Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Workers? | TVJ News - Sept 3 2021 1

Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Workers? | TVJ News – Sept 3 2021


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  1. Y’all have healthcare workers on standby go fix the hospitals a single burn unit in the country should be mandatory

  2. Lady u can not force someone to take a vaccine it’s our life our right to say yes or no the last nurse thAt die take the vaccine but still die Michael sharp take it but still die make it make sense

    1. @Keepit100 this virus was created in 2000 ,top government officials will get paid a half million and the top elite will become billionaires, citizens who are against this vaccine are going to be the factor for them not to getting paid, Andrew is fighting to get his cut , check how many prime Minister from other countries was assassinated becuz they refuse to part take in the mission that the elite government are going to start killing government officials.? I know you know the meaning of (elite) us citizens are going to save many by not taking the vaccine. (Research Swiss account, that’s were all billionaires and half millionaire put their money .you maybe asking yourself why I’m telling you this ,but wen it comes to light you will come back and read this. Bless up

  3. These people in position need to know their history and people who fought for their rights at the expense of their own life so that we here are able to have the rights and privilege we have today .

  4. stand your ground nurses please dont buckle under the pressure dem cah cow we down we are willing to stand with you guys please dont mek dem trick uno…. Dont give these ppl any ground … These ppl are heartless… this shows its not about lives cause you are litterally sending ppl home to poverty and dispair … Nurses you are still our hero’s…

  5. But unnu can force we fi stay in house,not making any money. But mandatory vaccine to get everyone back to earning .

  6. If you’re vaccinated you can contract and past “the virus” if you’re unvaccinated you can contract and past “the virus” the only difference they state that the unvaccinated will be more affected or die by “the virus” so who am I as an unvaccinated person putting at risk but myself. Come on Jamaicans stand up for our rights please remember human rights, we have a right to make our own decisions.

    1. Well said people with underlined problems’ the virus mostly affect… why these health officials make it seems as if your NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM IS OF NO USE??? it is wayyyyyy more POWERFUL than this EXPERIMENTAL GENE TEROPY TREATMENT…they call vaccine…

  7. Why Jamaica will follow everything America implement in their country? people uno trust uno self…not the government them will SELL WE OUT …

  8. It’s like the two parties that have ruled for decades. It’s jab vs. un-jabbed. The pandemic has managed to divide the country.

  9. Why are they shoving these vaccines that are only for emergency use down peoples throats … What is this ..only the Prime Minister have a say as to what goes in his body ????

  10. If you are vaccinated,how is it that I am not , cause me to put you at risk? You should safe and secure if you take the vaccination. Why take something that cannot protect you?


  12. U care so much about your country u will dismiss a fraction of your healthcare workers….during a pandemic when they are needed the most because they refuse the jab??? So the rest of the team should suffer shortage that already preexisting?? That makes sense to yall???
    This condition must be vaccine intoxication

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