Manchin, Sinema Now Have ‘Permission Slip’ To Change Rules Says David Plouffe 1

Manchin, Sinema Now Have ‘Permission Slip’ To Change Rules Says David Plouffe


David Plouffe, former senior adviser to President Obama, says Democrats should use all the power they have right now to pass voting rights legislation because “these are not normal times.” He tells Lawrence O’Donnell that after Senate Republicans rejected Democrats’ good faith effort to amend the voting rights bill, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) now have even more of a reason to support a change to the filibuster rule.
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  1. I call this segment “Sinema-whispering/Manchin-whispering”! Good luck. They don’t hear you.

    1. @Wedgeworks So claims cannot be made without proof. Yet you have made claims on other comments on this video without proof. Strange how that works

    2. @Joyce Duncan What the bill does has nothing to do with it being unconstitutional. The Federal government has no authority over elections. The constitution clearly states that the STATE legislatures have authority over their own elections. The crap part is what’s in the bill. It has NOTHING to do with ensuring all eligible voters get to vote, and everything to do with protecting the voter fraud schemes the Democrats have spent decades developing. It even has provisions protecting sitting politicians from being voted out if they’re doing a crappy job. THAT truly IS voter suppression built right into the bill you apparently support. It is pure partisan crap legislation.

    3. @Wedgeworks All this talk about the need for Dems to find ways to disregard the rules of the Senate so they can steamroll the Republicans with their partisan power grabbing crap legislation is a highly intimidating to Republicans. Thankfully there are those who will stand up to it, but it’s still an intimidation tactic nonetheless.

    4. @Dale Cash I know you’ll call it fake news but I saw a statistic that they looked at 1 billion ballots covering the last 12 years and they found 37 cases of voter fraud! Just today a Republican-led commission did an audit of Michigan and found nothing! Rudy Giuliani went across country on 60 court cases. 58 losses. 0 evidence presented!
      I get it. Trump has been a con man since the seventies and he has a lot of people fooled. But the rest must use common sense and say this isn’t adding up….
      Yet many want him to win, even if he has to CHEAT!
      Don’t be a SORE LOSER!
      Love country over man.

    5. @Wedgeworks
      It’s not a matter of O’Donnell trying to intimidate the audience but rather Manchin and Sinema for not doing what Democrats – and by extension, MSNBC – wants them to do. Funny how when it’s someone like McCain or Romney, they are “brave mavericks”, but when it comes to Manchin and Sinema, they are impeding progress. I swear, if it weren’t for the double standard, they’d have no standard at all!

    1. @Elmer Beltshire “Cancel Culture” is just another phrase meaning “Free Market”. The Free Market is more than just about economics.

    2. It’s called “Protection $” and the mob did that for a long time. Both parties are like the mob, only more dangerous and more evil.

    3. @Wedgeworks No “Cancel Culture” is a means of controlling the free speech market by putting conditions on speech based on identity and content.

    4. @Wedgeworks
      Boycotts are free market actions. Cancel culture deprives people from being able to make the choice for themselves. Understand the difference.

    1. Thank God there are at least 2 democrat senators who aren’t willing to nefariously change rules and tear down our institutions in order to ram through their agenda.

    1. The Answer my friends is blowing in the wind – passing a law that requires everyone to carry a loaded gun in Public – and then We Can Police Ourselves To Win

    1. Well then, take away their treats. Kentucky ranks 45th in state GDP, whilst being towards the top of the list at receiving federal aid. No wonder Mitch keeps being reelected, he’s the head welfare queen for a welfare state. IMHO

    2. @Just Say’n McConnell keeps winning even though he consistently violates campaign financing laws. He has purportedly taken money from Russia and China to win and to spread around that keeps him in his leadership post. His wife and her family still have ties with the Chinese governmental officials. McConnell and wife Chao were under investigation in October, but it was swept under the rug. McConnell has been setting our country up for a move to a fascist regime for decades and will have caused even more damage to America than Trump has done and is doing.

    3. @Just Say’n Naw – Kentucky Fried Chickens Are on GMO Foods, & can’t be baked again on Fires, without being poisoned with Lead or Leaders on Coke & Vaccines That Destroyed the Right Brains Again

  2. It’s sad IMO that we have politicians in Congress who favor or oppose bills based on political expediency rather than what is good for the country. “I oppose this bill because it is good for our country and helps my opponent.”

    1. @Jack Glastra as they should be. Considering every left wing gov on earth commits en-mass genocide and facism given absolute power.

    2. The Democrats are working on the biggest power grab we’ve seen in our life time. Why would the American people want to see a bill passed that uses our tax dollars to support the campaigns of politicians.

    3. The bill is utter trash with a cute name. The problem with most of you goof balls is that you blindly support things because of your political affiliation

  3. My grandma always told me that you get what you pay for, and if you ask me it looks like the drug companies and insurance syndicates got the democratic party that they paid for.

    1. Interesting comments. If you want to look at the federal taxes paid into the federal pot vs monies received back to the state then you’ll have a good idea why some of these individuals remain in office.

    2. @Jack Glastra You can keep your damned Communism, that’s for idiots. But I’m with you on the rest.

    3. @Kuuryo Two then you fundamentally misunderstand the concept of ideology. Stop viewing yourself as an individual consumer and embrace being a poor working class sucker like the rest of us.

    4. @Jack Glastra
      Communism is for folks that can’t figure out things for themselves. You can have everything you advocated under Capitalism, too.

  4. As usual the Democrats lose again. Is it time to get rid of Pelosi and Schumer? We need somebody that can stop crying and come up with valid ideas than can make a difference.

  5. “These are not normal times” so we have to pass X Y and Z. Hmmmm sounds a lot like how the wall street bailouts or patriot act were passed. Beware of pigs in a poke.

  6. Maybe there will be a time the (vice-)president have to visit again the voters in West Virginia and Arizona.

  7. Mitch wants what is good for him and for his wallet not his constituents. He is a looooooooser now and has always been one lining his pockets with the people that will pay him the most money. He didn’t get everything he has by being in congress.


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