Manslaughter Charge For Fmr. Cop In Daunte Wright Killing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Manslaughter Charge For Fmr. Cop In Daunte Wright Killing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The former police officer who fired the shot that killed 20 year old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop is now facing a second degree manslaughter charge. We discuss the tragic incident with veteran attorney CK Hoffler. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Manslaughter Charge For Fmr. Cop In Daunte Wright Killing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. That cop was the president of the local police union.
    So I’m sure she is one of the “good apples” we seem to always keep hearing about.

    1. @Chaos Yes, people “on the right are much nicer than people on left”, so nice in fact they stormed our Capitol, broke things, stole things, spread feces and urine everywhere, and were shouting “hang Mike Pence”.
      Can’t get any nicer than that? Right?
      Silly little troll.


  2. As a non US citizen watching this all I can say is wow. Maybe put whoever is in charge of guarding that police station, in charge of guarding your capital building. Hundreds of cops in full riot gear batons ready, AND the national guard with weapons drawn. It’s almost like there is a different response depending on the colour of those protesting…..but that can’t be true…..can it?

    1. @P C are you making my point for me? ‘There were no guns confiscated’ yes because almost no one was arrested on the day because the police were instructed not to be ‘aggressive’. Pipe bombs were also planted in various locations. The suggestion that there were no weapons at the capitol is false, and while you may claim that the level of destruction was less than other riots, you cannot claim that had a BLM group or a muslim group attempted to storm the capital they would have been treated in the same way, that is simply not true, they would have been shot by the dozen.

    2. @Soap Girl Yep you are confused. As you said ‘he was trying to get away’ if that is true then there is no justification for shooting him, the gun is to protect the office from being attacked, by definition you can’t run away and attack at the same time. Carry on being confused.

    3. @P C wrong, there were 3 guns with ammo confiscated, along with pepper and bear spray , police batons and other weapons. The only reason it wasn’t a blood bath was because it’s a felony to be caught openly carrying a gun in the capitol building and those with them had the good sense to keep them hidden.

  3. as a cop who cannot distinguish between a gun and a taser she’s got serious mental issue…. an innocent life extinguished in her hand

    1. @Imozart0341I Also the fact that typical police service Weapons weigh significantly more than a typical Taser. Pistols also have a trigger safety that can be felt when touching the trigger. Tasers do not.
      Also the former officer, Kimberly A. Potter is a 26-year veteran of the force, she has more years experience in police force than the age of her victim, Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black boy.

    2. A potatoe head that cant distinguish between resisting arrest or not, escalates a situation knowingly, and leaves it in the cops hands to act.

      Cops also knew he had warrants for his arrest. Firearm violations and fleeing police.

    3. @topgrain Yep they took it out, Just type in what I said before about the robbery and it should show up, Some reason they’re not allowing links sometimes to stay

  4. why did she get arrested and charged so fast ? Meanwhile her male companions accused of the same thing are still blowing in the wind!

    1. @Nicholas Medovich why are Republican inbreds so violent? Going to commit some mass shootings republican inbred?

  5. I hope Biden enforces some kind of revamped nationwide training of police where _de-escalation_ is the rule and we get away from trigger happy shoot first and ask questions later type responses.

    1. @tammy slade Watch him driving his 67 Corvette Stingray. You’ll see a man who can also easily fit in and out of the car. Some former president’s would have issues fitting inside!

    2. crims should be shot if they try to escape or resist arrest. why pander to scum? they need to get tougher on them.

  6. The police will start to behave when they start to suffer the same consequences regular civilians suffer when they commit crimes.

    1. @PLAYMATE TESTES come on, you can do better than that. Show people your ignorance here. Come on, show em…..And you seem like such a fun person. You must be lonely. Awww so sorry.

    1. @Top Gun Painting Work Of Art so what. He tried to run. They had wallet and his license plate. They could have easily found him. Problem is is your a simple minded bigot who hates black people and too cowardly to admit it.

    2. @Harold Moore I’m blacker than black
      I’ve been in his position before, I did run
      I was wrong and I surrendered.
      The best thing about it I’m alive to talk about.
      Cops are not going to give you a second chance that’s up to you especially if you are black or brown

    3. @Top Gun Painting Work Of Art I’ve seen pregnant women tasered because they got argumentative when asked to get out of their car, so if that officer made the same mistake that this officer did then there would have been a dead mother and unborn child for you to say, “She shouldn’t have talked back then, she had it coming”

    1. @macsmith2013 Then what is it it’s either on purpose or an accident TV no in between. It’s not murder. So even trained professionals make mistakes. They are both at fault. And he was not anuce innocent person he was as criminal.

    2. @Debra Johnson So what? It should be obvious that police has to do with suspected criminals, after he is convicted he is a criminal, and even then, you said it by yourself, deserves due process, didnt get it, so who is now the judge and jury? And executioner?

    3. @Debra Johnson LMAO an accident. The accident was this woman in the police force to begin with since, after 26 years, she still can’t tell the difference between a tazar and a gun.

  7. She didn’t escalate the emotional trauma surrounding the ordeal, SHE forced it right through the roof! She’s taught this to every student she’s had! Everyone around her enabled her! She wound herself up so emotionally she could think! Then she murdered him!

    1. @Chaos that’s what we call sarcasm. Sorry I’m not as smart a you. A smart person would’ve taken my words figuratively…. Nevertheless I’m still convinced that it wasn’t an accident. If 3 well trained officers aren’t able to handle an unarmed young daddy 3>1 Well, change your job …

    2. @KENNY PHOUN So basically you’re saying she had this thought just before shooting him:
      ” I think it’d be a really good idea if I shot this bloke and just tell everyone I panicked a bit and got my gun mixed up with my taser. I’ll lose my job and could go to prison, plus I’ll get death threats and my life will forever be in danger, as well as my family’s. But at the end of the day I’m a racist white cop and feel compelled to do this.”

    3. @Chaos true but you would agree doctors and EYE witnesses say he didn’t die from overdosed its was Derek who cause it.. Facts! This case we saw what happen she pulled out the wrong weapon thats all bro

    4. @G H being scared is not an excuse. She wasn’t grabbing his arm so she could shoot him anyone would know that. Yes what she did is wrong but he was driving endangering presentations lives while driving that is why he was pulled over. There was no threat until he resisted.

    1. What??? She intentionally discharged the firearm after giving ample warning when yelling, “taser, taser, taser”. It wasn’t a negligent discharge. She put her finger on the trigger and purposefully executed the dude.

    2. exactly. Funny how these people that “matter” don’t seem to understand the risks that go along with committing crime, resisting, and fleeing from officers.
      Zero sympathy for them.

    3. She had a glock. There are three internal mechanisms in the gun to prevent accidental discharge. She shot her weapon because she wanted to fire it.

  8. honestly you can imprison all the police committing any misconduct, unless theres a reform, nothings gonna change

  9. There’s no way that an experienced police officer with 26 years on the force could not differentiate between her taser (carried on her non-dominant side) and her service revolver.

    1. @blake jones because her complete and utter incompetence led to a homicide, what’s the penalty for Second Degree Manslaughter?

    2. We don’t know she carried the gun on her non dominate side. So far, all evidence suggests she had a stellar career for 26 years. She made a mistake. She wouldn’t have been in that position though if HE hadn’t decided to become a criminal, have a warrant out that included the use of a gun, AND tried to escape or dive back in the car for a weapon. Statistically this kind of thing is going to happen when you consider the millions of police interactions every year. Mistakes happen. Criminals happen.

    3. its difficult to say if or if it was not intentional. On the one hand a mistake seems implausible and the taser taser screaming adds to the absurdity. On the other hand what would be her motive? She cant be that foolish to think that she would get away with it in todays charged climate and body cam evidence.

    4. @goldbluetears —
      Why she made a point to announce “Taser, taser” — and also knowing there would be body camera evidence — there’s no way for us to know why she thought she’d even need to discharge her taser on an unarmed and scared kid with expired tags. In today’s sociopolitical climate, every offense (or attempted offense) committed against a non-Caucasian individual is a call to arms, perpetuates the counterproductive narrative people have become much too fond of, and sparks more violence, hatred, divisiveness and destruction than American communities can or should withstand. Regardless what the outcome of her trial is, it still makes no sense to me that a trained and experienced police officer like herself didn’t choose to incapacitate him by aiming at his lower body, for example. Hitting him “dead center” was definitely not necessary, even if she had used her taser. But that’s only my opinion. Let’s see what happens and hope these “police encounters of the deadly kind” don’t become a permanent stain on the fabric of good law enforcement in America.

  10. They said; “it was all an accident.”

    So I’m sure, she’ll be pleading guilty to; involuntary manslaughter?
    Oh, sorry. I was thinking out loud…

  11. Prayers & heartfelt sympathies to Daunte’s family during this difficult time. Justice must prevail for all…but only time will tell!!!

    1. Most of the victims in these events are not angels. They are criminals. They get glamorized by the media. Not saying they deserved to die or that police didn’t make mistakes… but let’s get real about who the police are dealing with.

    2. @ragganyc Whataboutism and victim blaming doesn’t change what the cop did is still not only illegal, it’s morally and ethically wrong. No one can play judge, jury, and executioner. You want people to be held accountable for suspected crimes and their victims to get justice? Then arrest them in the correct manner and make sure they get to court to face a real judge and jury of their peers. That is the law.

    3. Daunte Wright was a violent criminal. The world is a safer place thanks to Officer Kimberly Potter. Job well done Kimberly. FREE KIMBERLY POTTER!

    4. @ShayniBC I’m not victim blaming, just saying he’s not an angel. And it’s obvious that she didn’t mean to shoot him. She made a horrible stupid mistake that shouldn’t of happened.. but it did

    1. She had to get her strike in But her white privilege told she would not get caught I swear we are sooo tried so burden with this country

    2. She could have done what the police on the rest of planet earth do, shoot the tires, a car cannot drive without wheels?

  12. The reason he was struggling to get away, was because he knew he was going to die. The shadow of death was on him and he could feel it.

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