Marc Lotter Defends Trump Tweets: ‘President Supports Peaceful Protests’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


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    1. William H Music 2020 …And homosexuals is the only thing you EVER want to write about. Get a life, William.

    2. @SouthSide Chicago
      Try traveling dummy.
      People of Asia and Europe think we are a joke.
      And we currently are.
      Don’t really pay attention to it.
      It’s very clear old timer your barn door hits you in the head on a daily basis.
      And your shrine to Trump is larger than anything you own.
      Enough of your hot air.
      I’ve got a turbo to install and a business to run.
      My Republican friends need their cars.

    3. @Mario Lopez …and that’s your problem right there lmao. Worrying about what other people think like a 7th grade school girl. Pretty pathetic.

    4. @SouthSide Chicago
      You’re not to bright are you?
      Seems like Lopez schooled you every time.
      You must be old and very uneducated.
      No facts in your last reply just immature jargon that a five year old easily surpass.
      In your case the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

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  1. Funny how these people still think t’rump gives a 💩 about them.
    Spoiler: He doesn’t Never has. Never will.

    1. @Domepeace_ltd productions Kinte cloth vs toilet papered shoe….yep, as usual, Pelosi comes out waaaayyyy ahead of the Toddler in Chief.

    1. Yes, he is. I totally agree. They will make out that peaceful Trumpsters were attacked by rioters. Watch out Tulsa, just to make his case, some of his white friends might set fire to your buildings. Keep safe out there everyone

  2. Why not stop tweeting and get on with being president. Oh dear he just doesn’t know how. Complete and utter waste of space

    1. At one time he actually had 3 hours set aside every morning for watching cable news and tweeting.

    1. It’s actually embarrassing how out of touch and unintelligent liberals are 😳 👈😆

    2. @William H Music 2020 I know. They get so wrapped up in facts and reality that they can’t see the truth as divined by the great Orange Oracle.

    3. William H Music 2020 Worry about your own lack of intelligence.

      You support a president who has told 18,000 documented lies.

  3. Trump is like a modern day Jim Jones getting his cult followers all riled up and anybody who doesnt worship his insatiable ego is the ”enemy”.

    1. @john emeigh – And boy you are ugly, and your music stinks. Don’t quit your day job, snaggletooth Bob Dylan. 🤣

    2. @john emeigh Really? The record (you know, the factual account of what really happens) shows that the Dems past 275 bills in 2019 and Mitch McConnell has refused to bring any to the Senate floor. Who did you say are “blockers of legislation?”
      Fascism is and ideology of suppression and dictatorial leadership which is in full use by your man Trump, who last time I checked was the head of the government of the United States. (that last part made me puke a little)

    1. @ruth depew That’s not even close to being true…are you seriously telling me most Republicans support DIRT-DOGS and SCHMEG HARVEST? 🎶

  4. More distraction from the real enemy; covid-19. Many people will die from their attendance and spread the disease all across Oklahoma and elsewhere.

  5. This man on drugs, if he like it so much then why was the national guard called? Where did the pepper spray come from?

    1. @Domepeace_ltd productions Given that one of the Priests was with the protesters, that’s nothing more than actual fake news.

    2. @Domepeace_ltd productions “burn down that church” They did that the night before. The same was happening that day. Bricks, rocks, and frozen water bottles were being thrown at police. The Parks Police Chief who ordered the smoke, not tear gas, to be used to disburse the crowd said as much. The Parks Police didn’t even know Trump was going to go to the Church.

    3. @Drake Fire I usually like to use left wing news sources to debunk liberal hysteria, but must admit you’ve out lefted me.
      Vox is liberal propaganda. Smoke was used on the protesters who had begun throwing bricks, rocks, and frozen water bottles at police just as they did the night before when the rioters attempted to burn down the church. If tear gas was used, why did the President nor any Secret Services agents suffer any ill consequences of walking through the park immediately after it was purported to be used?
      The USA Today piece is opinion story time. It’s garbage. Just another liberal’s attempt to stoke outrage. “Will Trump do anything to stay in power?” Remember during the debates when every MSM outlet was outraged that Trump said he wouldn’t necessarily concede the election if he lost. Same garbage, different day.

    4. @Peter Bills Proof that this is all “liberal propaganda”?

      I’ll wait. I know you don’t have any.

  6. Perhaps he could teargas the peaceful protestors at a church – oh, and the church’s clergy there too – before walking over for a grim-faced photo op to hold the Bible backwards. Again.

  7. Journalists are still too soft on liars and right extremists. More than three years in and they still can’t handle lying Trumpers.

  8. Bad idea having an ego rally in the middle of a pandemic. All those people’s lives being put at risk just to listen to a load of utter nonsense for a couple of hours.Let’s hope he doesn’t make it up the ramp!!

    1. Two weeks or less from now there will be a severe outbreak of Covid in Tulsa and surrounding areas. I can guarantee that hardly anyone will be wearing masks nor physical distancing, either. God help us all.

  9. When his personal army goes up against the US military, trump’s army will lose. Stop threatening people. The US MILITARY is not trump’s bit–.

    1. The US MILITARY supports Trump 100% Democracts support LGBTQ. 👀

    2. @Stone Cold Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha old bonespurs isnt respected as much as you think

    3. ANTIFA are the shock troops, the brown shirts, of the Democrat Party and liberal left. They might show up to the rally, but they will be outnumber 100 – 1. They only attack the weak.

    4. @Paula Valliquettestone cold is a phantom account by YT or trump bit—. Don’t waste time responding. Tag reported.

    1. Both, but if there is violent protests he wins, if there isn’t any violent protests he’ll claim a “victory”, either way Trump thinks he is going to win support from his Base. It’s the “Dog Whistle” mentality.

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