Marc Elias: Only One Way To Deal With 'Avalanche Of Voter Suppression' 1

Marc Elias: Only One Way To Deal With ‘Avalanche Of Voter Suppression’


Democracy Docket founder and voting rights attorney, Marc Elias, discusses how to deal with the mounting number of voter suppression laws being enacted across the country, and explains how “democracy was saved for a short period of time” when Democrats in Texas walked off the state House floor to stop the passing of a restrictive bill.
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  1. These are the New Confederate law’s once the Dust settles.
    Biden has to take the Glove’s off.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Remember. The people can remove literally anyone from any position in your government if you work together like your constitution says you can. That includes the SCOTUS.

    2. Not just yet. Immediately after his 4th of July speech is the time to strike. Trump’s blog is gone, but the moment of 70% vaccination has to happen first, and the Vice-Presidential committee investigating 1-6 has to start.

    3. @Sophie Dockx I fear for the 4th. I think some will take the opportunity to strike against those whom they view as anti trump. Like gatherings in San Fran or Oregon.

  2. Republicans definition of voting rights: the right to vote means only the right can vote.

  3. Thinking Democrats are seeing just how much rope the republicans need to actually hang themselves with their followers but this is starting to look like a risky game to us in Europe .

    1. @Pinchi Bruha this is becoming pretty scary to me. I fail to understand why why the democrats are not aggressively fighting this whole mess.

    2. @Greg Bors They are a sizable cult and the Republicans are counting on them in this midterm election. If they take control of Congress, there will never be another Democrat elected as President. This is said even though Biden holds a 20+ point advantage in approval ratings compared to Trump.

    3. @Nathan Jones i wish I was optimistic like you. But I fear democracy will fall with 4-8 years.

    4. I agree. YOu Europeans have seen the dangers of what happens when ONE party is vastly stronger than the other one. Power corrupts. A two party system won’t work.

  4. IMO Democrats’ main problem in 2022 will be to get the “casual” voters to turn out, since there will be no Trump on the ballot to vote against

    1. On the contrary. Republicans will have trouble getting the tRUmpers to turn out because their idol’s not on the ballot.

    2. I don’t see that as a problem at all (especially as “the former guy” now has announced to return back to his beloved Reichsparteitags rallys) There will SO many extremely fanatical Q-lings on the ballots that you cannot see past Trump. THAT is the least worry… “Normal” Conservatives may see themselves confronted with “become more of an Orange Trumpkin or get outprimaried by another MGT, Gaetz or Hawley”, which might be great for us as it could split the electorate and reduce either one’s chances… or get us 150 candidates like those asskissers…

      That said what I SEE as a problem is twofold: People being scared of the weapons toting right wing radicals starting to patrol polling places like they planned to do in 2020 already and people starting to believe that under Biden things won’t change or won’t change enough and giving up to even try and vote for the Dems again are the two things they have to try and prevent.

  5. Democratic leadership needs to learn how to get mean and fight dirty just like the Retrumplicans do if they really want to save this country. Anything short of that is useless.

    1. @Lex Ruptor maybe not be as nasty as MTG but we got to play legislative hardball. Let the Rethuglicans whine about it like the hypocrites they are.

    2. What would be the difference, doing the wrong thing for the right reason is not the answer imo. Patience, preparation and efficacy wins this fight.

    3. In a struggle for life, for survival, any means are acceptable. Using Rethuglican tactics to bring them down is necessary when the very survival of our pluralistic democracy is at stake. Don’t kid yourself: this is a fight for the life.

  6. khrushchev said years ago we won’t need to bomb the U.S. they will destroy themselves from within. With the help from trump they are getting their wish !!!

    1. @Viceroy Bear You are incredibly ignorant. The first thing you said was Everything was going great, you couldn’t get much more wrong, Trump never had an approval rating over 45%, he barely won even though he lost the popular vote the first time. He openly proved he was corrupt, he lied through his teeth on a daily basis, set up his loss early on by stating he couldn’t lose unless the election was rigged, openly encouraged if not directly ordered the insurrection. They will write books on his criminal behavior and corruption for years to come, the only President that was impeached twice and was only protected by his Republican party. Yeah, you hitched your wagon to a real loser and you’re still being conned. That’s pathetic.

    2. There are now dozens if not hundreds of videos of hate crime attacks against Asian and Jewish Americans.

      – Not one Trump hat.

      – Not one Proud Boy.

      – Not one Zionist attacking Palestine Americans.

      The perpetrators are all leftists, that’s the source of violence.

    3. @Ronette Meyer

      There are now dozens if not hundreds of videos of hate crime attacks against Asian and Jewish Americans.

      – Not one Trump hat.

      – Not one Proud Boy.

      – Not one Zionist attacking Palestine Americans.

      The perpetrators are all leftists, that’s the source of violence.

    4. @Ronette Meyer

      46 out of 47 countries in Europe require photo ID to vote, including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which Bernie Bros and Warren Gals love to hold you as models of governance they would like the U.S. to imitate.

    5. @rwhunt99 An insurrection where the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet didn’t fire a shot.

      An insurrection where the only person shot was an unarmed woman.

      An insurrection where the police confiscated zero weapons from the “insurrectionists.”

      There are now dozens if not hundreds of videos of hate crime attacks against Asian and Jewish Americans.

      – Not one Trump hat.

      – Not one Proud Boy.

      – Not one Zionist attacking Palestine Americans.

      The perpetrators are all leftists, that’s the source of violence.

  7. The only Proud Republicans are Boys…
    “Don’t remember what we did on Memorial Day weekend” said Texas Governor Stetson McDickface…

    1. @Xmas no problem. It was my bad for not thinking the comment through. Thanks for the check…


  9. I think the last election in his country really was the last election in this country. The right is no longer interested in living in a democracy with us and sharing power in a battle of ideas. They want us all dead, imprisoned, or enslaved.

    1. Wow if you truly believe that you are so brainwashed you are Beyond hope remember you don’t need ID to buy alcohol you don’t need ID for anything else right? You people are really sick

    2. @Viceroy Bear the voter ID laws aren’t the worst, it’s the “special committies” that can nullify legitimately cast votes on “suspicion” of fraud…see timestamp ( 3: 34 )…and 4:45.

    3. @Viceroy Bear nope you’re letting democracy slip away by not understanding the far reaching implications of Voter suppression Laws, its not just the ID, the devil is in the details, come back friend we need all hands on deck in case you’re not seeing what’s looming over the Horizon you might want to pay attention to China and Russia

    4. @Viceroy Bear
      If you think ID is the issue, you haven’t been paying attention. The Republicans in state legislatures want to be able to invalidate any election they don’t like. That’s tyranny.

  10. I remember growing up when “ROCK YHE VOTE” was a thing where THE ENTIRE COUNTRY was being asked to vote…seems like a thousand years ago…SAD

    1. Back then, both parties had fairly equal numbers in regards to registered voters. No in 2021, Democrats have a 9 point advantage over Republicans in regards to registered voters, the largest spread between the two parties, since their inception.

      The simple truth is, Republicans just no longer have the numbers to win free and fair elections. Instead of trying to find ways to attract voters under 65, they are enacting voter suppression bills, to make it harder for the working class to be able to vote.

    2. @Jeremy Backup THAT is the entire inception of the GOP phony voter fraud narrative! They know that they don’t have the numbers, so they will manipulate, dissimulate, and obstruct to stay in power. They lost the popular vote in 2000. They lost the popular vote in 2016. In 2008, 2012, 2020, the Democrats won both the popular vote and the EC.

  11. At some point, it will be recognized to stop acting like Neville Chamberlain and start acting like Winston Churchill!

  12. With Joe, Kamala and Merrick on our side, we’re gonna win back our democracy. But they can’t do it alone. Everything we hold dear is under threat, and we need everybody onboard!

    1. THEN THEY NEED TO PLAY TOUGH. Make their promises come true. The republicans are pulling a re-enactment of the Obama years. They have no plan to work across party lines on anything. The dems will surely lose the HOUSE and SENATE if they do not stop the fillibuster and pass the policies they were elected to do. The dems can’t afford to be weak and play nice.

  13. State Republicans are rigging elections, speedily, in time for midterms and forever into the future. This is heart wrenching to watch, this slow death of one more “democracy”

  14. The Reich Wing has another thing coming, those fools have much more to lose if the win ! And I’ll refuse to follow law too !

    1. @G Miller Uni-Party is what you want? Very Undemocratic. So you want Communism? You want Biden to keep giving you free money and tell you what to do and say as he collapses the Economy with his 8 Trillion dollars of funny money hes mass producing? You are a .

    2. @G Miller BTW you cant proove Voter suppression at all because it does not exist. 2020 election highest turnout of votes from ppl of color in the entire history of the U.S.A. Voter suppression is merely a Democrat talking point.

    3. @Damen Rabbitt It’s funny how when democrats give away money it’s communism but when republicans do it you call it aid or trickle down economics. When trump blew up the deficit it was an investment and totally didn’t cause any of the inflation we are seeing today. No the deficit and inflation are all the democrats fault. I’m sure that you didn’t want any commie democrat money anyways and returned your stimulus cheques, right?

  15. As Joseph Stalin, the most brutal Communist leader, said “I’m not interested in who is voting, I’m only interested in who counts the votes!” The Republicans are rotten to the core and they no longer care who knows.

    1. STALIN also said : Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. Reminds me of the deep state FBI CIA DOJ & now

    2. yeah, well, by now its obvious. I do NOT think that the Republican party was always corrupt so bad or evil. But now they are. And if this continues, its going to be obvious that the only way to keep Democracy alive and survive, is to outlaw the Republican party. If I was in control, I would urge the Democrats ALL NATION WIDE, to start giving credibility to the Libertarians and INVITE THEM MANY TIMES on stages for debates, not to agree with them. Start promoting and empowering other parties. Dis invite Republicans on talk shows and public debates. Invite and talk to Green Party members and Libertarians ON TV shows. Give them life. Help them replace the corrupt Republicans.

  16. I admire and respect what the 2 party system has given our country. However, for the first time in the nation’s history the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, has become dangerous and toxic. A sad era.

  17. The Attorney General and susequently the Supreme Court MUST stand up to this attempted fascist takeover. That is exactly what he’s saying. Thank you Marc Elias.

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