1. Here’s an idea, Manchin.
    Tell your GQP buddies that they have two choices: support the protection of voter rights or face a world where the Filibuster is gone.
    Or is that too much work for you? 🙄

    1. Let me show you how that meeting goes:
      Joe: Look guys support voter rights or we get rid of the filibuster
      GoP buddies: Hey Joe before we get to that lets talk about this fundraiser we`re having for you to show our appreciation of your work.
      Joe: What i meant to say was im all for voter rights but the filibuster is just too important.

    2. Right👍🏻🤨. Remember January 6th🙏🏻.Trump must be held accountable🤨👍🏻. I’d like to thank the subscribers😇😊🙏🏻. Soon we will be able to have live streams. There is strength in numbers🇺🇸😇🙏🏻👍🏻💪🏼

    3. So its either the Demonrats way or the highway huh???? Never going to happen. Bipartisanship with a filibuster gone ??? There’s a radical socialist idea. Even USA today is in favor of making filibuster stronger and its completely partisan to try to eliminate it.

  2. Seriously is he a Dem or a Rep ….. difficult to tell … or he just loves the power & spotlight ???
    Zoe ,Canada

  3. Joe Manchin boat house in Washington is the hottest party house for members of Congress.

    1. Manchin and Sinema support trivially important programs like voting rights ;but I do not remember Manchin voting agianst our 30 year Middle East wars (they have never been not funded !( Sinema is a vet who live off the unfunded military payroll )My major but not only issue with them! Why do the US Republicans (DINO) support unfunded wars but not increases in corporate tax increase that have allowed trillions of wealth increase to the top 1% As most Americans are economically undereducated (to put in mildly) Isuggest they watch Christopher Hedges on YOUTUBE who cogently predicts why America is doomed

  4. “Joe Manchin says he’s against ending the filibuster because he wants to work with Republicans. Well, I want my cat to play Chopin on the piano, but IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! These Republicans will NEVER lift a finger to help America, if that would help Joe Biden.”
    -Joe Scarborough about DINO Joe Manchin

    1. You could have actually left off the, “if that would help Joe Biden,” part. They aren’t there to help America in any way, shape or form.

    2. @Sue Zbell All Biden has to do is threaten whoever the lobbyist for that their company would have a hard time doing business in America if they don’t got on borad.

    3. I don’t even like morning Joe sometimes because of him parroting his old Republican talking points but he he’s on point half the time

  5. If this guy really thinks Grandpa Munster Manchin didn’t know what Looney Tunes Cruz had planned.🤔

    1. I am sick and tired of people who post on the Internet and they make absolutely no sense. I have no idea what you were talking about and I doubt if you know also.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Allow me to translate: he’s making a humorous comparison between Joe Manchin and Grandpa Munster, who was a vampire.

    1. There is not a single Republican that will ever vote FOR voting rights. They only way Republicans can maintain MINORITY RULE is to make sure as many Americans as possible are dissuaded from voting either by registration hurdles or by the long lines Republican election officials intentionally create in communities of color. Voter suppression is the Republican party’s source of power and they will not give it up. Sure, it is antithetical to REAL AMERICAN VALUES but Republicans abandoned those a long time ago. Republicans wrap themselves in the flag (literally) and wave the bible when in reality they don’t believe in anything either stands for.

    2. I heard, in Ireland people would throw pennies at this kind of person. “You are only in it for the money”!

  6. I see a picture of Duh-Publican Manchin and my skin crawls… who’s believing his dark money corporate sponsorship—- I mean bipartisan concerns and priorities⁉️☎️🇺🇸🤑💰

  7. Joe Manchin still thinks he’s in the Senate of 20 years ago, when McConnell was still considered somewhat of a moderate…

    1. What you don’t realize is that the left have shifted the overton window so far to the left. He still is a moderate, its just that democrats have so many extremists now.

    2. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner broke Congress. They realized that if they got everyone to vote “no” on everything, that Democrats would have to chase them to the right in order to get bipartisan, which is what Democratic VOTERS demand, while Republican voters don’t care. However, what they wound up doing was turning out a new kind of base that is willing to hurt themselves so long as it hurts their political opponents, too. Now they’re trapped, pandering to a violent mob that just wants chaos.

      And Democratic voters have noticed, and have been devaluing bipartisanship as a result, which frees Democrats up to not need Republican votes anymore. When all your major legislation is getting passed by reconciliation, Republicans are finding they’re not being offered a seat at the table anymore.

  8. Can’t they remove it for awhile & bring it back in. The Republicans used it 2 times to get there 3 judges in office, & tax breaks for the Rich.

    1. If you knew your party was slowly dying, then how would you hold onto power and continue to push your agenda..? The easiest way would be to pose as a member of the opposing party, get yourself elected and then go right back to being a greasy little Republican. There are a number of “Democrats” in Congress right now who fit that description.

  9. We need an extension of a federal enhance unemployment why aren’t you guys asking Joe manchin about that

  10. Manchin is such a phoney. Would some rich lefty just bribe him and Sinema already. It is the only language they understand, wads of cold hard cash.

  11. I need representatives to stay in the house and out of Senate business. We know the Senate is largely ineffective because of the current filibuster. The filibuster should remain but with a price to those who use it.

  12. I don’t know why we are touting unconstitutional measures. The constitution gives the states the ability to choose their own election laws of their own election policy. The federal government can assist but cannot take over the responsibility of elections. This is constitutionally the responsibility of the state.
    This law will be declared very likely to be unconstitutional so let’s not waste our time with it.

  13. I wonder what the poverty rate is in Joe Manchin’s constituent? With that many people struggling to make ends meet, it’s a wonder how this guy ever got the votes from these types of people in his constituency!!!

  14. Manchin probably realizes that he’s shown his cards and he’s on the road to being voted out. Too little too late. Your GQP buddies aren’t going to help you out here.

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