Manitoba premier on ads in Quebec: 'Human rights matter' 1

Manitoba premier on ads in Quebec: ‘Human rights matter’


Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says the province needs skilled French workers.

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  1. Secular law in Quebec works, and immigrants need to assimilate and integrate and adopt Canadian values or leave the country.

    1. And what are Canadian values? Shouldn’t a person be allowed to worship in thier own way? Why shouldn’t I be able to wear my cross?

    2. @michael cameron Wear your cross or turban or hijab, but do so on your own time. Canadian values include not pushing your religion on others.

    1. No, Quebec is a distinct society made to the law by Justin Trudeau’s father. Millions of Canadians have had to live with the consequences, so be it. Mark my words bill 21 will stand. Manitoba has many other important issues to deal with. The crime rate in Winnipeg is high. Maybe keeping citizens safe should be a priority. Just my unsolicited opinion.

  2. Oh yeah, Manitoba has thousands of refugees. The Premier wants to remain popular. Bill 21 will stay. The crime rate in Winnipeg is very high in the top ten. Worry about the safety of Manitoba citizens. Premier sounds like a liberal. A majority of liberal voters didn’t support the veterans. Too bad, so sad.

  3. Quebec’s transfer payments are done on per capital. So if the population shrinks, they steal less money.

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