Manitoba manhunt: RCMP searching for homicide suspect who's considered armed and dangerous 1

Manitoba manhunt: RCMP searching for homicide suspect who’s considered armed and dangerous


RCMP are focusing on the Whiteshell area in their search for homicide suspect Eric Wildman.

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  1. Why are you showing the possible victim in the thumbnail? You make it look like he’s the killer.

    1. @Anthony Leiva do a google image search on any canadian city and the word “murder” tell me what ya see kang

    2. Idiots. At least should write missing or something. Well that’s how news are, there is no consequence to their stupidity.

  2. It’s comforting to know that somebody made the decision to pull troops off of chasing pastors and politicians To chasing homicide suspects

    1. The RCMP will spend very little time on the homicide , it drains their funds. Tickets are their priorities. Cash

    2. jesusites need to stop believing in their fairytales. “jesus” was a ROMAN myth.

      BTW, Is your wife single?

    1. @Cyndi Roberts I find it odd that only RCMP or former RCMP or family of RCMP are the only ones that can buy used RCMP equipment according to William Roy RCMP equipment seller.

    2. @justsayupyours its a vicious circle they keep going around in, they have more family and heads of than the mofia!! Freaking shitshows everywhere!

  3. How do these Manitoba homicide suspects keep making national news yet toronto sees daily homicides and none of their murder suspects seem to make national news?

    1. because it’s not normal like Toronto murders so it’s bigger news but I know the reason you made this and just stop

    2. Because it’s toronto. It’s the center of universe…and a liberal voter base. Wouldn’t want that nasty business gettin out to their knucklehead voters.

    1. Of course they could. They can also get On-Star to disable the vehicle. But they will choose not to.

  4. With the way our RCMP handled that manhunt from a couple summers ago, I’m sure this will be over in no time lol

    1. Being from portapique, I tend to disagree, we never get truthful answers from RCMP and its never over!

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