Map shows how election results shifted toward Biden 1

Map shows how election results shifted toward Biden


Election results from key states, including Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan, shifted from favoring President Trump last night to Joe Biden. CNN's Phil Mattingly explains why.

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  1. The world is watching. Good luck to all Americans. Here’s hoping that there is a peaceful and respectful conclusion to this process.

    1. @Joe Kasten Really. Please explain to me how a (crooked) multimillionaire capitalist businessman is outside the “Establishment.”

    2. @Julio Bermudez So that’s all you have, then – ad hominem attacks and random, flailing accusations of Democrat election fraud with zero evidence. Coming from a copy/paste troll that’s particularly ironic. And it takes a special kind of bubble baby to think that in the 21st century everyone should be using their real names on social media…I think YOU should be hiding YOUR name dude.

    3. @Eddie Bruce , Иван, Иван, Иван, LOL! моя грустная простая пьяная русская кукла-тролль. Это то, чего твоя мама надеялась на тебя в жизни, мой простой друг? Троллишь за рубль за комментарий, чтобы напиться дешевой водки? Твоя бедная мать; она заслуживала от тебя большего, чем это …

  2. Never thought this would a close race. Didn’t expect landslide either, but this is something for the record books.

    1. @Minecraft Bedrock Farms yeah, I’m the crazy one for pointing out there isn’t a single town, let alone COUNTY, in any country on earth (except dictatorships with fake elections) that votes 100% for any candidate…look in the mirror dude, if that doesn’t raise red flags for you I don’t know what would.

    2. @Add Bow If Girl the establishment refers to career politicians, or new but corrupt ones lol. The media could be considered part of it but generally I am referring to the politicians and bureaucrats who will say ignore an incriminating laptop for a year and only investigate once it’s contents become public. Or the intel community, media, and politicians who claimed Trump was working with Russia when they knew for a fact the DNC had started that smear and paid a British foreign agent who got his info from a Russian himself, that’s called projection, never mind the Russian he got it from told them it was rumor/bar talk and they never verified any of it before using it on a FISA to spy on and investigate Trump, those were crimes btw. The establishment is the corrupt/crooked part of our system that will break the law to ruin anyone who dares question or hold them to account.

    1. F……king cheaters…….. Trump knew all this time that mail in votes will lead to MASS FRAUD. Understand Democrats are famous for Fraud as they knew they was no way they could beat Trump except cheat.

    2. @Mathilde Wesendonck is there a Russian orthodox church where an American would be most likely to visit over others? This American does frequently visit Russian orthodox church too. He’s now a priest in USA, New England…I know it’s a long shot but there is a part 2. Is there cold watering / swimming spot in the said area where an old lady may have died nearby in the newspapers “around” 15 yrs ago where he may have visited her and this church? He would have known her from the church I’m sure. Weird question, but I had to ask. Thanks…

    3. Just wait for Merkle to invite few million africans to Germany and you will have bigger mess than in USA

    1. @hunniization Republicans and Democrats didn’t switch places. Democrats are obviously racists, and 2020 has exposed them.

    1. democraps in black parts of cities should have never prevented republicans from watching counting of votes .How many votes were altered there ? Latest news tens of thousand of only pro biden ballots were discovered – 100 % for biden – bidet !!! FRAUD ON MASS SCALE

    2. @Moon Pie Can you spell FRAUD ? suddenly in the middle of the night thousands of 100 % for bidet votes appeared out of nowhere

    1. @LISA N Cry more snowflake! Biden will be your president in January! If you don’t like it you can leave!

    2. @LISA N wait but how did he “steal” it? I understand not liking him, or accepting him, but I’m pretty sure nothing was rigged in this election. they’re just counting all of the votes that were in before ballots closed. it’s only taking a longer time because of this pandemic, the mailed in votes. If Trump or Biden want to win fair and square, count all of the votes.

    3. Leena Owens I SAID “IF”. Trump won! NO QUESTION. The only pathway for Joe to 270 is all these fake ballots still being counted.

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    2. You should learn to be more factual with your advertising. Diabetes is not an illness. It is inherited, a result of Dark Ages diseases. Epilepsy is also not a disease. You’d have to alter genes in the womb to change that. I hope that one day you not only lose your need for fast money, you gain the wisdom to know that food is your medicine, and live accordingly.

    3. @John Watt I’ve heard about the Chinese “internet” but question its ultimate usefulness if that country is shut out from the rest of the world (which may happen in teh future – who knows? – since its economic strangulation of Australia in the midst of COVID is not winning it any friends). But as to death, I’m not so far away from that myself. I think posterity is the craziest religion out there, as our species is really doomed and I am tempted to think that having children under such circumstances approaches child abuse anyway. But humanity is just one speck in the cosmos and our continuity with the life of things gives me some hope, even if it isn’t for this life. Be well.

    4. @traumaturgist SBI: I am well, but I have to reply as my meal cools down. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said Ontario needed a new online security system. The Canadian company, in Ontario, that bid the most bid $600,000,000. She gave the contract to an American company in the States that bid $780,000,000, losing the next election. Ontario is the only province where the online is owned and secured by Americans, where Ottawa is, our capital. I could almost say the same thing about Ontario Hydro. Every state and province should be sovereign with online, with citizen pricing based on that, with a higher pricing for being country-wide and then more to go global, unless countries want to allow free access. Look at Facebook users who post family photos for relatives online, when anyone in the world can be looking. A Lebanese computer expert told me last week that America spends more on military than securing online, why it is being used against you so easily. I better stop typing.

    1. @聊謬 I guess so if dead people can vote for Biden… there’s even a lady that died in 1823… 197 years ago
      c’mon man…

    1. @Moon Pie So true, and the evangelicals, they think they have their tickets to heaven so they do not care. sigh…

    2. @The Storyteller
      Likely because of lady liberty. Division does not need to mean hatred and violence . We can be divided and civil

    3. @balmain2002
      He’s just an attention seeker balmain2002, don’t worry. Mommy ignored him and daddy cold or not in the picture (just like trump..

    4. @MsVamPireChic
      I do think though in order to make a more peaceful and tolerant society , education is the key. Higher education should be heavily subsidised and means tested for bursaries (money raised for a fund in order to allow hard working students with out paying a cent. )
      Then there’s the opportunity to meet humans with different cultures , wouldn’t that be amazing

    1. @Robert Lynch Republicans aren’t the ones on the street crying about a little shove from the police but whatever

    2. @Kenzie Crafts By the way if the millions of People at Trump Rallies were more intelligent. They would have been alive to vote for him and not another Statistic that lost his life and his Vote by attending a Covid Super Spreader Event like Herman Cain.
      It is documented that after each Rally in each city Covid jumped exponentially and several documented cases of hospitalizations and deaths at Trump events

    3. I guess you can’t expect much from the Uneducated. Trump said it himself: ” We love the Uneducated”

    4. Because people don’t want the corrupt autocracy that Biden has been part of for 50 years, but people also don’t want dumbass Trump

  3. So much hatred, so much division. We will always disagree on politics but once groups of people, human beings, are demonized I’m done- end of discussion. No amount of money will ever be enough for me to hate or spit on others.

    1. Once people become extreme on both sides that’s when things get lost. Tribalism destroys individualism thus turning us against each other.

    2. It’s hard to love Trumpers. I mean, they embrace this very hateful man.

      Yes, Biden seems to have been about the same, like, 40 years ago. But Trump now..I wonder if he’s the Antichrist. I’m serious.

      I mean, how can you love people who embrace the Antichrist?

  4. As predicted: as mail votes get counted, the majority goes to biden. No surprise.
    Nothing is worth worrying until final results

    1. You say that like there have been mail-in ballots before! They are literally waiting for Trump’s numbers to come in to see how many more votes they need to invent! Democracy in America began in PA and now it seems it dies there too! Sad sad day. From a Concerned Brit!

    2. @Trump Won! idk why you guys keep saying it’s rigged most of those mail ballots are Pro Biden Trump is screwed all Biden need is Nevada can’t wait see the country go up in flames

    3. @ggofthejungle 2 examples of more than 100% of the registered vote. 185k consecutive Biden votes. That’s why people feel its off

    4. @ggofthejungle Uh, mail in ballots could be fabricated or some just go missing or aren’t counted , dead people are apparently eligible to vote and the in person votes could not be counted or if the person counting has different feelings for the candidates there are many ways to cheat a vote.

    5. Biden will be made pres & then be one and done. No way he’s re-elected after the lockdowns and destruction of the US economy which he’ll preside over.
      Can the US get any more ridiculous and dis functional? Maybe Kanye West 2024?
      Hopefully China will be better world leaders than the US
      Good luck from the UK – you’ll 100% need it

  5. I’ll never understand why Americans hate other Americans. Over here in the Netherlands were just dbfpynded how this is even close

    1. The topic of politics is only toxic when its discussed by CNN and other fake news networks. And all the SHEEP who cannot think for themselves and regurgitate whatever they hear as they don’t know (and don’t want to know) any better. They want to cause division and hatred towards one another

    2. My grand father he told me when I was 10 he said “ son the only ones who win in wars is the devil because he watches humans destroy one another “

  6. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about.. Pennsylvanian wanted to change the voting laws republicans blocked it.

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