Manchin, Sinema Chasing A Mythical Bipartisan Beast By Defending Filibuster | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Manchin, Sinema Chasing A Mythical Bipartisan Beast By Defending Filibuster | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1


  1. The federal government’s psychological warfare against the American people must be answered in kind

    1. @Jerry Wyninger please contact me so we can begin. Respond to this comment and we can exchange information

    2. @Colin W if I am white and disagree with the Racist Reid’s opinion , then I am defamed . if I am black and disagree with the slattern’s opinion then I am an “Uncle Tom” . even if I am a democrat

  2. If something is broken and not working, then you fix it, you don’t just leave it and hope it works again…..

    1. @Bryan B they actually are worth $24/hour, however company higher ups have gotten greedy, using most of their profits for stock buy backs, and increasing their own salaries, while not increasing the salaries of those actually getting the work done. It would also stimulate the economy if the minimum wage was higher.

    2. @Bryan B Now that Barr isn’t there to lie about what’s in the report maybe we’ll find out. But there’s so many other crimes to look into. Be patient.

  3. “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.” Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

    1. @PeacockPoverty And Democrats aren’t any better, Both parties voted to give Trillions to the rich and have no problems with doing business with China for DECADES to create the biggest threat and ignore Genocide since Tiananmen Square Massacred until now to Xijinang.

    2. Cause at that time if want to filibuster you have to stand and talk for hours now you can send a text and say you will filibuster

    3. @PeacockPoverty Propaganda? You means the obvious things not support by Big Medias which happen all the time and then later proven right?

    4. @PeacockPoverty Also Dementia is very real, if you deal with old people who act like Joe Biden, you would know that is Dementia right away.
      However, somehow saying Joe Biden has Dementia is now “Propaganda”.
      Oh right, forgot Big Medias and bought and paid for by Corporations as mentioned in Time Magazine.

    1. They already want to cancel Justice Breyer. Manchin and Sinema are just small fries in comparison. They’ll come for them soo enough

    2. @Tonydfixer Tonydfixer are you ok do you feel like shooting people you sound like you are triggered over republicans?

    3. 100% republikkkans are owned by corporate america. Maybe 50% democrats owned by corporate america…Joe Manchin and Sinema are in that mix.

    4. @Dave Smith he is only interested in holding on to his seat in a red state . a state where about 35 to 40 % of the work force makes 11 bucks an hr. or less , yet he opposed a hike in the min. wage .that should tell folks all they need to know .

  4. how do you do that? how do you use so many words, yet say absolutely nothing? genuinely curious…

    1. @Godisgr8usa4life go back to fox ‘news’ snowflake. You conservatives are trying to destroy this country, and we all saw it for ourselves on the 6th. You are as far from being an American as you can get

    2. @darena12 says the person pushing the agenda that will turn us into the same government structure as china. 1 party government= authoritarian= not democracy

    3. @Clay O’Reilly right i must be stupid if i completely disagree with someone that leaves out facts and replaces them with personal opinion and emotionally charged reactionary words to create division for her own fat wallet…yes i must just be dumb…got anything else? or just the old one note pony of baseless insult the left is only capable of mustering when presenting an argument? lemme guess, i m a white supremacist? did i cover all of the arguments?

    4. @darena12 we saw it for ourselves on the sixth? if that is so bad, what about the hundreds people shot, dozens killed, including small children(mostly people of color) and the 2 billion dollars in damage from blm over the past year? there is hundreds of thousands of hours of that online…just a few dozen hours of the capitol riot…you must deeply hate the left and blm then, right? nah just ignore the truth and cling to what the wealthy elite tell you in the news….sheesh..why share your opinion at all if you have absolute no substance to offer?

    1. I favor truth. Climate poppycock is the truth, that is global warming so false, extraordinary winter weather in Feb at 30 degrees latitude in Austin. And what’s up with the Bill Gates experimenting with dimming the sun, conceivably the behaviour of an international criminal mind

    2. Yet they didn’t turn on him. Manchin made massive changes to the covid bill. He has tremendous power, and no one wants to experience his wrath. They might whine and complain, but turn on him? Ya kidding?

    3. i mean when you dont side with someone you’ve allready turned on them isnt it just fair game to throw them under the bus

    4. @Dave Smith Wonder what happens behind closed doors? He can’t be a favorite and I’m sure they have put pressure on him to comply.

    1. @Stephaniespc Casey Where is MSNBCs fact check on Biden’s gun speech and executive actions since he lied the whole time

    2. @ScootMagoot46 Simple…Gun shows you CANNOT buy guns at a Gun Show from an FFL holder WITHOUT a background check…period

  5. if republicans held all three branches as a majority, dems wouldn’t want to get rid of the filibuster.

    1. The socialist want communism and absolute power not a balance of power. Complete control not freedom.

    2. The filibuster is not in the constitution. It is an old arcane Senate procedure started by a slave state senator and Vice-President John C. Calhoun to protect slave owner interests and later by segregationists like Strom Thurmond to stop civil rights legislation. It is also fundamentally undemocratic

    3. @Colin W Democrats used the filibuster the most is your point. Of course, you mentioned slavery. So based on slavery the filibuster is not pertinent to a balanced government.

    4. @Colin W thank you for showing how ignorant you are. If Republicans were to have the majority like the Democrats do now, you’d be advocating to keep the filibuster.

    1. @dedrick cutrer It’s simply low hanging fruit utilized by the mentally and emotionally challenged. We would be best served to ignore it.

    2. @Ranger Up You’re not very bright. Again: look at the person’s profile picture. It is a racist black-face image. Cheers!

    3. @Dave Smith well man I just looked, all I can see is a R. I may not be looking in the right place, but all I see is a R. I kinda agree with him when it comes to Joy. Not sure how she has her on show. They pulled up racist tweets from her. She claimed someone hacked her account

    4. @dedrick cutrer Red-Pilled is the person with the picture I described. There is an R next to the guy who thinks insults are a substitute for fact.

    1. Aww, incel. You really love that filibuster so republicans can’t pass all their crazy policies? At least Dem policies are popular.

  6. “ minister, Joe Manchin…” I love what she did there. Tee, hee! 😆💜😆 😁😁

  7. The Little 🐟 Fish want to get
    big and strong by Standing Out. Kinda like their counterparts on the right do.

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