Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg outlines charges against Donald Trump

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg speaks on the 34 charges that have been filed against former President Donald Trump.

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  1. He’s absolutely going to be found guilty on some of these counts. Even bunching them up. Might be worth a plea

    1. @🙋‍♀️Babes In Toyland and other things surely we’ll get him this time for his mean tweets

  2. Everyone and I do mean everyone that was there is saying the same thing…he doesn’t have a hope in hell of making anything stick…he can’t even come up with anything that is a criminal felony.

    1. ​@ryan radcliffe No he actually did not. What you fail to understand is the Federal charges passed the statute of limitations.

    2. “who pergured[sic] himself”
      ….at the BEHEST of Trump.

      You’re forgetting that part.

      sidebar: *perjured*
      Learn how to read, write, speak, and spell in English.

    1. “smashing computers”
      Where’s THAT in James Comey’s FBI report?

      What page can I find that on?

    1. @Ewen Chan She literally admitted she destroyed confidential documents on live television during the debates and claimed it was an “accident”.

  3. It’s not a 3 ring circus…🤔… it’s a 2 1/4 there’s no lions or tigers… just a lot of clowns!😳🙄😔😂👍

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