Map unveils which Canadian cities most at risk of flooding

Engineering Professor Slobodan Simonovic discusses Canada's first flood-impact map showing how floodplains may become inundated under various climate change scenarios.

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    1. but…but… the property is expensive so it cant flood, and i never seen it in my short lifetime so it cant happen in the future.
      -some canadians

  1. hilarious been brining this crisis up for 30 years. oceans been rising at the same rate for at least 350 years. yes the globe warms and cools. even before humanity existed. smh

    1. @terrance kerr I’m talking about their claim of the last 350 years. I read the water levels had stabilized for the last 2000 years before rising again recently so I asked for a source

  2. Are weather is getting better bring on climate change as the ice melts we gain more farmable land in more northern areas…

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