Mandatory Vaccination Debate Continues in Jamaica | TVJ News - Oct 7 2021 1

Mandatory Vaccination Debate Continues in Jamaica | TVJ News – Oct 7 2021


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  1. Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by the same method of protection that the protected are using that Isn’t working?

    1. @Travis Miller I go on the CDC website and see vaccines with mercury and baby phetal tissues in it that’s a fact.
      So don’t get it twisted I do my research

    2. @Travis Miller why aren’t they reporting the cases of people dying after taking the jab, for whatever reason.
      Why are vaccine companies exempt from liability if anyone is injured or die from severe reaction to a vaccine.
      Yet y’all want to demonize those that say no to something being injected in them with all types of abomination.

    3. @Travis Miller do you know what the long-term side effects are?…. let me guess the answer is no and you can’t know because there is no data to show for it as the ‘clinical test’ have not been completed! When the Pfizer vaccine was recently approved the Chicago Department of Health said….. paraphrasing)…..after 15 months of ‘TESTING’ the short-term adverse effects were…FACTS! Do you realize what those people are saying!?
      You make mentions of professionals, are you telling me that professionals do not make mistakes? So because someone is supposed to be a professional you must take their word as gospel ? Why are there so many professionals who disagree with everything that you are saying? Why is Dr.Gerrt Vandene Bosche a consultant in his field of speciality, making vaccines and rated by his peers (all professionals) as probably the best in that field against the vaccines?….what kind of professional are you that we should listen to what you’re saying and accept what you are telling us?

      If you want real facts about bringing down the infections you should go to uttar Pradesh and look at the data coming from that state since they started to use Ivermectin to fight the Delta variant. Did you know that the Indian Bar Association is taking the WHO to court? Guess why? Have you noticed that in recent Times India has not been on the mainstream media’s radar? Didn’t the professionals tell you why that is so?

    4. @JOEL AHAYAH’S Elect Ethylmercury is a preservative that has been used in vaccines for nearly 100 years now. It is not harmful or dangerous whatsoever.

      Fetal tissues are not used in vaccines today. Laboratory grown cells based on fetal tissue are. Not a thing from fetuses are used in vaccines to do. That is antic vaxx propaganda.

      Fetal tissue and stem cells are how many surgeries are performed around the world. Do you know what fetal tissue is for?

  2. bailey words: ..”more focused and more REALISTIC”

    to me that says alot. so you can understand the hesitance.

    1. more realistic he said then went on to say plan ignorance….. smh when truth peeps its head out of the liars mouth

  3. Tvj tell dem say when d medicine becomes mandatory nuff nurse and doctor gonna quit not to mention the police and teachers so tell dem fi mek preparations for that as well and oh it will be…a revelation

    1. @Travis Miller obviously your one who likes to be experimented on.
      1 not because the vaccine didn’t do nothing to who you know and yourself means its safe
      2 raw facts and data from around the world shows natural immunity is 27% more effective
      3 world wide facts show the only effectiveness these vaccine has is for some people when vaccinated and catch the virus don’t always feel like they infected as the symptoms don’t come off that bad however if not treated you still end up hospitalized or dead
      4 data shows that half as many people who died from the virus it self has died from the shot some of which caught the virus from taking the shot
      5 data shows that the vaccine are somewhat toxic and has a lot of unknown sides effects that are slowly unfolding
      6 data proves the vaccines don’t work so they now looking to use boosters
      7 data shows that in countries with up to 90% of it people vaccinated there are still rising cases hospitalization and deaths
      8data shows that early treatment building ur immune system and natural immunity is far better than taking the jabs
      And also data keeps showing that the vaccinated is more deadlier because the virus can mutate through y’all from the kinda vaccines you’ve been given and the main spreaders of the delta variant. Y’all need to chill tf out because none of us is god and one person should decide Wat’s best for everyone cause if 90% can be vaccinated n be showing worst data than before till they tell u to take 2 boosters then wat y’all would say after we all got vaccinated n things only get worst as we seeing

    2. @Travis Miller no one is saying they like the idea of seeing people die but if u think this is the way to go your very foolish.
      People die everyday 3 things in life is certain sickness old age and death and death is the only one u can’t escape.
      My condolences to who died from the virus but dude ur not the only one who lost someone I’ve lost someone to the virus 2 to the vaccine and witnesses a friend who died from internal bleeding from a crash pronounced death by covid so I really don’t buy the numbers I hear on TV cause you can’t be certain ways real from what’s not. Im not against vaccine in general but I am against this which when you ask about it all u hear its safe nothing more and this the only vaccine to be forced on every living human being and u see nothing wrong with that? ChickV and Ebola killed many people but they weren’t a worldwide thing so thats the difference

    3. @Rushane Scott In addition, a 13 year old died 2 hours after takinghis second dose in Guyana. I am glad thereare no Pfizer in Jamaica now, it will delay our kids getting the second dose. Lord help us.

    4. @Jacqueline Gabbidon facts and funny thing is they covering up the fact that people dying from it cause not many places differentiate thst this set took it n still died from the virus or this set died from effects of it all the news reports is cases and deaths in general to frighten the public

  4. with more than eight hundred thousand person off the population have been vaccinated that is far more than%10

    1. 10% are fully vaccinated, receiving both shots or 1 of the J&J. 800,000 vaccines have been given, not 800,000 people “fully vaccinated”

  5. My people don’t let them trick you, think for yourselves. What about people suffering from other things like cancer, are they suppose to just take this thing with their weak immune systems regardless. Think people .

  6. Just have the vaccine available, who wants it , go and get it , but don’t jeopardize anyone’s free will to make a choice

  7. Is this vaccine a cure for Coronavirus? Will this vaccine stop you from getting Coronavirus? What is in this vaccine what is the code for?

    1. NO, NO and to your last question; it’s to make the rich conglomerates richer including the fast food franchise, supermarkets, media houses and control of regular people

  8. This is not about ant-vaxers. This is about proper and honest education about the drug.
    The Jamaican people have many questions which have not been answered. Then they are being forced to take a drug that they know very little about.

  9. The ministry of health is telling the public that the jab is safe when they have absolutely no long term safety data as this therapy is very new.
    Persons who have had covid are being forced to take the jab without having their antibodies checked. These are some of the issues surrounding this treatment for covid.

  10. A lot of people ketch Covid-19 and have fi use dem fever grass, leaf a life, and cold bush just the same, and get better.

  11. God is in control because he knows what would happen to the people of Jamaica people. This prime minister needs to get a hold of himself.

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