Mara Gay: America Is At ‘A Very Scary Moment’ In Its History | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Mara Gay: America Is At 'A Very Scary Moment' In Its History | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. A trial without witnesses and evidence is not a trial, it’s a cover-up, and a crime against the American people. Call it what it is.
    75% of the American people say they want witnesses and evidence introduced in this impeachment trial.
    Republicans: “Eff the people!!! Why should we care about what the American people want?”

    1. David Grover :
      My previous statement stands.
      Your comments, referring to an alternate reality, merit no further response. You are a symptom of a larger problem that is currently plaguing the country. Between now and the election, I sincerely hope you experience an epiphany, and adjust your perspective.

    2. @David Grover – The criminal president stopped witnesses. The House democrats had the long experience of trying to get Don McGahn White House Counsel as a witness by going through the courts.
      This was not about winning the impeachment for the democrats. By going through the courts first, the dems proved that Trump would obstruct and tie things up in court. By going the impeachment route, they have exposed the other end of the snake, which is the GOP is just as corrupt as Trump. All of the GOP participated in a cover up of Trumps crimes in office.
      Now we get to see how the people react.

    3. @j walsh Putin’s puppet left in 2017. The one that didn’t bomb Syria, because Putin told him not too. The one who told Dimitri Medvedev, to tell Putin that he’ll have more flexibility after the next election. The same puppet that only sent blankets insted of military weapons, because Putin to him too.

    4. The Socialist had 17 witnesses in the House hearing, none of them had first hand knowledge of hearing, seeing, or knowing of any crime Trump committed, yet, they did a partisan impeachment without knowledge of a crime, then they insist on the Senate helping them “:look for a crime”:? The Senate holds the trial on evidence provided by the House, Blame Pelosi!

  2. A scary moment indeed. If I were the whistleblower I’d insist on being relocated out of the country with a permanent security detachment. Twump is going to declare open season. He is above the law.

  3. Stand up for your rights USA. Vote volunteer get on the phones and fight back. It’s not the time to roll over and play dead.

    1. we must call and email our senators and write/comment on their social media accounts! start now and do it daily until the final vote count is over on removal!!! they need to hear and see our voices. no one else is going to ride in and save us, we need to stand up and do it now!!! go straight to your senators’ social media pages and leave a message now while you are online, then send them emails, and follow ith phone calls!!! we must do it before it is too late, America needs us!!! voting is great, but if trumputin is not removed then there may not be any elections, get woke!!!

    2. Wow, what an internet super hero you are! The best part is all that Democrats have as a platform is a rabid hatred of Donald Trump. It’s both hilarious and depressing that you’re too stupid to realize you have already lost because you are everything you claim to hate.

  4. Remember: In a televised interview with Lester Holt on NBC shortly after he was elected, Trump states “the Constitution is archaic and BAD for America. If that wasn’t a first clue on Trump’s disdain of our Constitution, and nobody caught it then we are ignorant fools.

    1. 🤔Remembering he also said that the elections were RIGGED, and also that he were to become a law and order president ⁉️

      😒But little did others listened, or perhaps understood that he truly meant that he RIGGED the elections, and he really meant that he would show Americans what it’s like to be remembered as the most lawlessness and disorderly conduct of POTUS today and in history books shall forever writtened to proves him RIGHT again afterwards lmfao
      👌👑 ‼👐🎪☻lol

    2. @peter baxter definitely don’t want the GOP and other corporate purchased congress persons rewriting anything at the moment 🙂

      the US could take a page out of the French history called Bastille day…. and vote every evil doer out of office.

    3. @peter baxter No has not a child. He is like the movie, Damon , evil ,vindictive and malevolent. I am fearful for America and the world . He already has lined up the UKs NHS.

    4. @peter baxter And McConnell said that his opinion was that impeachment is a political question. not a legal issue….

    5. Who showed disdain for the Constitution when the Socialist launched a partisan impeachment , without a crime that met the high standards set by the founders? Pselosi, Nadler, Shumer, & Sack of Schiff, that’s who.

    1. And in walks the racist who doesn’t realize that that word can also apply to them. Such a stupid comment, removed from any real sense of intelligence or reality. Thanks, Jussie.

    2. Tom Hodgson and in comes the racism denier.. i cant get on steam and play a game without hearing the N word.. go back to fantasy land where rich white crooks actions are justified..

    1. That may be true. However Trump’s defeat is definitely NOT assured as the Democrat Party struggles to elect a candidate.

      And should they get that wrong and/or a huge majority of voters remain disengaged, as is their normal practice, Trump WILL win and fair representative government, the rule of law and a fair(er) distribution of wealth will die for our lifetime, and likely—that of our children.

      Tomorrow as the Senate votes, I predict Trump will be crowned King.

    1. The Bloated Orange Baby may be at the helm, but it’s Putin that’s in the Captain’s chair. That’s the scary thing.

    2. @john carioscia No, he said there wasn’t enough evidence to indict on Conspiracy to Defraud the U.S. due to the Obstruction, and the fact that he couldn’t prove that some of the campaign staff, including Drumpf Jr. and Kushner knew they were breaking the law. There was proof of collusion all over the place. However, because collusion isn’t a statutory crime, Mueller didn’t call it collusion. It was evidence of Conspiracy… just not enough to meet the standard of a beyond a reasonable doubt.

    3. @Sun Wukung Then why did the Socialist launch a partisan impeachment, without a crime that met the high bar set by he founders? Their was no bribery, treason, high crimes or misdemeanors”. Think of how this will affect future presidents every time the presidency & House are occupied by opposite parties. Impeachment was never meant to be a political tool.

  5. This is what the corporations paid the GOP Senators to do, tear up the Constitution and the rule of law for the wealthy elites . . . . so the oligarchy can completely take over.

    1. @Trey Atkins I told you, it’s not the Senates job to help prove the Houses case. Why would anyone help the party attempting to impeach them. that makes no sense.

    2. @Trey Atkins Nixon wasn’t impeached, he resigned, & Clinton had 11 charges against him, 4 for perjury, he lied to Congress, Trump had 2 charges, both frivolous, & not impeachable offenses, why do you think the House wanted more witnesses, they didn’t have an impeachable crime, & that’s why it failed in the Senate. Get it?

    1. You assume there will be elections in the first place; he could declare a “state of emergency” and “postpone” elections

    2. I think there’s a risk they could use the coronavirus as a justification to postpone elections. And after this farce of a trial I’m not sure any Republicans would try to stop them.

    3. @Mac Mcleod So, the question remain What are you going to answer him??? What will happen if the corona virus spred in America. How can you stop a spreading in a country with such an amount of uninsured /under-insured people, who can’t afford going to hospital? You can’t use your usual inhuman ignorance “they must prioritize” argument because it is you ,well payed American citizen who will be crowned by death virus. Homeless people dying in the streets. Firefighters, polis officers, nurses tech personal working in nuclear energi facilities afraid of getting the crown, so they stay at home. How are you going to solve that? Put sick people in jail? Shoot them?

  6. The president’s defense: Anything done that he feels is in the national interest can never be a crime… Welcome to the next major step towards fascism, Russian style…

    1. @Sun Wukung shut up with your nonsense, thats all not true besides, the liberals are also being ruled, but by something they can’t influence, they just resist against what they have.

  7. P.S.: Don’t blame the Russians for meddling in our 2016 Election. We, the American People are about to let it happen again! “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”

  8. And, people thought I was being melodramatic back in 2017 when I said the U.S. is becoming more and more like 1930’s Germany.

    1. @john carioscia That’s probably the about same thing fascists in Germany said, when people tried warning the public about Hitler.

  9. Remember the time when we were proud to be Americans. What is there to be proud of now? Nothing,America is a bad joke. Speaking for myself

    1. To be honest, I always found this exaggerated American national pride quite bewildering. Why is it necessary to call America “the greatest nation” or the “greatest democracy”? Why the superlative? Was there a contest? Who competed? How is this greatness measured? Why not just “our great nation” and “the first (modern) democracy”?

    2. The rest of American you’ll find under the couch. Looks like the didn’t even dare to bring their laptop with them.

    1. Republicans are fighting to give us Kings again, the very thing we had to fight for our freedom from over 200 years ago.

    2. Republicans are fighting to give us Kings again, the very thing we had to fight for our freedom from over 200 years ago.

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