Man's Best Friend Is Also Really Good At Fighting Covid 1

Man’s Best Friend Is Also Really Good At Fighting Covid


How are dogs helping humans fight Covid? MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the story brought to us by Reuters in Thailand.
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    1. @Tim Anderson Thanks! I’m actually retired now, so volunteer with Working/Detection Dogs, as well as continuing to work with rescues, and right now, with people giving their pets to shelters, that’s seriously important. Cheers!

    2. @Tim Anderson It has to do with the latter/breath. If you have one as a Service Dog, they will be trained to nudge you/other sign, to alert.

      We will have a “class” of dogs who start foundation work, and depending on the type of alert they use/are taught, will be chosen for medical, say, rather than K9. You don’t want a medical dog to bark like mad, right?!

      So, a Sit like you see with these dogs is a great Alert, whist with K9 Working Dogs, a Sit is less useful than a Bark!

      Years ago, a Therapy Dog was visiting hospitals, and would react a certain way to some patients. Turned out they all had lung cancer. So, some are just way ahead of us mere mortals, school or not!

  1. Trump: who’s a good dog?

    Kevin McCarthy: Me, me, me, me!

    Ted Cruz: No! Me, daddy!

    Ron DeSantis: Go back to Mexico, Cruz!

    1. Trump was a good dog with Pelosi on the 6yh January. Trump broke in the Capitol together with insurgents, and he was holding Pelosi’s hips from behind in a dog way when Pelosi was on the floor on all her four. Then the funny man with the bison hat took the place of Trump, and Pelosi was busy again. BLM!!!!!

    2. Mexico doesn’t want Rafa He was born in Canada…he’s theirs.

      Ted aka Rafael, Rafa or Felito (I call him FAILito). Felito was his school nickname…I googled it.

    1. they are not susceptible to Covid-19, they can’t get nor pass it…another reason to love dogs.

    2. @JamesAllmond why are you spreading disinformation? You can find out exactly it’s only a Google search away

    3. @JamesAllmond Not true. Dogs and cats got covid (mainly from their humans). Most recovered, but a few died.

  2. This will save on the number of medical tests that are necessary – only those who the dog indicate, thus saving time and money.

    1. I’ve recently adopted a 4+ year old rescue that’s so incredibly broken that everything is not better or possible because caring for him is sucking all the oxygen out of every part of my life…original family dumped when they had a baby. He’s not been properly socialized, has been neglected and abused and I suspect used as a yard bound guard dog. He has separation anxiety so bad I can’t leave home without him.… not at all what I considered would happen.

    2. @Joni M.L. When you adopt someone like that, who then relies on you for everything–food, healthcare, love, patience, shelter, etc.–that’s a really big responsibility you’re agreeing to take on to stick together with your fuzzy family member through thick and thin. When I had my pups we dealt with cancer, chemo treatments, tumor removal, pancreatitis, coccidia, explosive diarrhea, and canine insanity (probably a separation anxiety later in life) that was destroying my house. And I’d have given my last cent to provide for them, gone to the ends of the earth to help them, and would have died to protect them. Just do all you can for your pup and show him that he means the world to you..

  3. Much
    “Personhood Respect”
    To our dogs.
    To our “thousands of years” of comradeship with our canine brothers and sisters,
    Canine teachers,
    And canine friends.

  4. Hope they take care of these dogs throughout their lives, not just during the pandemic.

  5. Me: “Aww, cute doge! Come here so I can pet you.”
    Dog: **sits**
    Handler: “He’s a covid dog.”

  6. This is amazing news. Truly!

    I have to say this is definitely one of my favorite stops in YouTubeland.
    You always say the funniest things in the most unexpected ways. I love it!

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