Mandating Covid Vaccine for Employees | TVJ All Angles - April 28 2021 1

Mandating Covid Vaccine for Employees | TVJ All Angles – April 28 2021


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  1. Why is Jamaica viewed as an independent nation when its leaders allow other countries 2 insinuate itself in their decision making. We seem 2 b nothing but lapping dogs, gladdis n yes man when tossed a piece a bone wid likkle meat pon it.

  2. At some point everybody have to take the vaccine remember nobody is independent of the system you dont grow your own food you dont make your own clothes you dont make your own cars and at some point you have to interact with someone and thats where the issue of vaccine will come up.

  3. What is the law governing the taking of medication. I know that you cannot force someone into taking it. The vaccine could be considered a medication.?????

  4. Deon, I listened to the UWI rep used the term conspiracy theorist or theories, but the objection is not against vaccinations rather it is against the current way in which the various vaccines are being introduced into the human body. The issue people like myself have is how are they able to know about the subsequent waves and why they’re not able or is unwilling to breakdown the vaccines and how they work as do the so-called. anti-vaccers. Why didn’t they used the old way of vaccinations as do Cuba with Sovereign 2.

  5. ‘God wants us to be a thinker and no the mere reflection of the thoughts that have taught us to think”(Elen G. White)

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