Many benefits behind new electric vehicle investment: Minister Navdeep Bains

Many benefits behind new electric vehicle investment: Minister Navdeep Bains 1


Innovation, Science and Industry Minister Navdeep Bains says Canada is in a global race to produce electric vehicles.

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54 Comments on "Many benefits behind new electric vehicle investment: Minister Navdeep Bains"

  1. Wheres the money coming from?

    • Good Morning Sunday Morning | October 9, 2020 at 1:21 AM | Reply

      Canada had an almost $150 Billion deficit as of September.
      The money will be printed out of thin air and will be paid mostly through future taxes.

  2. Xero the Slayer | October 9, 2020 at 12:21 AM | Reply

    How about we revive the economy we still have before we try and shoot for the moon.

  3. Also, before anyone says “Zero Emissions” is BS. “EV’s are bad for the environment….Please research the facts. (*This is directed to a commenter who just deleted their comment)

    The batteries last MUCH longer than five years (which is a proven fact), the zero emissions is in regards to tailpipe emissions (EV’s don’t have them). The production of an EV is initially more harmful to the environment but it quickly negated between 6 months (for very heavy use) to 2.5-3 years (average of 15,000km-20,000km/yr). After said times, the EV quickly becomes MUCH better for the environment.

    There are significantly fewer parts (which means fewer parts to make and replace due to wear and tear), there are no oil changes, no gas stations, no Mining for oil, refineries, transportation of petro chemicals… (which obviously cause significant environmental harm too).

    So yes… perhaps “zero Emissions” is not a great name, just like “Global Warming” causes issues with its naming too. But the FACTS are well documented now.

    • Not Entirely Apathetic | October 9, 2020 at 9:46 AM | Reply

      5252085 batteries sit in stock piles waiting to be repurposed for the most part. The recycling part is highly energy consumptive and many of the materials are highly toxic. Just because something can be recycled doesn’t mean there is no negative impact associated with it. Lithium mining is also a major piece of the environmental impact of EVs. I’m not against EVs, I’m just against the propaganda and myth that they are some kind of harmless modern wonder that cleans the world as it goes.
      Our power consumption will go up as more EVs hit the roads. This will require more electricity from power stations. 9.5% coal power is a meaningless number when talking about EVs. Does that represent 10,000 cars? 100,000? 1,000,000? So now we have some coal powered cars and the rest mostly natural gas. Maybe they will be better in the long run. I do not believe that the government should be paying for it. Ford makes plenty of money

    • vs petrol cars and truck!are you gas helluva alot cleaner lol

    • go stick your mouth a gas tailout for sa month se how it goes

    • They do not use electric earth movers to rip up 3rd world countries land to get lithium for the batteries or use near slave labour without emissions and exploitation. That mining is dirty and worse than existing oil wells being used in many ways and making cars burn cleaner.

    • @HoverbotFPV yet oil patch uses less paid workwrs just save money because albertans donr wanna work trhere pay

  4. Especially with batteries prone to failure in colder climates

    • Not Entirely Apathetic | October 9, 2020 at 10:03 AM | Reply

      That’s fair. It wasn’t an apples to apples comparison. It’s just an example of poorer battery performance in cold weather. While it is true that colder temps help the life of a battery they negatively affect their performance. Insulate all you want.

    • TotalWarPersia | October 9, 2020 at 10:30 AM | Reply

      @Not Entirely Apathetic but the same applies to 12V batteries in your car? There will always be a flaw with every product. The real focus is on the progress we can make. I don’t have an electric vehicle. But yeah I would perfer it over gasoline any day.

    • Not Entirely Apathetic | October 9, 2020 at 10:44 AM | Reply

      TotalWarPersia that’s right cold hurts a 12v but it doesn’t power the entire vehicle. Electric motors are great things no doubt. All the torque all the time. I’m just so tired of this sad lie that EVs are without environmental cost. There still needs to be a massive upgrade in infrastructure just to accommodate them. They still need power and roads and plastics and mining and oil just like a regular gas powered vehicle. I don’t think that taxes should be spent giving Ford money to build something they were going to build anyway.

    • TotalWarPersia | October 9, 2020 at 11:33 AM | Reply

      @Not Entirely Apathetic I agree with you there are a lot of lies surrounding EV vehicles however I just wanted to make the point that electric cars are not inferior to their gasoline counterparts in all honesty which ever one saves me money all by and in this case EV just costs way to much

    • 5252085 watch the new doc “long way up” with Ewan McGregor. They drive electric motorcycle in the south most part of South America and they can barley go 50 miles and have difficulty charging. I’m not talking about all Canada climate but defiantly many of our regional climates

  5. That, in addition to Justin’s announcement (“every canadian will get free vaccine”): Great Collaboration! ThumbsUp!!

  6. These green reset agendas are rebranded great leap forward. They will cause MUCH suffering as they will be used to restructure society, destroy farms and suburbs etc.

  7. Logan Mielnik | October 9, 2020 at 1:57 AM | Reply

    Electric cars would be a lot cheaper is Trudeau didn’t like having the Canadian dollar with trash

  8. Why do tax payers have to pay for these electric cars 😡

    • Cause electic cars are the future we should had them 25 years ago

    • Not Entirely Apathetic | October 9, 2020 at 10:06 AM | Reply

      Chris Ruth that’s not a reason for taxpayers to give ford money. If they are the future then there will be a market for them and profits to be had. Why is the public purse paying for this. It would be better if they just bought shares in ford.

    • how dp ytores pay for high end petrol trucks

  9. Brian McLellan | October 9, 2020 at 2:16 AM | Reply

    Yup, 600 million to save 5,000 Ontario Ford Motor Company jobs and diddly squat to save 100,000 oil and gas jobs! Nothing for the west again.

    • Is your oil job more important then The environment

    • @Luke Grady

      Yeah. Because the oil industry keeps our economy running.

    • Not Entirely Apathetic | October 9, 2020 at 7:42 AM | Reply

      Luke Grady let’s pretend for a minute that oil and petrochemicals aren’t used in the production and manufacturing of EVs. Let’s also pretend that lithium mines operate solely on unicorn farts and that may gas and coal will not be aupplying the majority of the power for these vehicles. These are the least environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.

    • @Not Entirely Apathetic false

    • how manyy billion pondered away for cheaper workers

  10. Peter Machacek | October 9, 2020 at 3:33 AM | Reply

    This will be another colossal Liberal failure!

  11. Why are tax payers paying for something we get no benefit from?

    Cars won’t be cheaper.
    We don’t get a car.

    Like wtf?

  12. Christina Harrison | October 9, 2020 at 6:44 AM | Reply

    I hope these cars will be affordable and reliable when driving somewhere in the winter out in the country where you can’t charge up the batteries. Also, I’m concerned about the prices of electricity. Just to let you know, I’m all for electrical cars, but it has to be affordable for the very poor and to middle class.


  14. Great, but after all the money thrown out into the wind in the last 6 months no one will be able to afford a new car.

    • Yet the automotive sales industry has seen a significant rebound since the lockdown….

    • Rebound just mean that there is an increase In sale, doesn’t mean it’s doing great. In Sept -7% m/m or -9% y/y decline in auto sale, data showing that auto sectors in a slight decline.

  15. Angela Parker | October 9, 2020 at 8:18 AM | Reply

    Well let’s hope they make them with self energising batteries !!!!

  16. There is no excuse for the working and middle class to pay for multinational corporations.

  17. Keep on burning tax money cuz liberals never worked to make it any way

  18. May be this company paid mama trudeau brother trudeau hahahah another half million

  19. In 3 years they’ll have their hand out again

  20. Ford is a manufacturer of tin-can products; defo a money loser, wonder what kick-back this sly dog is getting.

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