Mandatory Vaccination for Recruits to Jamaican Cop College | TVJ News - May 31 2021 1

Mandatory Vaccination for Recruits to Jamaican Cop College | TVJ News – May 31 2021


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  1. If the person don’t want to take any vaccine leave dem alone covid unnu want become a pass fi people a the police n the soldiers leave if they try to make it mandatory

  2. These people in the JCF is full of nothing but S_ _ _ . What they want the youths to do turn to a life of crime so that they can get to kill them. This is madness

    1. When they born didn’t they get vaccinated,when they had to enroll in school didn’t they have to get vaccinated now it’s a life or death situation and persons are protesting, where are the priorities, a death soldier can’t fight crime.

    2. @Marcia Samuels vaccination isn’t mandatory, it’s a personal choice no employer can force it on you, an that’s the law full stop.

  3. It’s time for people to boycott any business or company that requires mandatory vaccines.the bible cannot lie.all this ish is leading up to the mark of the beast.

    1. But the vaccine is not preventing you from contracting the virus or transmission these people are just wicked and evil

    2. @Urvis Cox so true. But when stupid ppl have the reigns of power he can u expect any better?

    3. @Urvis Cox no one said that’s what is does though! Not one vaccine claims to prevent contraction of the virus so please and educate yourself


    5. @Elfreda Carty It’s leading to the mark of the beast but it’s definitely not it. The mark of the beast has to do with worship. A National Sunday law will be enacted.

  4. The nightly curfew only exist to stop parties , many people lose jobs and suffer because of the PM decision.

  5. Concerning the JCF and mandatory vaccination for new recruites, now we can see clearly a systematic form of discrimination, even homosexuals in Jamaica are protected from discrimination because they choose that lifestyle. But a man in his conscious state of mind who chooses not to take the concoction 19 serum is discriminated against.

    1. Dont sorry fi dem what u expect u work fr Babylon u must comply so police shud no what they was getting g into

  6. No one should force anyone to take the vaccination everyone have their rights .person that do not vaccinated should not be threat to the one that take it that totally nonsense

    1. But don’t the business have a right to protect their workers and customers if your choice affects other and can be life threatening then the only rights you should have is to stay home it can’t be your right to put yourself and me at risk.when persons want to go live in another country they have to have several vaccine done I don’t see persons protesting, when their children born and when they have to enroll in school they have to be vaccinated but I don’t see persons protesting.

  7. Why Jamaica mandating the vaccine it is not approved and you take it at your own risk, however you should not be dismissed from your job, children should not be bared from school and i have cdc/fda notification to provide that.

  8. Smh whats the difference between police college and regular college and why are they making it mandatory..

  9. What the PM need to do is to clean up the nasty stinking drains in Jamaica. People are not animals. If you cannot step up Andrew, you need to step down asap.

  10. You can’t force people do something they don’t want to do point blank and period,nowhere u can find that,kmt

  11. No one should be forced into taking the vaccine. This should be a choice. Please reconsider your decision. I work in a hospital in the USA taking care of COVD patients and we not forced into taking the vaccine

  12. I would like to see an update on the quarantine period for those entering the country who are fully vaccinated & proof of negative testing. If someone is on a 2 or 3 weeks visit & have to quarantine 14 days, what sense is that?

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