Manhattan DA Convenes Special Grand Jury In Trump Probe | MSNBC 1

Manhattan DA Convenes Special Grand Jury In Trump Probe | MSNBC


Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance has convened a grand jury that is expected to decide whether to indict Donald Trump should prosecutors present criminal charges in their probe of the Trump Organization, according to new Washington Post reporting.

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Manhattan DA Convenes Special Grand Jury In Trump Probe | MSNBC


  1. Hey Donnie, A couple of pertinent questions you need to be asking – are orange jumpsuits available in extra large? Also, does McDonalds deliver to the Big House?

    1. @donnie henderson They were about ready to arrest and prosecute Trump when he got put into the White House by Putin and you do know the bylaws don’t you you cannot arrest a sitting president until the end of his term thank God that is over with good God we will be speaking Russian if Trump ever got voted back in but thank God that ain’t going to happen either haha Trump’s going to prison

  2. It’s not a witch hunt.
    It’s a clown hunt.
    And this clown’s luck is about to run out.

    1. @Darron Madura so sorry to see,, that you’ve been brainwashed,, by the master manipulator,,, the wannabe fascist,,, Trump!!!! YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED!!!!!**

    2. @Sara Mill USAMRIID and EU geneticists all concluded that Covid-19 was not “man-made.” Not that the pathogen wasn’t ill-contained from the Wuhan lab.

      Regardless of origin, Trump’s crimimal malfeasance (not “Biden”), is solely responsible for 550,000+ American deaths.

  3. Smart people knew Trump was a criminal decades ago.
    Trump supporters STILL haven’t figured it out.

    1. @PandoraBVV Very good question! I totally agree. See! This is what happens when we let our guards down and put an unscrupulous crook in the White House. That money could have better served, We, The People, as we struggle to get back on our feet once again. Hopefully, someone will have adequate information to supply you with.


    3. It’s incredible how Dump’s ignorant supporters still stand behind the lying Criminal.

    1. @Wayne Slater he cant even spell diabolical .. He can barely muster a word with more then two syllables.

    2. @Sassy Desi Well, Trump and Co., have run out of safety nets (aka: DOJ and senatorial co-conspiritors).

      So now justice can finally be untethered.

    3. @John Winslow you freaks would come up with something phaqqy. You’re telling your memories of bubba!

  4. Had the Southern District of New York been doing there jobs, trump would’ve never been elected to anything but a prison pod.

    1. @Michael Carnegie lol I do watch some fox and a few other conservative channel but I will also tune in to the channels you watch, cnn and msnbc

    2. I try to listen to all sides and make up my own mind. Instead of going with whatever a talking head on TV says.

    3. @dedrick cutrer how silly you are , still crying about a nothing burger . You need new stories to Yap about .

    4. @dedrick cutrer So tripping on a flight of stairs is your big complaint against Biden , how petty can you get ? you never almost tripped over anything in your life ?

  5. Wow. Republicans= Not building houses on your land? Here’s $21 million just for that . Republicans= Oh you lost your job because of Covid-19 and you want $400 for unemployment? Na that’s going to cost the country to much money, sorry.

  6. Still the only President with more Impeachments and Grand Jury investigations than election wins.

    1. @Please Do Tell Oh, you mean Trump’s lies about Democrats and about being censored. Sadly, neither you nor Trump knows what communism is, but he is very good at fascism, and as one of his supporters, you are a fascist too.

    2. @Please Do Tell Ok, why don’t you tell us WHO was the man with a 90% down vote on his inauguration, whatever THAT means? Because Biden won by eight million votes. Biden was not hiding in his basement. Biden does not get softball questions, he just actually knows the answers to them, so they look easier. Those lies Trump has told about Biden have really stuck with you, haven’t they? But they are lies, and Biden did win, largely because the majority of people in this country (thankfully) recognize that Trump is a lifelong con man. You have bought into the con.

    3. @Please Do Tell PS: Trump claimed that his father was born in Germany. His dad was born in the Bronx. This is just the tip of the Trump iceberg of lies and deceit.

    4. @Dolores Reynolds you mean like Joe Biden claiming his grandfather was a coal miner when he already came out 20 plus years ago and apologized for lying about that…
      And that’s just the tip of the iceberg..
      Except Trump’s actions speak louder than his words and Biden can barely speak

  7. The begging bowl will be out again. He won’t want to pay for lawyers out of his own pocket.

    1. @Nick Lawson I wonder how many got more money during the first stimulus then they were supposed to. Some people did and the government put out a statement that if that happens they wouldn’t have to pay it back. I’ve been wondering about this for a year now. Who got too much?

  8. His followers will say that ripping people off is just shrewd business sense. They’re hopeless.

  9. Donald just put out a statement that he doesn’t know a Donald. He Heard of him but he never met him.

    1. @John Kellum **you are a good and loyal cult member!!!! Just repeating the same lie,, and the same talking points, that the dear leader gave you!!! Pathetic!!!!**

  10. Alan Weiselberg in now going to become Alan WEASLberg. Trump is screwed and the whole word will be celebrating.

    1. @Lynn World Don’t think the Grand Jury is making things up!!! Stop drinking the koolaid! To say all Democrats are pedophiles, is so stupid! That just shows ur ignorance. So sorry for u!

    1. Watch the Donald Walk and Squak like a duck straight into his prison cell . Live on the six o’clock news .

    2. @The Home Plate Special baron is a child. Not an adult. But barron also seriously needs therapy, he looks so unhappy

  11. This family of grifters should have stayed under the rock they lived under but the greed was too much when idiots offered them the Presidency and an opportunity to grift like no one has grift before , now it’s time to pay the PIPER.

    1. Every1 knew by the amount of lawsuits that were issued against trump that he was a ConMan’ Ignorance is NO excuse for STUPIDITY America. trump is NO good and Never Ever was just a COMMON CrooK in REAL life,

    2. Trump has always been a Russian asset. Look at who benefitted the most from his presidency.

    1. @Shawn Corbin I’m Afraid to tell you but the entire Mueller report just came out and it’s not redacted Trump was in cahoots with Putin and knew everything that Putin was doing and with mayford Roger Stone and others involved in Trump’s first campaign Trump knew everything that was going on but you don’t seem to give a crap and that is what’s sad that you would rather support one criminal man then stand up and Protect America for our democracy

    2. @Shawn Corbin Another Qaron conspiracy theorist wow good God quit defending the criminal I don’t understand you guys why would you support Trump it’s just crazy

    3. @Shawn Corbin You might want to stop using big words you don’t know the meaning of . You are only embarrassing yourself … again . Btw. I have always worked for myself … never had to deal with idiots from HR , took responsibility for my actions in the real world .

    4. @wee huddy Yeah, I am self employed too. Tell me, where did I use a word out of context? You can’t because I didn’t. Oh well, I looked for crayon font, but couldn’t find it. So sorry.

    5. @Shawn Corbin dumbo jr. spilled it to the Scottish reporter when they poured 300 million in CASH into the Scottish golf resort project… they are asking about the same thing in Scotland this week.. see Reuter’s article

  12. Anyone else, would have been charged, for less, so he should be, if not, it’s a travesty of justice,

  13. It’s over. The only question is how much time he is going to get. All his employees Cohen etc etc have turned him in.

  14. You can’t vote for corrupt politicians, then cry, when there’s a cesspool of corruption in government.

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