Manchin To Vote Yes To Proceed With Debate On Voting Rights Bill 1

Manchin To Vote Yes To Proceed With Debate On Voting Rights Bill


Sen. Chuck Schumer told reports that Sen. Joe Manchin would be voting to proceed with debate on the voting rights bill in the Senate. NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell reports from Capitol Hill.
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    1. @Trump 2020 Didn’t you also work at Rockefeller Center? Didn’t you also LOSE the election? Hahah

    2. @Andrew Li ego? Nah, their job and money. Munchkin wants to somehow make himself look like a hero.

    1. @GeeGee sort-of, but yeah, at times it seems we don’t need politicians when special interests seem to have their nose(and $$), into everything.

    2. He IS important now because the rest of the DEMs are clowns. They all go with the establishment. Manchin goes with billionaire class so he runs the entire party as the only one willing to fight for what he wants even if it’s to get more dark money.

    3. Possibly the whole point? He will use it to eve late his own status and they’ll treat him like a king because now he holds all the power. Even if they got rid of the filibuster he’d still have the final say in everything and they’ll bend laws to his will or they won’t pass a thing. His word is law.

    4. Democrats filibustered over 300 times during the Trump presidency. I don’t remember seeing you guys demanding the filibuster to be removed back then. I wonder what’s changed? Oh yeah, you have slim majorities who can’t ram through through agenda…

  1. Look at msnbc trying to con the people into thinking this means anything. McConnell literally just said he won’t allow them to get rid of gerrymandering. That is the only issue he has with Manchin’s proposal. No gerrymandering means fair elections and Republicans would never have the house or senate again.

    1. Republicans will increasingly do better in the senate. Democrat power at the state level has kept receding. Democrats routinely had supermajorities in the senate, now they struggle to get a bare majority. Obama had 60 seats for a short spell. That’s unlikely going forward. Republicans control most states. Dems will lose OH & WV. So they need to win more just to stay at 50:50. In our lifetimes I think dems will struggle to even get 40 votes to fillibuster.

      Getting rid of gerrymandering won’t stop republicans winning the house. dems typically don’t show up at midterms. dems also self sort so they concentrate themselves even without gerrymandering. So republicans can get a majority of seats even when losing the popular vote.

      I wouldn’t overestimate the power of this bill. It helps but dems have a tiny house majority. In Obama’s first midterm they lost 65 house seats. Republicans just need 4 or 5 to win. Pelosi squandered the 2018 house majority by holding up stimulus.

    2. I don’t even understand why gerrymandering exist. Why can’t people just be able to go vote at any location?

    3. @theuglykwan the only reason Republicans have half the seats in congress that they do is because they drew districts so that they could not lose elections. If that was not the case then they wouldn’t be fighting to protect their ability to gerrymander districts. That is literally the first thing McConnell said about the voting rights bill.

    1. @Rusty Bear And if you give your lawyer enough cookies, he might win your case for you! And if he wins your case for you, he might ask for a glass of milk…

    1. This con job is dead on arrival. Why are you trying to take away the states rights to control their elections and hand it to the Washington bureaucracy. Those Democratic Senators are betraying their states.

    2. Yes, we have to enshrine in federal law the ballot box stuffing, dead voting and dirty tr

    3. @USAunited 7 Concerning the Power of Congress to Regulate the Election of Members
      Alexander Hamilton – the Federalists Letters #59
      From the New York Packet. Friday, February 22, 1788.

      *THATS WHY*

    4. @USAunited 7 Because states are putting laws in place that make it possible to disregard the outcome of the votes and choose thenselves who they want as winner.

  2. Let’s see if he votes yes to the actual bill. Manchin has stripped out most of the dark money provisions. Hopefully, the bill that passes will bring a large enough majority to depose King Manchin.

  3. His actions are like turning the lights off in a house to preserve electricity…but the house is on fire

  4. “Remember, democracy never last long, it soon Wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet, that did not commit suicide”
    -John Adams

    1. @ma pa LOL You may have watched a few too many ‘Nostradamus’ movies in the past ma and pa. I would rather think that it will be more like ‘Soylent Green’ myself, and much, much sooner than 2050. I estimate it closer to 2035-ish.

    2. @Rod
      “Communist Democrats”
      Using that phrase is what Fascists, imbeciles, and idiots do.
      Very revealing

    3. @suziestube brown i was just quoting the chairman of the world economic forum. the same group who came up with the great reset.

  5. This reminds me of a company I worked for where they would have meetings on when the next meeting should be.

  6. A man without a purpose besides being an obstructionist. Worthless. Reminds me of Mitch McConnell.

  7. So, in other words, this is a gesture for Manchin to make himself look good. Lots of nice words, nothing happening, SNAFU.

    1. The sad thing is it is still ranked 25th on the democracy index. It shows just how many places are worse if the US is still in the top 25.

  8. The fact that this even has to be debated tells you all you need to know about this country and the anti-democracy GOP.

    1. Patricia, I am laughing while I write this, you need to study on what Democracy and what it should look like. I am sorry you did not get a good education. I am immigrated from Japan but I know better. I bet you don’t even know the history of the country where you were born.

  9. Anyone who thinks this is “unfair” needs to go read a book about what the Republicans have done over the last 40 years.

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