Mandatory Vaccination in Jamaica not Unconstitutional | TVJ News - Sept 22 2021 1

Mandatory Vaccination in Jamaica not Unconstitutional | TVJ News – Sept 22 2021


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    1. @ainsworth501 how not taking vaccine kill ppl ? Ur argument has no value, I believe if they make mask wearing n all d other protocols mandate then we will c a drastic decline of covid , but forcing ppl to put something inside them that they don’t trust is their choice. Some ppl not even like to take supm as simply as a panadol, much more vaccine.

    2. @ainsworth501 What disease? If vaccinated you can still get the virus and spread it! I’ve never worn a mask and am very much alive and never got no virus ca I look after my healthy immune systems, sadly many of my friends and their friends and family who got injected have developed new illnesses and are now in regret, their experiences keep coming. Good luck to who wan fe tek it and low who don’t. All the Fake News is coming true so I feel sorry for vaccinated persons as what will be spiking in their bodies till the kingdom come.

    3. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis spot on these DEVILS IS after our immune system … once your immune system gets compromised’ it will never be the same again… when these DEVILS engineer their NEXT VIRUS…your immune system won’t be able to fight back’ you will just die…

    4. @reel gena real yute Correct, I’ve been wide awake and fully informed on how it works that’s why in my 50’s I’m fit and well and no way will I compromise mine or my families Immune system.
      My neighbour took the first injection and is so poorly, she’s been told her Red blood cells are changing shape and clumping together, she has refused the second one.

  1. protect the children teach them at home everyone in Jamaica shouldn’t go to work and bring the country to a stand still and see if Holness and parliament can run the country by themselves…

    1. @Montego Bay Spotters – MBJ Xperience no I don’t misunderstand, question? How did the Maroon dem survive the war with the British? they also had children to feed but they didn’t care about lights, they only cared about their freedom cause they knew their children could flourish if they were free to move about and they could live off the land. Never forget who you are and the great people you come from.

    2. @Asha Olujimi They still use money, yes? And if, as you suggest, we just don’t work, then how that part work out?
      You’re really oversimplifying things. I get the gist but you’re forgetting also the times we live in. That’s all I’m saying.

    3. @Montego Bay Spotters – MBJ Xperience you have never used or touched real money in your life, real money is gold or silver coinage not paper notes which are basically labor certificates. This is the reason why the Jamaican dollar is no longer stronger than the US dollar because the fiat system of currency causes hyper inflation and has no real monetary value it only increases debt and this is because it is not backed by any of Jamaica’s natural resources which would be gold and silver 1oz/.9999 …so now you see,it’s better to fight for your freedom at least you will know you have that because it’s obvious that you,me and no one born after 1913 has ever had real money.

  2. Companies can do what they want, but when they do it everyone should walk out at once. People tune in the what is going on around the world. People are pushing back. How no one is talking about the crime rate and vaccine injuries. But they are talking about mandates.

    1. Sadly half by work place took it and think if they made it mandatory the Vax are more than the unvax

    2. Jamaica son, good points , my friend. Funny how the plan to force us to SUBMIT is occurring around the world at the same time!

    3. @dy persaud This is so scripted, I remember when this thing just happend. And many doctors and viaoralis telling that these things will happen. Such as mandates, Vaxx ID and the rest. They were branded “conspiracy theories” by the media, they go as far as to removed there videos from the web. Talking about its fake news because it as being facts check. Now look, now the government is not even hiding no more. They just do what they want because w let them. Yes I agree, that alot of people have taking the Vax, but the same amount is unvaxx. No one should be forced to take a meds that is a trail and experimental . I have know of so many people that are now sorry they take it. Stroke, body pain, and heart problems have developed.

  3. This doesn’t have to be constitutional. We just know our bodies are ours and no one can force you what to put in us.
    Just like food, other medications.

    1. They do recognized the vaccine , they are just pretending they don’t because they know it’s wasn’t good and that is y the virus worsen, so they don’t want no one from these countries who received the bad jab to infest their country

    2. Jamaicans Have To Sign A Document As If They HAVEN’T Been Vaccinated (Absolving UK From Liability) & Then Go Into Quarantine (Costing Them) —— That Leaves The Question, Why Have Other Caribbean Countries Been Given The Green Light But Jamaica Hasn’t?

  4. According to the Nuremberg Code, we are “free” to decide for ourselves if we want to be a part of human experimentation or not without being coerced or force to be a human guinea pig.

    1. Not even the Code, how’d they come to the conclusion that under section 13 this wouldn’t breach our rights.

  5. Constitutional rights is totally different from human rights, and human rights overrides any and all man made laws. No man, either police , soldier , doctor or politician can hold me and inject me with their poison, some one would die.

  6. Does anyone remember in about 1994 in Rwanda with the hutus and the tutsi well if this government don’t be careful what they are doing the same thing will happen here in Jamaica.

  7. People have a right to decide what they put in their body, asking someone to choose between their job that provides for their family and a vaccine that they don’t want in their body, that is wrong and unconstitutional in all fairness..think of this as RAPE and if this is no wrong then RAPE is not wrong either!

    1. That is the plan, and this will assist in crashing the economy. But it is more than just taking our rights away. Prepare yourself, if you dont know Jesus now, ensure that you seek Him out. Shalom

    2. This virus was manmade. Why? All them questions about vaccine is most relevant. Look how much people can’t buy other medications for other illnesses. But you care so much about covid u giving us this cure for free? No!

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