone with a clipboard in front of like a Wal-mart. In fact petitioners in my State can help you sign you up to vote. But it’s a good thing that you know everything.

  5. Manchin wants more money from the donors for him to block the vote. The “open door” is just a maneuver to blackmail his donors.

    1. So i dont need an ID to vote, but i need one to do literally everything else that normal Americans, whatever color they are, do?

    2. @Me and Myself Manchin is a “Republican and pretending to be a Democrat”?

      You’re probably right. Manchin doesn’t completely hate America, so he must be a Republican.

    1. Yeah, whatever happened to land of the free. We need to be able to vote easily, and have nobody overturn it.

    2. @Rod Except the propaganda they feed you at OANN and Newsmax conveniently left out the fact that that some of these election “integrity” bills are actually cutting down on SECURE IN PERSON VOTING as well. For example, Texas’s election ‘reform’ bill (SB7) has a provision to significantly reduce the number of hours of early voting from what it used to be (ie. Sunday voting can only be 1pm to 9pm at the very most going forward). All that does is it prevents those with odd working hours (ie. night shift/emergency workers/etc.) from being able to cast their ballot. That same bill (SB7) also seeks to eliminate a highly popular voting option –drive-thru voting– which was also a secure way to vote in person without having to stand for hours in long lines. Again, how in the world is that making our elections more secure? What purpose does that serve other than to make it harder to vote? And this is just one example… Anyone with half a brain can see that most of these things are not even remotely related to election integrity of any kind. It is purely a bad faith attempt to suppress voters because research shows that voter suppression helps republicans win. Wake up and get your news from reputable sources.

    3. @Jimmy Croce I’m not denying that MSNBC has a liberal bias — that is to be expected. But when a “news” source literally goes as far as to distort basic truths, distort the basic underlying facts of what happened in a desperate attempt to mislead people for political purposes, I don’t consider that news anymore. And that’s exactly what happens on a daily basis with the alternative facts and fear mongering propaganda playing 24/7 over at Fox&Friends/Newsmax/OANN.

  6. And at the same time, McConnell is trying his very best with his 15 fellow degenerate Senators to slam that door shut. At the very least McConnell is stomping his little cloven hooves. Therefore, let the games begin.

  7. meaningless unless he has the balls to end the filibuster on voting rights legislation.

  8. Funny the guy just caught trying to bribe senators suddenly compromises on the voting bill. He deserves zero credit!! Of course he doesn’t support the corruption parts of hr1

  9. Lol highest bidder Joe Manchin. He isn’t in this for the people he’s in it to see what he can get out of it.

  10. There’s no reason to view Manchin as acting in good faith. Dems can cave to his demands and he’ll chuckle while moving the goal post, just like his friends in the GOP.

  11. Q: How do you know your in an Oligarchy?
    A: when a democrat senator can call up a donor and order 11 republicans like he’s calling dominoes on an issue that the majority of the voter agree on.

    1. It’s actually supported in a Yale paper and affects all politicians accepting anything but citizen money. Can’t we agree on both sides to get money out of politics? We all need it.

  12. Manchin is carefully following the wishes of his wealthy campaign funds providers. He’s for sale to the highest bidder.

  13. The guy is a Republican pure and simple! You heard crickets when dotard and the GOP pushed through 2 Supreme Court judges, crickets with the big tax break for the 1%, the left wing and the right wing belong to the same corrupt bird!!

  14. *White men, who feel entitled to **_bargain_** with each other over how much access black people will have to their **_rights,_** don’t fill me with **_hope._** Manchin doesn’t even **_pretend_** his goal is **_full_** access.*

  15. By now Manchin’s backside should be chaffed. I’m tired of him trying to straddle the fence. Make a decision and stick to it.

  16. This is a joke. Okay so Joe Manchin says he’s open to a compromise.

    What’s that mean? Absolutely nothing!

    Folks he’s saying this to get the media and left off his back. You still need to get rid of the filibuster rule to get anything done.

    Manchin says he won’t do that and so does Kirsten sinema from Arizona. This a joke. Just drama for political theatre

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