1. Gotta get rid of all religion first
      Philosophy and spirituality are *good*
      Religion is _evil_

    2. @Abortion rights would’ve saved us from you totally agree. But human ego and thirst for power are things we’ll never get rid of.

  1. As a flight attendant for over three decades I don’t know if I should watch this or not. I have been on planes taking off and landing at Gatwick and Heathrow when the wind seemed unreasonably strong to be taking off or landing. Strong enough to knock our suitcases over as we were boarding up the stairs from the ramp along with knocking over a fellow flight attendant. Hopefully the comedy will be funny enough to override the fear.. Here I go.

    Edit: I enjoyed that. I’m going to be looking up his live stream and watching. I also want to do a shout out to my pilots and their training. They’re the best in the industry. I don’t want to reveal the airline, but they know who they are!

    1. Might that airline habe been in the video? 😁
      Right at the start?
      I debated watching this because cross winds give me nightmares…

  2. I only started watching his channel about 2 weeks ago. He’s a very passionate guy. Seems nice though so I hope he gets plenty of new fans. He deserves it

    1. He’s just had quite the mention on the BBC, and CNN; and The Independent ran a very long video of his footage under their banner. So I think it couold be said that his channel has been cleared for take off……………………….;)

  3. Can you imagine the weight on your shoulders as you’re bringing down a 747 with 300 people behind you all simultaneously shi**ing themselves as the plane comes in for that final landing? Jeez

    As if flying wasn’t terrifying enough haha

    1. Go to the Aran Islands off the West coast of Ireland during a storm. When a 100 ft wave hits the 700ft cliffs in a storm the spray gets all the way across the Island.

    1. There is an agreement between the UK and Irish Met Offices to work together on the naming of storms. The public vote to choose which names will be used.

  4. Not the first time in my life Ive felt out of syeps with what the nation calls entertainment. Reality TV comes to mind.

  5. I remember taking a shuttle from O’Hare to Charlottesville during a derecho on the East coast, late Jun of 2010.. (was stuck in O’Hare for 9+ hrs over it) when we finally landed at C’ville, we hit the runway like a meteor. It was nuts.

  6. Any pilot will say that even an 8 year old could take off and fly a plane, it’s landing one that takes extreme knowledge and skills.

  7. He was on the news here in the uk too 😀 I thought he was going to become very popular after that 😀😂

  8. This host … TALKING ABOUT how funny that guy is… was ACTUALY funnier than the clip they showed of the guy talking about the planes landing. GTFO

  9. We were lucky to be in the yellow zone up at the top end of England so didn’t get the battering that some places took, did have some snow though. Good to see people hunkering down with a bit of humour to pass the time, it definitely wasn’t the weather for an afternoon walk.

  10. I watched it for an hour or so. What I liked is the ratings they were giving each landing. All I could think is I remember one time being on a really rough flight and I threw up the whole time.

  11. And I thought the US Mainland was experiencing some major storm surges this winter – ENGLAND I truly hope that you are able to “WEATHER THE STORMS” as they say and hopefully see you all in the SPRING !!!

  12. Landed yesterday morning at Heathrow, I’m cabin crew of 30yrs….. it was amazing that the pilot landed…… very nerve wracking! Well done our Captain!

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